With the advancements in our technology, one might think Amish communities are a bit unusual to be in because of how simple they live their lives. But also because of their simplicity, it’s also one of the most fascinating religions and communities in the modern world, which makes it another community to visit for a relaxing stop.

Ohio is one of the places in the US that serves as a home to a number of Amish communities. There are actually five counties in Ohio that is considered Ohio’s Amish country – Holmes, Geauga, Adams, Wayne, and Tuscarawas counties – with working farms, meandering back roads, and rolling landscapes.

Contrary to what some think, these places aren’t plain and simple. While Amish chose to live a simpler life, they can still offer you interesting and relaxing activities that we’re sure you will love after a long busy week. As proof, we listed some of such activities. In case your interest is piqued, take a look at these Amish country Ohio activities.

Amish Country Ohio Activities

1Amish Country Byways

The colors of one of the streets in Amish country during fall (Source)

Because most Amish don’t drive cars, there’s no traffic jam in Amish countries unlike in the city setting we got used to. And because of this, driving along the streets of Amish countries would be one of the nice activities to do. Aside from zero traffic jam, you can also get to enjoy a nice view of the rolling hills. Bear in mind, though, that one night falls in Amish country, there are only a few lights on the streets available for navigation. Hence, we suggest that you do this activity during daylight hours.

Aside from driving along the streets of Amish country, we also recommend that you stop for a while and take a lot of pictures. Amish country is not like the other places in the world where people are always busy, where there are cars everywhere, and there are lots of city lights. It’s a place where you can enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature and witness simpler lives. This, of course, can be a refreshing sight, especially if you’re used to the bustling city setting. It’s not just relaxing but is also Instagram worthy so take as many pictures as you can.

2Yoder’s Bargain Store

A simple small rock marking Yoder’s Bargain Store (Source)

Yes, you read it right, one of the Amish country Ohio activities that you shouldn’t miss is shopping. There’s no boutiques of high-end brands here, though. But the items you can shop at Amish country is as priceless as other gems you can find in boutiques that we’ve gotten used to. One of the shops that you might want to check out is Yoder’s Bargain Store in Fredericksburg. Here, you can find glassware, homeopathic ointment, cookware, wool hats, and purses. You can also purchase work gloves, candy, religious figurines, and trinkets that cots only pennies compared to a traditional store. With so many items to buy, you might even discover items that you didn’t know you needed. However, before you go, make sure that you have some cash with you as they do not take credit cards.

3Raber’s Shoe and Saddlery

A genuine leather saddle made from Amish country (Source)

If you’re looking for some quality leather products like shoes and horse saddles, a trip to an Amish country is what we recommend. In Amish country Ohio, one of the leather shops we can suggest is Raber’s Shoe and Saddlery. This shop boasts of high-quality custom-made leather products. From work boots to saddles, this site is the best place to shop for leather goods. The quality of its leather products is so good that you might even find yourself making a trip back every few years just for new boots.

4Walnut Creek Cheese

Just some of the cheese you can hoard from the Walnut Creek Cheese (Source)

When in Ohio, don’t forget to drop by at Walnut Creek Cheese. Here, you can enjoy delicious homemade baked goods. But aside from ready to eat goods, this place is also a haven for cooks. This is because the shop also sells cooking ingredients that you can buy in bulk. You can stock up on locally made chees and even fresh jams and jellies of more than 75 varieties.

The shop also sells plenty of kitchenware items. There’s plenty of kitchen tools to buy. You may even find something you’ve never seen before. There are also Amish cookbooks with some of the best recipes for comfort food. And the best part of it is that you can buy all of them at a much affordable price compared to the items at grocery stores.

5Cheese Tours

Inside Heini’s Cheese Chalet (Source)

Speaking of cheese, another activity that you shouldn’t miss is joining cheese tours. Some of the top cheese factories that offers such tour is Heini’s Cheese Chalet in Berlin and Guggisberg Cheese in Sugarcreek. Aside from the quality products, these factories also offer quality tours where you can see how they make their local cheese using local products and labor. The best part of it is that their tours always end up with samples of their products. On top of that, you can purchase specialty cheeses that you will not find elsewhere. Stock up on your favorite cheese varieties and buy snack bags at very affordable prices.

6End of the Commons General Store

Buckets of candies inside the End of the Commons General Store

If you have a sweet tooth, a trip to an Amish country Ohio is also ideal. Located in Mesopotamia, one of the best candy shops that we highly recommend is the End of the Commons General Store. Inside, you will find bins of bundled penny candies that still costs only a penny. But this store isn’t just about candies. It also sells some old time toys and trinkets, like bike streamers and x-ray goggles, giving you a dose of nostalgia. It even has a large glass cooler filled with glass bottle soda pop and more than 150 selections such as the Route 66 Cream Soda and Capt’n Eli’s Orange Pop.

