Venom Neoprene Ankle Brace Lace Up Support – Adjustable Stabilizers & Elastic Compression for Sprained Foot, Tendonitis, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, MMA, Athletics, Women, Running, Sports

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Our Venom Ankle Brace Support Sleeve features targeted side stabilizers which provide support and protection against injury while the lightweight neoprene composition allows for a breathable, moisture-wicking capability. The ventilated material blend decreases skin irritation and helps to reduce odor. Our brace is designed to aid in rehabilitation after injury by maintaining targeted compression and stabilization of the tendons which relieves discomfort and improves recovery. The double strap support, side stabilizers, and contoured arch design each offer support and protection without interfering with athletic or everyday activity. Our brace is designed for both rehabilitation and prevention purposes, and is intended to aid in the recovery of arthritis and osteoarthritis pain, joint pain, sprains, swelling, muscle fatigue and other general injuries. The fully adjustable straps and laces guarantee a secure fit that will conform comfortably inside the show without adding bulk. The brace is designed to fit on both left and right ankles! DISCLAIMER: NO HINGED SUPPORT – CAN BE USED ON BOTH ANKLES – ONE PER BOXEXCEPTIONAL SUPPORT: Side stabilizers help to reinforce your ankle while maintaining complete flexibility to offer you total support and protection against injury during running, hiking, tennis, golf, soccer, volleyball, cycling, basketball, softball, baseball, CrossFit, weightlifting and many other athletic activities.
PAIN RELIEF: Reinforced side stabilizers and contoured arch design quickly reduces pain and pressure on the ankle due to various injuries including arthritis, sprains, swelling, muscle fatigue, and many other chronic or acute types of pain.
FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Double strap support and laces provide dual reinforcement and complete customization in order to guarantee a comfortable fit.
LIGHTWEIGHT COMPOSITION: Highest quality blend of sweat resistant neoprene is breathable, moisture-wicking and fits comfortably inside your shoe without adding bulk.
GUARANTEED FIT: Available in sizes S, M, L for a secured fit. Please refer to our size chart shown in the pictures in order to determine accurate sizing. As a bonus, you will receive a complimentary PDF guide with various recovery exercises for your ankle.