Pair of Life In Motion Trekking / Hiking / Walking Poles, durable, lightweight, compact, and comfortable. Check out our hiking pole buyer’s guide in our product description.

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Hiking Poles Buying Guide
SHAFT: Aluminum vs. Carbon Fiber – Carbon fiber is lighter, but only by a few ounces as compared to aluminum. However, aluminum is much more durable and has much greater impact resistance. Carbon fiber will shatter in a tough impact. If weight is the primary consideration, such as for trail running, then you may prefer carbon fiber. However, for most people aluminum is a better choice. With aluminum poles you will find two composites: Aluminum 6061 is a cheaper and heavier composite while aluminum 7075 is lighter and stronger.

GRIP: EVA Foam vs Cork vs Plastic – If you plan to hike during warmer seasons you should be concerned with sweat. Blisters form when two things are present: moisture and friction. Plastic grips absorb zero moisture and will almost certainly cause blisters. Cork absorbs some moisture but, over time, can become brittle and eventually start to break down. Foam absorbs the most moisture making it very effective against blisters. It is also the lightest of the three materials.

LOCKS: Flip lock vs twist lock – Flip locks are generally easier and faster to lock and unlock and are much less prone to failure. Twist locks are lighter weight but only by a little.

TIPS: Only a few brands, such as ours, offer replaceable tips which is very convenient when they wear out.

COLLAPSIBLE: Folding vs telescoping – Folding poles are more compact than telescoping poles. However, they feel less stable due to having more shaft sections.

Our Poles At a Glance
• Each pole is 9.25 ounces
• Extends from 27 – 52 inches
• Durable, lightweight aluminum 7075 shaft
• Comfortable EVA grip
• Padded nylon strap
• Strong flip lock style locks
• Easily replaceable tungsten steel tips

Included Accessories
• 1 pair mud baskets
• 1 pair snow baskets
• 1 pair tip protectors

LIGHTWEIGHT – Each pole is only 9.25 ounces (1 lb 2-1/2 ounces for the pair), and are some of the lightest aluminum hiking poles on the market.
DURABLE – Carbon Fiber trekking poles have much less impact resistance than aluminum and can shatter, making them unusable. Our shafts are made of Aluminum 7075 (aerospace aluminum), which has a strength comparable to many steels and is much stronger than general purpose Aluminum 6061. If you decide to buy aluminum poles, make sure they are Aluminum 7075.
STRONG FLIP LOCKS – When properly adjusted, our flip locks will not slip and are quick and easy to adjust by hand, no tools required. Locks that twist can be difficult to adjust compared to our flip locks.
COMFORTABLE FOAM GRIP – Cheap plastic/rubber grips don’t absorb sweat at all which leads to blisters. Cork grips absorb some sweat but not as much as our foam grips. Plus cork becomes brittle over time and eventually falls apart.
REPLACEABLE TIPS – All tips eventually wear down. So we made the tips on our Adventurer trekking poles replaceable, extending the life of your poles. Not all poles have this. What do you do when their tips are worn down?