In addition to that, this place is could also be your go-to store for hard-to-find baking ingredients, cookie cutters, and other cooking utensils.

The store is filled with antiques and memorabilia decorating its walls and ceilings. Thus, aside from the items up for sale, you can also get to enjoy the ambiance of the place.

7Victorian House Museum

A glimpse inside the Victorian House Museum in winter

When in a new place, it’s always best to get to know its people and the history of the place. And where else can you do that but in a history museum. Located in Holmes County, there is the Victorian House Museum that will give you a peek of what Ohio’s Amish roots is. In this elegant 28 room Victorian home, you will be taken through the history of the area with the furniture, glassware, and period pieces that it features.

In case you’re planning to add this on your Amish country Ohio itinerary, we highly suggest that you schedule your visit on winter months. This is because it’s the time when the museum home is decorated with holiday décor and more than 40 trees. There are also theatrical effects with lights and sound that will take you back to the Victorian era.

8Sweetwater Farm

The plants displayed outside Sweetwater Farm that you can also purchase

The Amish country Ohio is also the best place to be if you have a green thumb or taste for organic produce. Located in Sugarcreek, one of the havens for those looking for greens is the Sweetwater Farm.

Here, you will find a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables raised on the shop’s own farm. The shop specializes in berries that are used in many local jams. It is also a place for locals who love plush hanging baskets, quality mulch, and bedding plants.

9The Depot at Middlefield Historical Society

The Depot at Middlefield Historical Society’s simple exterior (Source)

Another one of the top Amish country Ohio activities to not miss, especially if you have a sweet tooth, is to go to The Depot at Middlefield Historical Society. For starters, The Depot is a place in Amish Country Ohio that features historical memorabilia where you can learn more about the place’s past. Bust aside from that, this place is also not to be missed because of its ice cream parlor that’s complete with the stools and the heaping scoops of various ice cream flavors. Aside from delicious ice cream, this is also a place where you can order some old-fashioned sodas. You’ll surely love taking in some of the place’s local history while enjoying its ice cream and sodas. It’s one of the best places in town to just chill.

10Coblentz Chocolate Company

Making chocolates at the Coblentz Chocolate Company (Source)

Also for the sweet tooth is the Coblentz Chocolate Company. Here, you can purchase a variety of chocolates. From creamfills, truffles, and even caramels, you’ll surely find something to satisfy you sweet tooth here too. On top of that, they also offer tours where you can get to have a glimpse of how they make their chocolates. However, they are not open on Sundays. Hence, we suggest that you plan your schedule well.

11The Farm at Walnut Creek

Fall Festival happening at The Farm at Walnut Creek (Source)

If you want a unique behind-the-scenes look at the farm life in Amish country, you have to visit The Farm at Walnut Creek. Located in Sugarcreek, this working farm lets its visitors like you to take a wagon tour of the land worked by a local Amish family. Here, you can get to see first-hand how the Amish plow the fields and operate the whole farm without depending on the electricity.

On top of that, you can also step inside an Amish home where you can get to see demonstrations on things such as canning and quilting. You can also interact with some animals as there are more than 500 animals on the farm. You can even spot exotic animals like camels, emus, kangaroos, and zebras. On top of that, there are occasional events that you can see, including sleigh rides. Held throughout the year at the farm, you’ll surely want to keep an eye on its calendar to witness all of them.

12Baltic Meats

Baltic Meats’ simple shop (Source)

If you’re a meat lover, the Amish country also has a place for you – the Baltic Meats. Located in Baltic, Ohio, this place is haven for meat lovers as you can buy straight from the farm. All the meats are locally raised and all the meat curing and smoking is done in-house. They also sell locally-made cheese for you to take home along with their fresh meat. All meats are also cut fresh daily so we highly suggest that you bring a cooler, especially if you want to stock up.

13Amish Country Riding Stables

Amish Country Riding Stables’ horse-drawn carriage in winter (Source)

Amish Country is not all about sight-seeing and affordable delicious goods. It also has some more active activities to offer such as horseback riding. If you want to enjoy a more active visit to Amish country, you can take a horseback ride with Amish Country Riding Stables.

Whether or not you’re experience at horseback riding, there’s nothing to worry about as they offer guided horseback trip. This activity typically last about 45 minutes. Thus, you can easily include this to your itinerary along with several other activities in just one day. It’s an activity that’s best to do to enjoy the picturesque views that the area has to offer too.

