KingCamp Hiking Trekking Pole with Pedometer,Accurate Step Counter,Walking Distance,Calorie Counter

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The KingCamp Aluminum Hiking Trail Pole with Pedometer is perfect for hiking, trekking, or walking. This three section pole adjusts from 25 inches (in the folded position) to 53 inches long (at full extension), with a handy external twist lock. The compact foldable design allows the pole to be easily strapped to a backpack, or put inside a bag, for travel and storage. A handy attached pedometer allows the user to track distance, calories, as well as steps.nConstructed of a strong lightweight aluminum, and featuring a comfortable grip, moisture-wicking strap, and a shock absorbing tip, this pole is perfect for any and all hiking and trekking situations.

Technical Specifications:
Style No.: KA4632
Dimensions: (folded) 25 inches long; (extended) 53 inches long
Package size: 2.1inches x 8.1inches x 30inches
Colors: Green & Black
Materials: Aluminum & EVA
Weight: 0.65 lbs

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