IMAGE® Pair/2pcs Trekking Hiking Sticks Poles Alpenstock Adjustable telescoping Anti Shock Nordic Walking mountaineering (7075 Aluminum Cork grip Ergonomic)

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This superb 3-Section Telescopic trekking Pole with Anti-Shock On/Off system can improves your balance, security, stability and endurance, absorbs forces and reduces strain on joints, keeping you in perfect physical condition, give you confidence to reach your yearning destination.

It made of lightweight and high strength 7075 aluminum which is very durable and can provide an outstanding level of tensile strength to the pole.

The ergonomic non-slip cork grip provides a comfortable fit in the hand, while a foam extension makes it possible to get a secure lower grip when needed in an uphill situation. It features an ergonomic knob on the top of the grip for better palming and control while you’re scrambling downhill. With the silky and adjustable straps that help ensure effortless, natural and easy arm, you can walk longer than you actually planned. The internal anti-shock system helps absorb vibration, reduces up to 25% of body weight from the joints, muscles, ligaments and lower back are a major benefit Long-lasting carbide tips come standard with the pole, ensuring an optimal grip on ice and rock surfaces, also provides good support on looser, gravel-like surfaces. Selections of rubber ferrules included for use on pavement. You can easily remove the rubber ferrule as you go from street to trail, and put it back on afterwards.

The 3-sections telescopic poles are designed to be used anywhere anytime. They offer the convenience of one size fits all and are ideal for traveling due to their portable nature.

When the terrain shifts, changing your pole length is simple and secure with the advance locking adjustment system. The holding force is more than 120kg when properly adjusted.

Note: Please do not over the line of “stop” when locking the aluminium pole

ANTI-SHOCK: Anti-Shock on/off mechanism, which reduce stress on knees, thighs shoulders and lower back. Easy twist lock adjustment system.
LIGHT WEIGHT: Durable, lightweight and highest strength 7075 aluminum with frosted effect. Weight: approx. 10 ounces(280g)/pole. 3-Section telescopic pole provides suitable flexibility.
ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Adjustable length from approx. 27″ to 54″(67cm to 135cm). Ergonomic Cork grip offers a maximum non-slip, comfortable, natural and warm handhold. Extended, lightweight non-slip foam grip.
Adjustable wrist strap which is excellent and easy to use. Carbide tip for soft surfaces. Replaceable rubber ferrules for pavement, indoor, boardwalk or similar use. Can be easily carried in a backpack .
Package included: 2 x Brand new 3 Section 67-135cm Trekking Poles