JESBAN Trekking Poles Walking Hiking Poles

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p>1. How to use: Connect the segments, twist the segments to lock until tightness. Open the flip lock to adjust the length of the pole, you can extend or shorten to appropriate length, but do not extend the poles beyond the mark “Stop”.

2.If the flip lock is too loose/tight, please adjust the screw on the locks to solve

3.Avoid using the poles into salty or high-calcium water to avoid corrosion. If have to, remember to wipe out and dry each branch.

4.Learn to use the poles with both your hands skillfully in case sometimes one of your hands is unavailable.

5. When climbing a mountain with cliff, better use your poles on the mountain side. If the mountain is steep, keep distance with others in case their poles would hurt your eyes.


1. Why using trekking poles?

Distribute the load, take stress of your body & add support, balance walking pace, reduce sports injury, increase speed, as a support for shelters or self-defend when danger etc.

2.How to control the length of the trekking poles?

For reference only: The appropriate length of the poles=your height*0.66 when walking on flat ground, keep your elbow and trekking poles vertical is better. If climbing higher, shortening your poles; when down mountain, increasing its length would be good; when walking on uneven ground, better to adjust the two poles to different length accordingly.

Collapsible height: 14 inch, easily packed into backpack
Durable 7075 aluminum alloy,very sturdy
EVA foam handle, sweat-absorbent and comfortable. Anti-slip & adjustable wrist strap
ungsten steel tip, rubber foot & optional snow disk for almost all different terrains
Adjustable length from 14-53 inch,suitable for most human heights