TREK PRO Hiking Poles – 1 Pair – Trekking / Walking / Climbing – 100% Tungsten Carbide Tips, Ultralight, Adjustable Height, Anti-Shock

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If you’re looking to buy some awesome hiking poles, you’ve found them. These are the TREK PRO Hiking and Trekking Poles from Park Ridge Outfitters. They look awesome. They are strong and durable, which you’ll instantly feel when you pick them up. They are amazingly light, in fact, the lightest in the category. If you’re wondering about durability, these are crafted from the same 7075 Aluminum they put into airplane frames, so I think we’ve got that covered. Are you tall or short or somewhere in between? These poles adjust between total lengths of 26″ to 54″, which is small enough to fit in luggage or a day pack, and long enough to serve other purposes while you’re resting, grabbing some shade, or hanging your socks to dry. Trekking poles will fit most men, women, and children. Each handle has been shaped for maximum comfort and the adjustable wrist strap provides added security. Enhancing comfort within the poles are the built-in anti shock springs, to cushion every step of the way. Finally, the changeable tips include a rubber foot, a tungsten point, and a snow/mud basket for all the terrain you will encounter. To top it all off, our small family owned business will provide you all the customer support you require! Still reading? Scroll back up and add these beautiful poles to your cart and get hiking today!WHAT YOU GET: Strikingly beautiful pair of hiking poles, rubber tips, mud/snow baskets, storage clip
ONE SIZE FITS ALL: These trekking and hiking poles extend from 26″ all the way to 54″ to match hikers of any size and build.
SAFETY FIRST: Designed for maximum traction on the trail, rocks, and ice, keeping you safe at all times.
COMFORT PREVAILS: Premium EVA countoured hand grips and comfortable straps adjust to your grip and wrist position. Better grips, less blisters!
AWESOME GIFT IDEA: These versatile poles make a great gift for anyone with an interest in trekking, hiking, climbing and walking