Everyone wants to have a fun time basking in the water of a pool or a beach. However, not everyone wants to go to the beach. The better alternative is waterparks. Waterparks are one of the best travel destinations that are perfect for people of all ages regardless of what type of traveler you are.

Whether you are traveling solo, with the whole squad or family, or even if you’re looking for some exhilarating water activities, and even if you’re not a swimmer, waterparks are the best place to be for everyone. Luckily, there’s no shortage of such attraction in the US.

There is at least one amazing waterpark per state. But, of course, we fully understand if you can’t visit all of them. To help you out, we’ve narrowed down this list to include only the best of the best in the U.S. and without further ado, here are some of the waterparks of America that you should visit.

The Best Waterparks in the US

1The Great Wolf Lodge

america waterpark
The Great Wolf Lodge screening Moana in its indoor waterpark (Source)

The Great Wolf Lodge apparently has more than 10 branches scattered around the US that are filled with exhilarating water slides and beautiful pools that are perfect for the whole family. One of which is was the former Waterpark of America. The Great Wolf Lodge just recently bought it and renamed it as one of its branches. But even before it became a branch of the Great wolf Lodge, the then known Waterpark of America has already lots of amenities and facilities to talk big of. But today, it got a lot better and so it is really worth visiting.

2Discovery Cove

discovery cove
Swimming with sharks at the Discovery Cove (Source)

Florida may be known for its beaches but its water parks are worth talking about too, particularly the Discovery Cove. This water park also makes it on the list of the best water parks in America because of its unique theme. Designed by SeaWorld, you can get to enjoy a tropical atmosphere plus interact with marine life and swim with dolphins, feed tropical fishes and rays plus tour an aviary filled with exotic birds. And the best part of being a guest at the Discovery Cove is that most of its activities, all meals and drink are already included in its standard admission rate.

3Cowabunga Bay Water Park

cowabunga bay water park
A Volkswagen beetle giving off more 1960s vibe at Cowabunga Bay Water Park (Source)

There are a lot of fun things to do in Utah and going to Cowabunga Bay Water Park is one of them. Located 20 miles south of Salt Lake City, this water park of America boasts of its unique 1960s theme. With its sandcastles, surfboards, and even a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle water feature, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve traveled to the past. But just because it has a more vintage theme doesn’t mean that it’s not going to be fun for kids. It still has an elaborate water playground with bridges and tunnels that kids can enjoy too. The water park also has more than 300 water toys that you can your kids can play with too.

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4Water World

water world colorado
Water World’s surf simulator (Source)

Water world is one huge water park of America. In fact, it boasts of 70 acres for you to enjoy. And because of that, it is considered one of America’s largest water parks. It’s so big that it features 50 attractions inside, including a spacious wave pool and a circus-inspired lazy river. Kids have their own area too. One of water World’s features for kids is pirate-themed water playground. They, as well as kids at heart, can also get a chance to meet the waterpark’s own walrus mascot. So if you’re planning to visit Colorado, don’t forget to add this to your itinerary too.

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5Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort

waterparks us
Schlitterbahn waterpark’s uphill water coaster (Source)

Located in Texas, Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort actually started in 1979 when its owners, Bob and Billye Henry added a replica of a German guard tower with four waterslides into their riverfront resort. Little did they know that it’s the start of their big break, especially that it is the first of the five indoor and outdoor waterparks. But it didn’t just become buzz-worthy because of the fact that it’s the first of such attraction in New Braunfels, Texas. It also became a hit because of its German-themed attractions like the thrilling Master Blaster uphill its water coaster.

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6Legoland Water Park

legoland water park
Kids at Legoland Water Park playing soft Lego bricks (Source)

Kids and kids at heat will love this water park of America too because, you guessed it, it is themed with the most favorite toy of many young builders – the Lego. It even has a lazy river where you can customize your raft using Lego bricks. But don’t worry, these bricks aren’t as hard as the Lego we’ve gotten familiar with that often makes us cry whenever we accidentally step on them. These Lego bricks are soft. Also, if you were a Cartoon Network kid during your childhood, you will surely love its Lego Legends of Chima section.

7Disney’s Blizzard Beach

disney blizzard beach
Disney’s Blizzard Beach looking like a snow-capped mountain from afar (Source)

Unlike most waterparks that has a tropical theme, this water park of America is much different with its much icier theme. Here, you can see huge displays that resemble a snow-capped mountain. But its unique theme isn’t the only thing that draws flocks of people. Its rides and slides are well-received by many too. One of which is the Summit Plummet waterslide that is 120 feet tall which, by the way, drops its riders at the speed that can reach 55 mph. Don’t worry if you’re not into this kind of exhilarating ride as the Blizzard Beach has a lot of attraction for every age – even for toddlers.

8Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

six flags
A glimpse of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor’s slides (Source)

You may have known Six Flags for its big coasters and other thrilling rides. But it has waterparks scattered all over the US too. And like its theme parks, Six Flags’ waterparks also has thrilling rides for water lovers. As a matter of fact, this water park of America has more than 20 thrilling water rides like the multilane Big Wave Racer and Tornado that has a 60-foot-wide funnel. Don’t worry if you cannot brave such rides as there are some attractions in the park that are made for those who are not in the mood for some extreme activities.

