Trekking Poles Collapsible Ultralight Telescopic Trek Poles Adjustable Retractable Anti-Shock Durable Aluminum Hiking Sticks for Outdoor Walking

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Our trekking poles have a unique design that folds down to just 15 inches in length, or about 40 percent less than most traditional poles. They will easily fit into your carry-on luggage or day pack. Each pole comes in at less than 10 oz, which will reduce arm fatigue.

We use durable materials 7075 aluminum alloy throughout with strength comparable to steel. They will not let you down! The ergonomic EVA foam handle will easily stand up to hours of hiking while keeping your hands dry and comfortable.

We hope our trekking poles affordable so that they were accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker, backpacker, or simply need added support while recovering from surgery, we believe our trekking poles will meet your needs.

Net weight: 0.55lb 1 piece
Hight:130cm(stretch) , 38cm(shrink)
DURABLE ULTRALIGHT WATERPROOF CORROSION – Trecking poles is made of 7075-T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy. This alloy is often referred to as the strongest aluminum alloy because it has the strength of many steels, while retaining aluminum’s lightweight qualities. The surface of the alloy is created through an advanced oxidation process. It is very hard and protects the metal from weathering and corrosion.
EXTRA LONG EVA FOAM HANDLE – The EVA foam material gives it an excellent all weather soft comfortable feel. EVA foam also absorbs moisture from sweaty hands.
EXTREMELY PORTABLE – The poles fit in most carry-on bags, day backs and even some purses and totes.
EASY ADJUSTABLE – 38cm to 130cm
If tungsten steel rod into the stone crevice, please Vertical pull out.