New Hampshire has a lot of gems that you can find – both literally and figuratively. It has plenty of numerous granite quarries. It is also numerous sites where tourists have opportunities to collect minerals such as beryl, mica, and amethyst. Of course, it also has sites that equals gems where you can spend unforgettable memories with your loved ones. One of the places in New Hampshire that has such sites is Lincoln, a town in Grafton County.

Back in the late 1700s, this place was merely filled with rivers, mountains, and forests. Before, one would think this place is just great for logging. But who would have thought that this town will have numerous tourist attractions that are worth seeing and exploring today?

Named after Henry Fiennes Pelham-Clinton, 2nd Duke of Newcastle, 9th Earl of Lincoln – a cousin of Wentworth governors (yes, not after Abraham Lincoln), this town has thousands of acres that are also filled with attractions that deserve a spot in everyone’s travel itineraries.

It may not be as popular as Paris or other cities and towns but this place has a lot of things that are worth talking about too. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, this town has plenty of attractions for everyone no matter what the season is

In case you’re looking for places and/or activities to add to your New Hampshire travel itinerary, here are some places and exciting things to do in Lincoln NH that you should consider.

Exciting Things to Do in Lincoln NH

Actually, Lincoln has a lot of attractions for people of all ages regardless of the kind of vacation they want. From the most relaxing activity to the most extreme, this town is big enough to house all of that. But if you’re looking for something exciting, we got your back. For this list, we included the most exciting things to do in Lincoln NH that we’re sure everyone in your family or squad will love.

1Ice Castles

ice castles new hmpshire
A woman enjoying her Ice Castles, New Hampshire visit all the more because she’s wearing comfortable winter clothes that suits the place (Source)

Whether or not you’re a Frozen fan, you will surely love Lincoln’s Ice Castles. This place, as its name suggests is filled with structures made of real ice that weigh more than 20 million pounds. It has tunnels, fountains, slides, sculptures, and even thrones. And to make the ice structures all the more gorgeous, LED lights were placed. It’s a literal winter wonderland for people of all ages.

On top of these Instagram-worthy ice structures, you can also get to see live fire performances. Here, you will surely be amazed by the performers’ versatile and unique show using many different props, including fire breathing.

However, note that this attraction is only open between late December or January and March. Thus, for this month, we suggest that you dedicate this month for plotting your visit to New Hampshire’s Ice castle as it’s not open yet. But don’t worry, you wait will be worth it. Also, we suggest that you wear proper winter attire so you can get to enjoy every corner of the site. Leave your stilettos at home too so you can fully enjoy your visit and not worry about the path you’re going to walk on.

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2Whale’s Tale Waterpark

Whale’s Tale Waterpark’s surf simulator (Source)

Waterparks are surely full of excitement in every corner. Luckily, Lincoln has a number of good waterparks making visiting them as one of the most exciting things to do in Lincoln NH. One of the top waterparks that you need to allot a spot on your travel itinerary is Whale’s Tale Waterpark. It has numerous huge slides that will keep your heart racing.

The waterpark has a lot of attractions that will surely cater to the level of adrenaline you want but one of the crowd favorite rides you shouldn’t miss is its Poseidon’s Voyage. Here, you will step on a vertical launch capsule that will take you on an adrenaline rush-filled steep drop at a speed of 38 feet per second.

The waterpark also has a surfing spot, which is just recently added, that can cater to anyone. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you will surely enjoy riding the waves here.

3Alpine Adventures Outdoor Recreation

Alpine Adventures Outdoor Recreation’s zipline (Source)

Outdoor activities are also some of the exciting things to do in Lincoln NH because of the adrenaline and beautiful views that it has to offer. One of the attractions you shouldn’t miss is the Alpine Adventures Outdoor Recreation. Here, you and your family and/or friends can enjoy trekking where you will be rewarded with picturesque views of nature. You can also get to enjoy zip lines, including the site’s latest one, the Tweezle, a special tour that is modified to allow for additional distancing between guests. You can also try out its off-road ride that will take you to the summit of Barron Mountain and take in the one of the most beautiful panoramic views in the town.

For more adrenaline rush, you can also take on Alpine Adventures Outdoor Recreation’s challenge where you can enjoy a challenging course that includes bridges, cargo nets, rope ladders, zipline, and more. It’s a little challenging so you’d have to prepare yourself physically. But we’re sure you will enjoy it in spite of how strenuous this activity is.

Alpine Adventures Outdoor recreation also has other extreme activities waiting for you. Depending on the season, you can even take a snow tube down its specifically made ramp and fly into the big airbag at the bottom of it. The site also has a newly-added Pirate Adventure that is specifically made to bring fun even in this time of our recovery from the pandemic. Here, the site’s tour guides dons proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and you and your friends or family can enjoy the tour on your own – meaning you won’t get to interact with other guests.

