If you are going to the U.S. for the weekend of fun at the beach, then you are in luck as states like Florida, Hawaii, California and more. However, you don’t always have to go to these beaches if you want a wet and wild experience. The U.S. is home to countless water parks and in all states, you can expect a grand watery experience. This guide won’t get you to all of the great indoor water parks in the US. However, we do plan on bringing you to the best of the best there is. If you plan on going to these places that we are recommending, you should definitely bring your family along for the ride.

Before You Go

We’re sure you’re pretty excited to get to these indoor water parks but before anything else, there are a lot of things you should know beforehand. If you want to make the most of your trip to these water wonderlands, then you’ll probably need to check out our tips below. Without further ado, here are some things you should know before going to an indoor water park.

Avoid Visiting On The Weekend

One of the biggest mistakes any person going to an indoor water park can make is going to the place on the weekend. If you go there during a Sunday or a Saturday, get ready to bump elbows with countless other people. There’s a good chance that the water park will be filled with families bringing their kids along. It goes without saying that you should avoid these places during the summer as well. Water parks can get very crowded so try to avoid it when you think there’ll be a huge crowd.

Travel Early, Leave Early

The indoor water parks above do have parking spaces within the premises. However, that isn’t to say that there’s always a place for you to park your vehicle around. If you want to avoid losing a spot, or worse, having no place to park at all, be sure to get to the water park as early as possible. Find a parking spot that’s close to the exit so even if you leave the water park late, you can easily avoid the parking lot rush as families try to get out all at once.

Know Park’s Rules And Regulations

Each of the water parks above have their own set of rules and regulations to be followed. These guidelines are there to maintain the security and comfortability of all those within the park. If you want to have a great time (and if you want to avoid getting kicked out) then you should follow these rules at all times. Don’t worry to much though, the rules themselves are pretty simple. Before driving to the water park, read the rules beforehand. Most of the water parks have their own websites that have the rules, operating hours, and more.

Travel Light

This tip applies to all travel destinations but it applies more to an indoor water park. If you are inside an indoor water park and everyone within your party wants to have a piece of the action, no one will be left to keep a close watch on your belongings. While these water parks have some form of a locker system, there’s a good chance that not all of your belongings will fit if there. It’s good to travel light. If it cannot be helped, leave your belongings in your but make sure that it is secured.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Kids

As we’ve said before, water parks can get crowded. While there is security on standby at all times, it is still recommended to keep a close eye on your kids at all times. Aside from getting lost in a sea of people, your children could end up having trouble in some of the rides. If you want them to have fun, let them take you to the attractions they want to try out instead.

Do Your Research

One of the main issues we have with water parks is that the lines are long when it comes to the attractions. The key to getting the most out of your entrance ticket is by being prepared and doing your own research. Before reaching the water park, check out all of the attractions it offers. Then, you should check out which are the most popular. You may want to try out the top attractions first so that you can avoid getting stuck in long lines later on.

Bring A Lot Of Cash

You’ll need to bring a lot of cash with you. While most of the water parks have all-inclusive tickets, keep in mind that the food is not included in the tickets. Some water parks allow food from outdoors, while most don’t. In those that don’t, the food and drinks can get a tad expensive so that’s where your cash will come in. There might not be an ATM nearby so be sure to have everything you need in your wallet.

Waterproof Your Gadgets

We know that it’s hard to enjoy a trip without having to take a few memories along the way. Of course, these are water parks we are talking about so your cameras or smartphones are bound to get wet. To avoid that from happening, be sure to buy a waterproof case for your cash and gadgets. These neat items are going to be a big help for your trips to water parks, as well as in beaches.

The Best Indoor Water Parks in the US to Add to Your Itinerary

Water parks are one of the favorite destinations of many tourists and locals alike. This is probably due to the fact that it combines extreme and serenity at the same time. Some even have unique facilities to offer that will surely make everyone’s stay even more fun and exciting. It’s definitely a kind of attraction that is not to be missed, especially during summer.

But what if it’s not summer and you still want to enjoy the waters? Luckily, there are indoor water parks to make sure that the fun never stops no matter what season it is. In case you crave for some water adventure, take a look at our rundown of the best indoor water parks in the US that are also perfect for families.


water parks us
You can surf the waves at Aquatopia (Source)

Located at the Camelback Lodge, this indoor water park offers a Caribbean-like environment for the whole family. It has kiddie slides that are perfect even for the youngest thrill-seeker in the family. There are heated pools and, of course, some water slides for adults where you can body slide, tube slide, mat slide, and bowl slide. But what makes it unique and more fun is its other dry indoor activities such as rock climbing, mini golf, laser tag, and bowling. The Aquatopia even has a pottery studio and an arcade for people of all ages to enjoy.

2Avalanche Bay

waterparks us
One of Avalanche Bay’s popular and exciting rides, The Big Couloir (Source)

Located at Boyne Mountain Resort, the Avalanche Bay, on the other hand, offers a bigger space for fun. In fact, it is known as the largest indoor water park in Michigan. It is so big that it has nearly 90,000 square feet of area for you to enjoy. And you can have a fun and crazy family adventure here all year long. Aside from the usual water slides that it has, it also offers more excitement with its cannonball slide and surf simulator. It has an arcade as well. But what makes it loved all the more by a lot of its visitors is that it has a water-based obstacle course.

