Pinnacle Hiking Poles – Best Trekking Hiking Nordic Trail Walking Telescoping Collapsible Ultra Light weight Pair Trek Sticks Walking Anti shock Poles for Men | Women

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Pinnacle Hiking Poles Are Made From Extremely Light Weight, Durable Aluminum (about 11 grams for each pole, MUCH lighter than that stick in the woods you have been using) . Each Pole Can Be Extended To Any Length From 25.5 To 53 Inches In Length, the perfect height for people from 4′ 10” to 6′ 5”. You can measure the pole height needed by holding your arm at a right angle to the ground and measuring down to the floor. Our poles have been reviewed by 6′ 4” people who LOVED them. The Poles Extend By A Secure Twist Locking Mechanism. The best part about hiking poles is that they reduce stress on your knees and hips by up to 10%!! Pinnacle Hiking Poles Contain Anti-Shock Technology to decrease stress on your body as well. Each Pair includes rubber tips for pavement and Tungsten tips for softer ground like dirt, brush, or snow (snow baskets included). Each Pole has a Comfortable Soft Plastic Grip With Wrist Strap – Each Pair Comes With 2 Spare Tips For A Total Of 4 Tips To Get You Started!LIGHTWEIGHT Aluminum- High grade aluminum is very sturdy and yet light weight for all day use.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE to any height decreases stress on knees and hips – Anti- shock mechanism absorbs energy from your upper body and provides stabilization to prevent wear and maintain. Anti-shock feature can also be turned off for a greater sense of contact with the environment.
ERGONOMIC, COMFORTABLE soft plastic grips. The wrist strap will also maintain control of the pole while hiking through rugged terrain or streams. Built in Compass on top of the handles so you will always know where you are.
Lifetime Warranty- The Pinnacle Hiking Poles are backed by a Lifetime Warranty. Buy two pairs and get FREE shipping
Superior, Rugged Hiking pole – This Pinnacle Hiking Pole will go on any adventure trek. Strong Aluminum alloy will not crack (like carbon fiber poles do) and is nearly as light, so your arms will not be tired after a long day of hiking. Features include: Anti-shock, strong aluminum alloy, durable plastic handle, telescoping action, very portable and light (weighing in at 11 oz per pole), strong carbide tip. Comparable to Leki Hiking Poles, Black diamond hiking poles, and black mountain trekking poles.