4Attitash Mountain Resort

Attitash Mountain Resort’s air bag jump (Source)

Skiing is also one of the exciting things to do in Lincoln NH, especially in Attitash Mountain Resort. It has different levels for everyone – from beginner to pro. And if you are new to skiing or if you want to learn more, Attitash Mountain resort has different programs to help you master skiing too. And the best part of it is that you can get to enjoy this site no matter what season it is. This is because while it’s not always snowing in this area, the site still has different activities to offer its guests depending on the season.

In hotter days, the ski mountain turns into a different adventure zone. Here, you can plunge and swim in its pools, feel the adrenaline in its water slides, jump all you want in its Euro-Bungee trampoline, and conquer your fears in its air bag jump and climbing wall. You can also go on a zip tour, mountain biking, and horse riding.

There are different attractions in this site during fall too. In this season, Attitash Mountain Resort holds a huge Oktoberfest where you can enjoy fares, music, beer, family activities, and more. You can also enjoy its zipline, Alpine slide, and Mountain Coaster where you can get to take in the beautiful views that surround you.

5Loon Mountain Ski Resort

Loon Mountain Ski Resort’s gondola summit skyrides in winter (Source)

Another ski resort filled with fun activities to offer is the Loon Mountain Ski Resort. Like the Attitash Mountain Resort, Loon Mountain also offers different activities depending on the season. Hence, there’s plenty of things to do here no matter when you choose to visit.

In winter, you can enjoy skiing, which the place is best known for. Here, you can choose between numerous trails based on your mastery level. It also has different trails that could cater to different age groups. On top of that, you have gondola summit skyrides to enjoy too.

During summer and fall when you cannot ski, don’t worry, Loon Mountain has an aerial forest adventure park where you can unleash your inner Tarzan/Jane as you swing from trapeze, cross bridges, and more. Mountaintop yoga is also available. During these seasons, you can also enjoy ziplining, wall climbing, hiking, and biking. The Loon Mountain ski Resort also has a disc golf course for your friends and/family to enjoy. On top of that, the gondola summit skyrides are also available.

6Outback Kayak and Company

Snowmobiling at Outback Kayak and Company (Source)

Also one of the exciting things to do in Lincoln NH is visiting Outback Kayak and Company. As its name suggests, this site offers kayaking and canoeing activities. But aside from that, you can also get to enjoy different outdoor activities all year long. Here, you can sign up for ATV tours, a tour where you can get to explore the area while riding an ATV and take in some of the picturesque views in town. Here, you and your friends and/or family can enjoy paintballing too. And in winter, there’s snowmobiling to try out. It’s one of the perfect places in Lincoln to visit if you’re looking for some fun outdoor activities to do with your family and friends.

7Arts Outdoor Outfitters

Kids kayaking at Arts Outdoor Outfitters (Source)

Speaking of kayaking, another place to add to your travel itinerary is Arts Outdoor Outfitters. Here, you can rent kayaks, canoes, and sups. Kids will love this place too. It’s a nice site to enjoy fun activities with your friends and/or family as you take in picturesque views and get closer to nature too. It’s not a place for people looking for extreme activities to do, though but it’s a perfect place for bonding and relaxing so don’t miss out on this one too.

8Hobo Railroad

The restored vintage trains you’ll board at Hobo Railroad (Source)

Near Attitash Mountain Resort, we also suggest experiencing the Hobo Railroad. This activity might be a mere train ride but hear us out first. What makes this one of the exciting things to do in Lincoln is that it’s not just a train ride. While you’re onboard the restored vintage coaches, you will be treated with some of the most picturesque sights in the town. On top of that, depending on the season, you can enjoy different activities inside the train. The staff will also serve you delicious food that will make your trip all the more worth it and memorable. However, the Hobo Railroad isn’t always open. It only operates from Memorial Day weekend through late October. It also opens from late November through mid-December. With such a schedule, we suggest that you plan your visit ahead. But we’re sure that your long wait and planning time will all be worth it when you visit this place.

9Santa’s Village

A peek at Santa’s Village’s mini train ride in winter (Source)

Another exciting activity in Lincoln is visiting Santa’s Village. For starters, as its name suggests, this place is North Pole-themed where you can feel the Christmas season even more. But it’s not just a village for sightseeing sculptures and other Christmas-themed designs. It is also a combination of an amusement park and a waterpark which makes it all the more exciting for kids and kids at heart.

Here, you have rides that kids and adults can both enjoy. The Yule Log Flume, S.S. Peppermint Twist, Little Elf Flying School are among the rides that many guest of all ages love the most.

As for the waterpark, Santa’s Village has a number of things to offer too. But Ho Ho H20 is one of the most loved attractions in its waterpark because of its playful aesthetics. It also has unique towering slides that kids will surely love. Santa’s Village also has Polar Paradise, an interactive play area for children and families to enjoy.

