NONPAREIL Extendable Aluminum Trekking & Hiking Pole – Telescoping Walking Stick for the Great Outdoors

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Maybe this one won’t fall apart like the last one, or have the tip break off one mile in like the one before that… Wouldn’t it be nice to get the quality you deserve without having to drain your bank account?


NONPAREIL’s Walking Stick is the solution you’ve been looking for. No need to spend tons of money when you have tested and true quality right in front of you for less! As a single pole, it makes a fantastic hiking staff, but buy two now and not only save 10%, but enjoy reliability in your equipment hike after hike!


Ergonomically designed with the long distance hiker in mind, we’ve made sure to include removable rubber tips with a spike tip underneath for when the terrain gets a little bit tough. When fully collapsed, our pole only stands at 23″, making it the perfect size for any hikers bag or backpack.


Best of all, when you buy NONPAREIL, you are buying a guaranteed product, or your money back! If within ninety days you find you are dissatisfied with your purchase, just let us know and we’ll either replace your product, or refund your money. That part, however, is entirely up to you!


★ THIS STICK WAS MADE FOR WALKIN’ – Or Hiking, Trekking, backpacking, or whatever else you need a little reliable support and weight distribution for! Designed using ultra lightweight aluminum, it’s perfectly suited for travel to anywhere you find a steep grade you want to conquer!
★ BIG OR SMALL – Our trekking stick is adjustable from 25″ to 53″, suiting a wide range of sizes. So matter if you’re big or small, headed uphill or down, we’ve got support you can count on. Better still, our ergonomic EVA handles and adjustable wrist straps keep you comfortable and secure.
★ CUSTOMIZE TO MEET THE NEED – Everything you need to get started is included here: Spike tips for rougher terrain, removable rubber ferrules, mud/snow baskets, and even a shock absorbing mechanism to keep your hike easy on your joints!
★ TRAVEL BUDDY – The body of this fantastic hiking accessory is made entirely of ultra lightweight aluminum, and due to it’s collapsible size, it fits easily into any backpack or camping bag. Best of all, with your purchase you’ll receive the ebook “Limitless Energy” ($16.95 Value) which will show you how to boost your energy levels naturally so you can get more done, feel less stressed and live life to the max!
★ GUARANTEED – Relax! Our products are guaranteed for a full 90 days from your purchase date. We’re here if something isn’t right, and if you feel like our product just hasn’t met your needs, just send it back our way for a full refund of the purchase price. It’s really that easy.