Pair of Life In Motion Trekking / Hiking / Walking Poles, Aluminum with Flip Locks and EVA Grip, 2 pack, Collapsible / Telescoping

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Trekking poles provide enhanced balance and stability when hiking on uneven trails and help reduce the impact on your knees. They also add an upper body exercise component to your walking routine.

This pair of Life In Motion trekking poles, manufactured with light weight durable Aluminum 7075 shafts, is perfect for everything from strenuous Nordic walking to backpacking or hiking on rugged trails. Each pole is collapsible from 52 inches down to a very compact 27 inches, and comes with the following accessories: snow basket, mud basket, and rubber tip protector. The easy to use flip lock design allows for quick height adjustments, and the tension can be adjusted without the need for tools. These locks are very strong, providing much needed reliability on the trail. The grips are made from a soft EVA that is much softer than standard plastic grips. The EVA also absorbs sweat from your palms reducing the likelihood of forming blisters. The attached strap is 1.4 inches wide allowing it to support your wrist without biting into it. And the strap also has a foam padding on the back providing a more comfortable feel with less chafing, which is so important when hiking for long periods of time. The tips are made of rugged tungsten steel. Over time though, all tips wear out given enough use. That’s why we’ve made our tips easily replaceable by simply screwing on a new tip.

At a Glance
• Each pole is 9.25 ounces (1 lb 2-1/2 ounces per pair)
• Extends from 27 – 52 inches
• Durable and lightweight aluminum 7075 shaft (aerospace aluminum)
• Soft and comfortable EVA grip
• Padded, extra wide nylon strap
• Strong flip lock style locks
• Easily replaceable tungsten steel tips

Included Accessories
• 1 pair mud baskets
• 1 pair snow baskets
• 1 pair rubber tip protectors

LIGHTWEIGHT – Each pole is only 9.25 ounces (1 lb 2-1/2 ounces for the pair), and are some of the lightest aluminum trekking poles on the market.
DURABLE – Our shafts are made of Aluminum 7075 (aerospace aluminum), which has a strength comparable to many steels and is much stronger than general purpose Aluminum 6061.
STRONG LOCKS – When properly adjusted, our flip locks will not slip and are quick and easy to adjust by hand, no tools required.
COMFORTABLE GRIP – Our EVA grips are softer than standard plastic grips. And they help absorb sweat, keeping your palms dryer thus reducing the likelihood of blisters.
REPLACEABLE TIPS – All tips eventually wear down. So we made the tips on our hiking poles replaceable, extending the life of your poles.