Collapsible Trekking Poles Foldable Hiking Poles, Folded to 14.5 Inch, 1- Year Warranty

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iTovin collapsible trekking poles are compact, foldable and easy to carry, folds down to only 14.5″. Adjustable top section can be pushed down to reduce erected height from 53″ to 47″. The collapsible trekking poles stash easily in luggage, backpack, and carry-on for outdoor and air travel. The shaft is made of lightweight 7075 aluminum.

1, Use Two Trekking Poles
The main performance that we use trekking poles is to support and balance our body. When using two trekking poles, we can keep ourselves in balance and evenly support our body. However, single one will lead hard body balance or hurt due to uneven stress.

2, Storage & Clean & Maintenance
Storage: store the trekking pole in dry condition without any stress on its surface. It’s highly recommended to store it into carry bag if possible.
Clean: dismantle the trekking pole into single section and rinse dirty on the surface with clear water. Then thoroughly clean grips with a brush and last dry it with cloth.
Maintenance: carefully inspect the locking system and make sure it’s no cracks or structure deformation. Check wear conditions of the pole tip and grips, and replace them in time if need.

3, Notification
Pick out and dry after trekking pole drops into water or damp places.
Do not adjust the length to cover “STOP” mark position, otherwise may damage its components.
Do not pull it out by waggling left and right with great efforts when the trekking pole sticks into rock cracks. Please pull it out vertically.
Accessories such as pole tip sheaths are easy to be worn out and missing. If using trekking pole in outdoor occasions, you’d better to remove its pole tip sheath.
Backup more pole tip sheaths in case of missing.FREE GIFT: a spare tip included for each trek pole
Super secure & tight flip lock system, easy and fast to ensure safety.
Only 14.5″ long when folded, perfectly fitting in backpack. Adjustable length from 47″ to 53″, easily get preferred height with measuring scale.
Each hiking pole weighs only 0.65 lb. Ultralight shaft made of aircraft grade aluminum. Soft sweat-absorbent EVA handle, anti-slip & adjustable wrist strap.
Durable strong tungsten steel tips with sheaths for different terrains. 1- Year warranty against manufacturing defects!