Buttons and Pleats Wool Hiking Socks Outdoor Trail Crew Socks 3 Pairs

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When winter weather sets in, you need a pair of cozy socks to keep you warm, and when you hit the trail, hiking socks are a must-have to protect your feet while you’re on the trail. With Buttons and Pleats Mens and Womens Wool Socks, you get both the ideal winter sock and the perfect choice of mens & womens hiking socks in one design!

Buttons and Pleats Mens and Womens Wool Socks are wool socks made with 65% merino wool, a luxurious form of wool that feels soft and comfortable against the feet. Our merino wool socks insulate feet during the winter months, but they’re still light enough to fit comfortably inside of boots when worn as hiking socks women & men accessories.

Designed to cover your ankle and your lower calf, the Buttons and Pleats Mens and Womens Wool Socks stay in place better than other wool hiking socks due to their stretchy tops. We’ve added reinforced fabric to the toes and heels of our wool hiking socks to cut down on wear and tear, allowing our mens & womens wool socks to last through many, many hikes and winter seasons.

With Buttons and Pleats Mens and Womens Wool Socks, you get three pairs of men’s and ladies wool socks per pack. That makes our womens and mens wool socks an exceptional value. Due to their strength and quality, our womens and mens hiking socks are easy to care for. They’re wool socks women and men don’t have to wash by hand!

Experience the comfort, warmth and protection of mens and womens merino socks of the absolute finest quality. Order the Buttons and Pleats Mens and Womens Wool Socks today and get three pairs of our luxurious, durable hiking socks. AMPLE PROTECTION FOR YOUR FEET – The weight of our womens & mens wool socks make them the perfect choice of hiking socks to protect your feet from chafing due to hiking boots. Our hiking socks women & men style fits comfortably inside of footwear and stays in place without bunching up.
LUXURIOUS FABRIC – Our mens & ladies wool socks are made with premium 65% merino wool that is the ideal weight for a winter sock. The cozy socks will keep your feet nice and warm.
ULTRA STRONG – Our wool hiking socks have reinforced toes and heels for extra strength in the spots where mens & womens hiking socks suffer wear and tear first. This makes them wool socks women & men can wear for hikes year after year.
A SMART DESIGN – Our mens & womens merino wool socks travel past the ankles to protect the lower leg and keep you warm. The wool hiking socks tops won’t slip as you walk, and the womens & mens hiking socks have a smooth fit that perfectly conforms to the shape of your foot.
SIMPLE TO CARE FOR – Because our wool socks are of such high quality, you can launder them in the washing machine. That means you never have to hand wash our mens & womens wool socks the way that you do other merino wool socks.