However, the rides depend on the weather. This is because there are certain weathers where ride fill up quickly. Thus, we recommend to look into reservations early to reserve a spot if you want to try out this activity.

Don’t worry if you’re not into horseback riding. You can just stop by to enjoy the elegant horses on the property. Especially in the winter months, horse-drawn carriage rides are a huge draw in the unspoiled landscape.

There’s still plenty of Amish country Ohio activities that you can do as the state has more hidden gems waiting to be discovered. But for now, these are the activities that we highly recommend, especially if it’s your first time visiting an Amish community. You’ll surely love its laid-back atmosphere. In case you want to spend more time appreciating the Amish country activities and unique landscape, we suggest that you spend the night in hotels around and near the Amish country.

Hotels in Amish Country Ohio

While the Amish community like to keep it simple, you can still find some hotels around when you’re in Amish country. Here, you can relax more. On top of that, spending the night in hotels near the Amish country attractions will help you enjoy the unique untouched landscape that Amish country has. In case you’re looking for a place to spend the night, here are some Amish country Ohio accommodations that we recommend.

The Inn at Honey Run

The Inn at Honey Run’s unique exterior (Source)

When you drive along Ohio’s scenic Byways, you will drive past quaint homes, BnB, and boutique resorts like The Inn at honey Run. If budget is not a problem for you, this place is one of the best spots to spend the night in Ohio. It has a nice romantic setting that you will love, especially if you’re traveling with your partner. It has spacious rooms with big windows where you can enjoy a good view of the surroundings. It also has a room with a rock-lined patio that’s perfect for when you just want to sit back and relax as you enjoy the picturesque views from here.

The best part of it is that it has an open air art museum that will inspire the inner artist in you. In its outdoor setting, your eyes will surely feast on the beautiful pieces of art on display plus the scenic view that you can get to see from here.

And speaking of beautiful settings, this hotel also boasts of its beautiful landscape. It’s so gorgeous that it can pass as one of the top places to tie the knot when in Ohio. With its landscape design and the view surrounding the site, it’s the perfect place to say “I Do.” It’s definitely worth its price.

Berlin Grande Hotel

Berlin Grande Hotel’s exterior already looking grand (Source)

Another option where you can stay the night near the Amish Country attractions is the Berlin Grande Hotel. Located in Berlin, Ohio (as its name suggests), this place is the perfect spot to be in Ohio when you want a nice view of the state’s beautiful Amish country. The best thing about this place is that it lets you indulge in the luxury f an upscale boutique hotel yet it also lets you experience the serenity and simplicity of an earlier era. Like The Inn at Honey Run, Berlin Grande Hotel also has spacious rooms with tasteful interior design that will invite you to relax and unwind with style. The best part of it is that it’s near Heini’s Cheese Chalet so you don’t have to worry about your schedule for the cheese tour, in case you signed up.

Rose of Sharon Retreat

Guests enjoying Rose of Sharon retreat’s quilting room (Source)

If you’re traveling with your friends or family, Rose of Sharon Retreat is also a place that we suggest. This house, built in 1895, has a lot of stories to tell, especially with its interior. This cozy historical house can accommodate up to 16 people in individual twin beds divided across its six bedrooms. However, unlike the first hotels we mentioned, this place does feature a kitchen stocked with nearly everything you need for cooking but you’d have to cook food on your own. But what makes this place unique is that will inspire you to quilt with its quilting room complete with an ironing station to help you get those nice seams. Whether you’re into quilting or not, this place is also one of the accommodations that are worth considering.

Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek

Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek is also one of the hotels that’s worth considering when you’re traveling to Amish country. Here, you can spend the night in its homey rooms, making you feel the warm rural charm and small-town hospitality that it has. And the best part of it is that it offers a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside no matter what season it is. This place is worth considering, especially because of the view that it offers. As a matter of fact, many dub it as the “million-dollar view.” And because of this, you’ll surely get to have a more memorable trip to the Amish country.

For many people who haven’t set foot yet to Amish country, it’s easy to overlook it because of how Amish are known at keeping things simple. And because of that, it’s easy to pass on it because people think there isn’t much to do and see here. But, believe it or not, this place has more to offer than you can imagine.

While it doesn’t offer extreme outdoor activities unlike other popular tourist attractions, this place is a haven for travelers seeking relaxation because of its simple and laid-back setting. So, if you want to run away from the bustling city life even just for a day, this place is definitely worth considering as your next travel destination. Aside from the relaxing atmosphere and the more at ease activities you can enjoy, you can also get to treat your eyes with the beautiful views of its untouched landscapes. On top of that, it has a lot of spots that will make you feel nostalgic too. It’s surely one of the places in Ohio that’s worth the drive if you’re going to ask us.


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