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Apart from these, the site also offers more attractions like the Elf University where visitors can play a scavenger hunt. Santa’s Village also houses real reindeers too and you can feed them plus learn some facts about them. It’s not just going to be a fun-filled trip but anyone will surely get to learn new things too.

In addition to that, kids can also get to see Santa in person in his home. You can even take photos with him to make your visit all the more memorable.

Of course, Santa’s Village also has a number of restaurants and café. You have plenty of options where to fill your stomach – from heavy meals to snacks and coffee, you will never go hungry in Santa’s Village.

10Gordi’s Fish and Steak House

One of the fresh seafood dishes that you can find at Gordi’s Fish and Steak House (Source)

Exciting doesn’t always mean literal outdoor activities that will make your heart jumping because of the adrenaline rush. The word exciting can also refer to sumptuous meals, right? Because don’t you get thrilled when you see the waiter walks near your table with the food you ordered? If you’re a foodie, then we believe dining is also one of the exciting activities to consider when you’re in Lincoln. There are plenty of restaurants in town, though, but one of the top places to eat that we recommend is Gordi’s Fish and Steak House.

As its name suggests, this restaurant’s specialty are fresh seafood and delicious steaks. But if you’re not a fan of such dishes, don’t worry, Gordi’s Fish and Steak House has other dishes too that will satisfy your cravings.

Here, you have a wide variety of meal options to choose from – from steaks to sandwiches. It even has a big salad bar. On top of that, it has fine wines and good beer on tap. This restaurant is so good, from its dishes to its service, it has received high ratings from its previous diners in many reviews. It’s a perfect place to fill your empty stomach after a long day of exploring Lincoln so don’t forget to add this to your travel itinerary.

11The Common Man

The Common Man’s mac and cheese pizza (Source)

Another restaurant that will make you excited for your food is The Common Man. Here, you can enjoy a wide variety of different cuisines. From comfort foods to Italian-American, you will surely enjoy every dish that it has to offer. It even has vegan options. It also has a nice ambiance that will relax you and make you enjoy every bite of your meal. And like Gordi’s Fish and Steak House, The Common man also has high reviews from its diners. It’s a must visit so don’t miss out on this one too.

Lincoln has a lot of attractions to offer. And it can be a bit overwhelming to do all of them in one day. So why not stay a bit longer to fully explore what this town has to offer? In case you plan to stay longer, don’t worry, Lincoln also has some nice accommodations to offer.

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Lincoln NH Hotels

12The Common Man

The Common Man Inn and Spa’s hot tub (Source)

Nope, you’re not seeing double – well, kind of. Apparently, The Common Man also has an inn and spa. And, needless to say, it’s one of the best places to stay in Lincoln as you don’t just get to relax here but you can also get to enjoy its restaurant; there’s no need to drive miles away from your hotel, right?

13Attitash Mountain Resort

An aerial view of Attitash Mountain Resort in winter (Source)

Attitash Mountain Resort also has its own hotel for you to stay a night or more as you enjoy the corners of Lincoln. The good thing about checking in Attitash Mountain Resort is that you can also get to have a nice view of the area around you. The rooms are spacious too, enough to house you and your family or friends.

14Riverwalk Resort at Loon Mountain

The gorgeous exterior of Riverwalk Resort at loon Mountain (Source)

Another well-loved hotel in town is the Riverwalk Resort at Loon Mountain. This place, even praised by many of its previous guests, have nice rooms with beautiful interior. The hotel also boasts the view from its windows that will surely make you fall in love with the town even more. It even has its own ice skating rink, which gives it a step up among other resorts that you can find in the area.

15Holiday Inn Express and Suites Lincoln East – White Mountain

Holiday Inn Express and Suites Lincoln East – White Mountain’s simple yet beautiful indoor pool area (Source)

For a simpler hotel, there’s Holiday Inn Express and Suites Lincoln East – White Mountain. Here, you have simple and cozy rooms to stay in. It also has an indoor pool and Jacuzzi in case you want a dip. It also has a nice location as it’s just a 6-minute walk from the town center.

16Omni Mount Washington Resort

The elegant lobby of Omni Mount Washington Resort

If you want something luxurious, we suggest Omni Mount Washington Resort. Aside from its interior, guests also love its spa. Omni Mount Washington resort has its own restaurant as well where you can fill your stomach with good food. It’s not just a place to merely stay the night at Lincoln but this place offers more including the kind of relaxation that you need after a long day of exploring the town. It’s worth every penny.

17Woodwards Resorts

Inside one of Woodwards Resorts’ rooms – simple yet cozy (Source)

If you’re on a budget, we recommend Woodwards Resorts. While it’s a three-star hotel, it’s still worth staying in as you have neat rooms to stay at. Aside from that, it has both outdoor and indoor pools in case you want to swim and relax.

Lincoln may have started looking like a mere forest back in its early days. But today, it is now filled with countless attractions that could cater to every traveler’s needs. That said, it is a town that you should not pass on when exploring New Hampshire.


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