JiYe Outdoor Shoes Womens and Mens Climbing Running Couple Shoes,Hiking Shoes

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1.Excellent dynamic water capacity.
2.Super cycle breathable.
3.Physical grip ergonomics, rock texture rubber sole, effective non-slip, shock.
4.Toe: hard texture. Not slightly feet, large space and comfort.
5.Lining: breathable mesh lining + mesh insole, breathable comfort.
6.Portable Pouch:Prevent moisture,prevent dust,travel shoes storage.

About Size:
Please measure your heel to toe length and choose accurate size according to the foot measurements.
8.625″ foot,suggest size:5US-women /4US-men
8.75″ foot, suggest size:5.5US-women /4.5US-men
9″ foot, suggest size:6US-women /5US-men
9.125″ foot,suggest size:6.5US-women /5.5US-men
9.25″ foot, suggest size:7US-women /6US-men
9.5″ foot, suggest size:7.5US-women /6.5US-men
9.625″ foot,suggest size:8US-women /7US-men
9.75″ foot, suggest size:8.5US-women /7.5US-men
10″ foot, suggest size:9US-women /8US-men
10.125″foot,suggest size:9.5US-women /8.5US-men
10.5″ foot, suggest size:10.5US-women/9.5US-men
10.625″foot,suggest size:11US-women /10US-men
10.8″ foot, suggest size:11.5US-women/10.5US-men
11″ foot, suggest size:12US-women /11US-men
11.25″ foot,suggest size:13US-women /12US-men

About JiYe:
Our transit time is 7-15 days.We promise a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 60-day Limited Product Warranty(caused by non-artificial breakdown).If you have any problems about the product, you can contact us at the first time.Low Temperature Thermal Technology
Excellent Quick-drying Technology
Waterproof Breathable Technology
Strong Grip SCIENCE
Ultra-light Cushioning Technology