Mountaintop Trekking Poles/Walking Sticks/Hiking Poles – 2 Pack

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1.2 adjustable middle shafts
2.Lever lock
3.Durable shaft
4.Adjustable bolt
5.I-type grip
6.Durable tip

Product Parameters
Length: 62cm/24.4in -135cm/53.1in
Weight: 270g/9.5oz
Shaft Material: Aluminium Alloy
Basket: PA66
I-type Grip: EVA
Locking Mechanism: Lever Lock
Strap: Rip-stop Strap
Tip: Tungsten-cobalt (Rubber Cap Included)

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Washing & Maintenance Instruction
1.Please do not wash with liquid detergent or bleach.
2.Clean with wet cloth if necessary.
3.Please do not forget to cover the tip by a rubber cap after your journey.

Safety Tips
Please ensure your trekking poles are locked tightly before long-time walking.

2*Trekking Poles-DURABLE STRAP- helps support the wrist and transfers some of the force from the hand to the wrist. This allows the user to grip the poles with less force.
-EXTENDABLE- 2-section extendable from 24 to 53 inches. To set the length, loosen the locking mechanism and adjust the shaft up or down to get your appropriate length.
-ADJUSTABLE BOLTS- You can adjust the angle freely by the bolts on the levers.
-I-TYPE GRIP- EVA sweat free grip, ergonomics design to fit your hand perfectly.
-WARRANTY- Includes 90 days limited warranty for trekking pole