WEILY 1 Pair Trail Trekking Pole Extendable Ultralight Anti Shock & Retractable Hiking / Walking/ Climbing Trekking Sticks

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Don’t let the ever-changing up and downhill terrain hold you back. This Pioneer Anti Shock; Retractable Trekking Poles will reduce stress on joints, improve balance and add power on uphill hikes.

Use this Pioneer Trekking Poles on a variety of terrain to keep your knees from being exposed to the pain.
Why choose it? Please take a look at this and you will find this hiking poles the one that you has been looking for:

1. Trekking poles is crafted with high quality 7075 Aluminum, which is more durable and stronger than normal aluminum products, waterproof corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. the better material choose provide users a more reliable choice.
2. Tri-telescopic pole provides suitable flexibility.
3. Shock-absorbing poles , which is perfect for people with weak joints, prior sports injuries, and it is best for downhill hiking.
4. Extendable ultra light: Pair poles weight 1.06lbs. Each Pole can be expanded between 24.5 to 54.4 inch, which is much more easier to pack. Ultra light poles offer the advantage of less swing weight, which makes them easier and quicker to move. Over the course of a long hike this means less fatigue.
5. The tungsten steel pole head, pole head rubber cover and mug resistance base help users deal with different road conditions and requirements.
6. Soft hand grips with wrist strap, absorbs moisture from sweaty hands and very comfortable to hold
7. Stable material, can be used in high altitude and cold weather, weather resistance, corrosion prevention and free from temperature influence.

-Twist Quick Locking
-Material: 7075 Aluminum + Tungsten Steel
-Extendable Size: 24.5″-54.4″ (62cm-138cm) (approx.)

Package Include:
-2 x Trekking poles (2 8buckle, 2 big snowflake baskets, 2 rubber feet and 2 mud baskets are included)Made of 7075 ultra light high-strength aircraft grade aluminum alloy, Pair poles weight 1.06lbs, extremely durable and sturdy, great for trekking, walking, hiking, backpacking, climbing, and mountaineering
Collapsible, Tri-telescoping trekking with Quick Flip Lock (Germany GS safety locking system), so you can adjust or extend your poles from 24.5″ (62 cm) all the way to 54.4″ (138 cm) quickly. When not in use, these are easy to collapse
High-density ergonomic EVA Foam non-slip grip with Rip-stop wrist strap, comfortable, moisture-wicking and conforms to the shape of your hand. Your grip will fit like a glove in no time minimizing discomfort, perfect for quick choke-ups on steep terrain
Tungsten Steel Tip for rough terrain or ice, Equipment with abrasion resistant rubber feet, big snowflake and mud baskets, much safer to fit indoors, on pavement, outdoor, snow etc. various scenario
Anti-shock, 1 pair package, better choice for walking, hiking, trekking