ARCHEER 65L Internal Frame Hiking Backpack Travel Daypack Trekking Bag with Rain Cover for Outdoor Sports Climbing Camping Mountaineering Backpacking

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Planning for a long travel or a hiking adventure?
Among all features, capacity and weight are the most important 2 factors to consider.

What volume pack should you buy?
How long do you go out for?
We can give you some solid recommendations for what the majority used as a good place to start. 40-60L is good for most people for 1-5 nights. For 2-7 night trips, 50-75L packs are recommended. Lastly, 60-85 L backpacks are suitable for a trip more than a week or longer.

How much weight is lightweight for a backpack?
If you have a 10+ year old burly backpack, that likely weights around 7-8 pounds, then you can surely buy a newer 3-6 pound pack that is obviously lighter, much more comfortable, and outfitted with nicer features. If you plan to go for a 5+ days journey with the most comfortable backpack possible, our Archeer backpack will be your idea option.

One Backpack to Hold Everything Needed
With a high capacity of 65L, you are sure to take anything necessary.It can handle your full climbing gear ( hammock,rope, harness, helmet, carabiner, etc) plus food and water for your journey.

Various Design to Bring you comfortable Feelings
With height adjusters available, you can easily change it to best fit you. Moreover, the breathable back interlayer helps to cool your back and keep you away from the discomfort.

Customized Design to Offer You Safety&Convenience
With a whistle in the chest strap, you can use it for any survival. The hip belt pocket can make you get things easily. Also, you can easily drink the water by connecting the kettle with a pipe in the upper side of the backpack

Package Includes:
1x Archeer 65L Backpack
1x Rain Cover

The center stabilizer piece is to be placed in the internal frame.It helps to fix the frame to relieve the pain and stress.Please fix the stabilizer before using it.[High Capacity& Light Weight] LARGE VOLUME (65L 3966cube inches) with the lightest weight possible for storing your tent, poles, sleeping bag, mat, hammock and other gears; It has several zip pockets, top and bottom opening compartments, no much hassl
[Comfortable Experience] Integrated Mesh pad makes the strap breathable and not muggy, With airflow channels to keep your back cool and dry; Elastic bands on them can keep the extra strap from dangling all around the pack
[Durable] Tear&Water Resistant Nylon fabric provides sturdy and long-lasting performance. A rain cover further helps to protect it.
[Customized Design] A signal whistle for any survival needed; On- board hydration system makes it easier to connect the kettle; Hip Belt Pockets to easily get maps, gloves, beanie, etc
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