Sendero Outdoors Collapsible Hiking Poles, 1 Pair

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Want to spend more time outdoors with your loved ones? With Sendero Outdoors Collapsible Hiking Poles, you have the perfect excuse to get out and GO! These poles give you greater security and stability on any terrain-whether you’re trekking through the woods, up a mountainside, on the beach, or around the neighborhood. These 3-section telescopic walking sticks are designed with your comfort in mind, featuring ANTI-SHOCK SPRINGS, SOFT FOAM HANDLES & ADJUSTABLE WRIST STRAPS that help you keep your grip when the journey gets rough. What’s more, our premium twist-lock system lets you EASILY ADJUST the poles to fit any height-so they’re perfect for every member of your family! When you’re done using them, they collapse down into a compact size so you can easily carry them in a backpack. Not keen on heavy poles that bog you down? Our aluminum trekking poles are durable yet lightweight (just 12 oz. per pole!). Each pair includes RUBBER TIPS for pavement, boardwalk or other hard surfaces and STEEL TIPS for ice, rock, gravel or snow (snow baskets included). Customers are raving about Sendero Outdoors Collapsible Hiking Poles, calling them “lightweight and well-manufactured”…”better quality than we expected”… and “beautiful, sturdy, and very comfortable to use for hiking.” Why not experience them for yourself-CLICK ‘ADD TO CART’ TO BUY NOW!Better Support & Traction on Hikes: Enjoy your treks more! This pair of 25″ – 54″ trekking poles provides added safety & peace of mind while walking or hiking any terrain. Anti-shock springs.
Adjustable for Your Comfort: 3-section telescoping stick features highly secure, top-of-the-line twist-lock system that’s also easy to use. Adjusts for women, men & kids 4′ 10” – 6′ 5” tall.
Won’t Weigh You Down: Made of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum that takes a beating yet won’t add bulk. Also has plastic grips, EVA foam handles & adjustable, no-slip wrist strap.
Navigate Any Terrain: Package includes 2 rubber tips to keep you steady on pavement, boardwalk & other hard surfaces AND steel tips & snow baskets for snow, ice, rock, or gravel.
90-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you aren’t completely satisfied with this set of hiking poles, let us know. We’ll return 100% of the purchase price-no questions asked.