9Raging Waters

raging waters
One of Raging Waters’ extreme slides (Source)

Ranging Waters, like Six Flags and The Great Wolf Lodge, also has several branches. Raging Waters has fewer branches, though. But among all of its branches, the Raging Waters in Los Angeles is the most worth the buzz. Aside from the fact that it is the state’s largest waterpark, it also has a number of attractions that are loved by many locals and tourists. One of which is its FlowRider, a surf simulator, where you can learn how to surf or just feel what it’s like to ride the waves without having to go to the beach. This water park of America also has a thrilling seven-story drop slide.

10Timber Ridge Lodge and Waterpark

timber ridge lodge
A peak inside Timber Ridge Lodge’s relaxing atmosphere (Source)

Compared to other waterparks, Timber Ridge Lodge and Waterpark has a more relaxing atmosphere to offer. While it has a few huge slides, it still leans on the relaxing side and that makes this water park of America also great. But don’t worry, there are still other things to do here as it has a championship golf course and even an arcade. Kids can also enjoy climbing ropes at the resort’s activity pool center. And the best part of it all is that you can get to enjoy it all for free if you spend the night at its own lodge.

11The Boardwalk

the boardwalk
An aerial view of The Boardwalk (Source)

At the Boardwalk, you can enjoy nearly 20 attractions that will keep your heart pumping with excitement. One of its most popular attractions is the Whitecap Racer, the longest mat racing slide, where you can race with your friends and family. Your blood will also rush with the thrill brought by the Coal Cracker hydroflume ride. And the best part of it is that you can get to sample some Hershey’s Kisses as The Boardwalk is a part of the Hersheypark (yes, that chocolate brand).

12Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

disney typhoon lagoon
Typhoon Lagoon’s tube ride (Source)

Like Disney’s Blizzard Beach, this place is not your ordinary tropical-themed park… sort of. This place still has some tropical vibe to it, though. However, it also gives off that storm-damaged tropical paradise vibe. Aside from the feels that it gives off, it has unique attractions as well. One of which is its Mount Mayday wherein rafts and slides travel through and around rock formations, waterfalls, and even caves. It also has an interactive tugboat and a water playground where kids can get to experience a glimpse of whitewater rafting. Enjoy these and more of the unique setting of a storm-damaged tropical paradise on more than 100,000 square feet of land. It’s definitely something that’s not to be missed.

We know you’re excited to visit these waterparks already but before anything else, you’ll need to do a bit of preparing first as a visit to a waterpark is not as easy as it sounds. If you want to get the most out of your trip, check out our tips below.

Water Park of America Tips

Study The Waterpark

Each waterpark has its own sets of rules and guidelines to follow. Failure to adhere to these rules might ruin your time so it is always best to comply. Their rules and guidelines are most likely available on their website so you can easily prepare beforehand. While their rules may vary, there are a few common ones between them as well.

  • Children under a certain height must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • More often than not, clothes with print or any heavy colors are not allowed within the pools.
  • In any case, there should be no running near the pool area as it could get slippery.
  • While in line or in proximity of the attractions, pushing or horseplaying it not allowed for safety purposes.

Create A Plan

Obviously, waterparks are filled to the brim with exciting rides and attractions. Most of these are more popular than the others but one truth to them is that the lines can get very long and you could end up spending most of your time waiting for you turn on a slide or some other ride. As such, having a plan of attack on the rides it very important.

Before you get to the waterpark, do some heavy research first. Ideally, you’d want to know which of the rides are most popular and if there are some rides that run on a schedule. You’ll want to head first to the rides that are most popular so that you’ll be first in line. Keep a schedule of your trip on your mind so you’ll always be organized.

Pack Light

This should be a given now. Keep in mind that you are going to a waterpark and not to a picnic or anything. Packing light will do wonders for you for a few reasons. First is that not all water parks have a locker area to keep your stuff in. If you brought too many stuff, one of the people from you group might have to stay behind to keep a close watch of your belongings. If you have a car, you can at least leave your items there.

Another reason is that you don’t need to bring to many items in the first place. We recommend wearing your swimsuit or trunks under the clothes you are going to wear to swim. That way, you can lessen the stuff that’s inside your bag. As for food, bring just enough if outside food is allowed in the waterpark.

Arrive Early, Leave Early

Unless you are visiting during the winter season, there’s good chance that you’ll be one in a crowd of hundreds. Waterparks tend to get crowded all year round and if you are well aware of how bad traffic can get, then you best leave your house or hotel early so that you can find a parking spot for your car.

Getting there early will, of course, allow you to leave early as well. Trust us when we say that you wouldn’t want to leave the waterpark’s parking lot at the same as everyone. It might take an hour or so just to leave the lot area if you go at the same time as everyone else so leave early!

Buy Waterproof Wallets/Cellphone Cases

Another obvious tip is to buy waterproof cases for your smartphones and money. You wouldn’t want to go back and forth to the locker area or your car just to get money for food or other expenses. If you have a waterproof couch with you, you’ll be able to get the most of your time in the water.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun times you’ll have in the attractions so you may want to bring a waterproof case for your smartphone to take photos with. There are some of these waterproof cases on sale at the waterparks themselves but these might cost a lot more than you imagine so be prepared with extra cash.

Travel With A Group

Waterparks are no fun if its only you or another person that’s on the trip. These parks are intended for family or group trips so it would be ideal to go in a group. Aside from making the experience several times better, a group party at a waterpark will be better as you guys can take turns in taking items to and from the car or locker area.

Have Fun!

This is perhaps the most important rule of all. A waterpark is intended for fun purposes and not enjoying your time there would be quite the waste. While it may not look like it, a waterpark can help you relax and unwind after a week or month’s worth of work so don’t forget to enjoy yourself as you deserve it.


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