DENALI Hiking and Trekking Poles By Denali Outdoor Gear – Anti-Shock Durable Aluminum Poles for Hiking Walking Trekking for Men and Women – 1 Pair

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With your purchase, you get the most durable pair of poles you’ve ever had, the Denali Hiking Poles by Denali Outdoor Gear. Our team is proud of our product with distinct design and outstanding features. Poles are constructed from 7075 Aluminum (considered the strongest on the market), and designed to provide both comfort and durability for all. Each pole extends and locks from any position from 26 to 54 inches with a simple twist. Trekking poles will fit most men, women, and children. Each handle has been shaped for maximum comfort and the adjustable wrist strap provides added security. Enhancing comfort within the poles are the built-in anti shock springs, to cushion every step of the way. Finally, the changeable tips include a rubber foot, a tungsten point, and a snow/mud basket for all the terrain you will encounter. If you are a beginner don’t worry! Easy to use instructions are included with your purchase so that you can easily adjust the poles to your preference length. To top it all off, our small family owned business will provide you all the customer support you require! Still reading? Scroll back up and add these beautiful poles to your cart and get hiking today!What You Get: One pair of durable hiking poles made of durable high grade aluminum, stronger than other poles on the market
Perfect Fit: Hiking poles will adjust from 26 inches to 54 inches to fit you no matter how tall you are. They are ideal for packing away and stowing while you aren’t hiking
WHAT SETS US APART: Each hiking pole is constructed with anti shock springs, dampening energy and relieving the impact on your joints, allowing you to hike further and higher than ever before.
Maximum Comfort: Soft rubber hand grips and durable straps adjust to your grip. Better grips mean less blisters
How We Help: Instructions inside every package, and full customer support to ensure the best user experience . If you’ve got an issue, let us make it right