3Great Wolf Lodge

waterparks us
Watch a movie as you dip in a pool with your kids at the Great Wolf Lodge (Source)

Unlike the other indoor water parks in the US, the Great Wolf Lodge has 16 branches scattered around the US. Hence, it’s surely not that hard to spot. What makes it worth talking about too are its thrilling rides, water slides, and other water activities. And it is also love by many locals and tourists because of its perfectly warm and sunny atmosphere no matter how terrible and cold the weather outside may be. Another thing to love about this place is that it also has several dining and shopping options for you to choose from.

4Splash Lagoon

splash lagoon
An sneak peek of the whole area (Source)

With nearly 98,000 square feet of area, the Splash Lagoon also makes it to one of the largest indoor water parks in the US. With that, there are a lot of Splash Lagoon attractions waiting for you. And we can guarantee that these attractions will make you never want to leave the premise. It has 10 waterslides for you to enjoy and all of which are great even for children. It has whirlpool areas and a big wave pool too. It often holds programs and events as well that will make you enjoy your stay even more. Especially during the holiday season, you can expect lots of special events. Just last Christmas, it hosted a celebration to celebrate Christmas with a dance party that features a live DJ.

5Kahuna Laguna

waterparks us
Kids enjoying Kahuna Laguna’s basketball court (Source)

Like the Avalanche Bay, Kahuna Laguna also boasts of a large area. It’s not as big as the former, though, as it only measures half of the Avalanche Bay. Still, it has a big area where families can play or relax all day. Aside from the thrilling water slides that it has, it can also offer a wave pool and two waterfalls that will level up your wave-swimming experience. The Kahuna Bay also has a café and a pool basketball court that are perfect for groups of friends too.

6Kalahari Resort

waterparks us
Kalahari Resort’s swim-up bar (Source)

The Kalahari Resort is also one of the best indoor water parks in the US that can offer both relaxation and excitement at the same time. It has private indoor cabanas that you can rent and an indoor spa if you want to relax. If you’re up for some adventure, you can spend the day surfing and body boarding in their wave pool. They also offer raft ride plus they have a zip coaster if you’re feeling more adventurous. The best part of it is that it as a laid-back swim up bar too, perfect for when you crave for your favorite booze.

7KeyLime Cove

waterparks us
KeyLime Cove’s double queen room (Source)

KeyLime Cove is also one of the largest indoor water parks in the US with more than 60, 000 square feet of water park for you to enjoy. They have water slides, rides, and pools for people of all ages. But what makes it even more remarkable is that it has more than 400 resort-style suites and rooms that will provide you the most relaxing place to stay. In addition to that, it is voted by USA Today as the best indoor waterpark and has received several other awards.

8Wilderness Resort

waterparks us
A peak at Wilderness Resort’s wave pool, the largest in the US

Wilderness Resort boasts of its 600 acres of fun for everyone (for reference, that’s more than 26,000,000 square feet!), making it as the largest of all the indoor water parks in the US. It is so huge that it’s divided into five parts: Klondike, Wild WaterDome, Kavern, Cubby’s Cove, Margarita’s Swim-Up Bar, and the Wild West. Together they all host water slides, thrilling rides, hot spa, a lazy river, and so much more. The Wilderness Resort also has a huge wave pool which is, by the way, also known as the largest wave pool in America.

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waterparks us
SoundWaves’ minimalist and relaxing design (Source)

Another one of the biggest indoor water parks in the US is SoudWaves, located at Gaylord Opryland, with 4 acres of fun waiting for you. Its interiors, unlike the other indoor water parks in the US, has a much more minimalist design combining the colors blue, green, and white. But don’t let its simple design fool you as it can also offer lots of fun for everyone. However, this place is restricted to 747 guests only. But on the flipside, it never gets too crowded compared to other indoor water parks in the US.

10Epic Waters Indoor Water Park

waterparks us
What the Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark looks on the outside (Source)

Recently opened last year, the Epic Waters Indoor Water Park already has become the talk of the town and can compete with other indoor water parks in the US. This is because aside from the fact that is as 11 water slides (three of which have features that are first of its kind, by the way), it also has a unique design. It has a one-of-a-kind retractable roof and it looks like a barge. And for that reason, it’s nicknamed as the cruise ship on land.

11Schlitterbahn Waterpark

waterparks us
Schlitterbahn waterpark’s uphill water coaster (Source)

Aside from Galveston Beaches, Texas’ Schlitterbahn Waterpark is also worth talking about. However, it is relatively smaller than the other indoor water parks in the US. But looks can be deceiving. In spite of its small size, Schlitterbahn Waterpark can talk big of its features. One of the highlights of this place is its mile-long river that contains the water park’s distinct sections. It also has the world’s tallest water coaster. Because of that, it has earned the title “America’s Best Indoor Waterpark” for years.

12Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel and Waterpark

waterparks us
A look inside Zender’s (Source)

Since it opened in 1856 in Frankenmuth, Michigan, Zehnder’s Splash Village Hotel and Waterpark has been luring water park-loving locals and tourists even until today. It’s no surprise, though, as it is also one of the largest indoor water parks in the US. It even has a retractable roof for its visitors to fully enjoy the summer months. Some of the water park’s highlights are its six-story family raft ride, the Whimsical Whirl Hot Tub, and its four-story tube slides. There is a nearby Spanish-themed hotel as well in case you want to spend the night in the area.


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