HealthPro MBC-M160Q Turbo 5 99% Carbon Fiber Professional Trekking Pole (Pair)

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Made of 99%% carbon fiber, the HealthPro M160Q Pro Trekking Poles could possibly be one of the lightest and most rugged hiking poles in its price range. The sure grips make it comfortable and necessary for your long hikes especially if you plan to hike the Grand Canyon. Traction is important when it comes to hiking poles and thanks to the carbide tips, these poles will give you the traction you need. The quick locking mechanism also gives you piece of mind during those times you need to put all your weight on them.

-Three section Carbon pole
-Sure grips
-Wrist straps
-Quick locking mechanism
-Trekking baskets for easy on-off application
-Carbide tips
-Rubber boot tips
-Weight – 8.4 oz
99% carbon fiber! – No cheap fillers, no guessing how much carbon is in your pole
Carbon fiber creates ultralight poles that damp vibration and retain strength over a wide temperature range
External locking mechanisms are easy to use-even at low temperatures and when wearing gloves
EVA foam hand grips have an ergonomic, contoured shape and are easy to hold; adjustable, wrist straps add support
Poles are fitted with trekking baskets and durable tungsten carbide tips; Trekking baskets promote stability on soft terrain; baskets are easily twisted on and off