Who isn’t always up for a night of partying and an entire day spent at the beach? You might be one of the countless travelers worldwide that are innately drawn to white sand beaches and pristine waters. If you like getting your daily dose of Vitamin “Sea” then it might be high time to look at some of the places where you can enjoy your time by the shore. But of course, the world is big and full of places to visit so you might be a tad confused as to where your time will be spent best at. If that is one of your problems, then you should be excited as we’re narrowing down that list. This time, we are going to talk about the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Formerly known as Porto Rico, Puerto Rico is an archipelago located on the northeast Caribbean Sea and it 1,600 km southeast of Miami, Florida. It is also an unincorporated territory of the United States. The archipelago comprises of the large main island and several smaller islands including Mona, Culebra and Vieques. Its most populated city is the capital of San Juan. It is mostly known for its culture and natural beauty, making it a top tourist destination.

Puerto Rico History

Not a lot is known about the early inhabitants of the island. The first comprehensive guide that detailed the early beginnings of it was written in 1786. It was made roughly 300 years after the first colonizers set foot on the island. One of the first explorers to reach the island was none other than Christopher Columbus who arrived in 1493. Upon his visit, the island was occupied by the Taino people. For several centuries, the island was put under the Spanish colonial rule.

In the early 20th century, the U.S. and Puerto Rico began a metropolis-colony relationship. As part of the agreement, the island was ruled by the military and its officials were all appointed by the U.S. However, the Foraker Act of 1900 let in civilian elected officials including personnel for the House of Representatives.

The Jones-Shafroth Act passed in 1917 by the U.S. Congress granted Puerto Ricans U.S. citizenship. However, only those who were born after April 25, 1898 where given the title. The citizens of the island including the Puerto Rican House of Delegates were against it. Many claimed that it was just an excuse for the U.S. army to legally draft Puerto Rican men for the first World War. The island was only fully able to elect its own governor in 1947. Its first was Luis Munoz Marin, placed in the position in 1948.

As the years went by, the relationship between the U.S. and Puerto Rico had its ups and downs but ultimately, the two were able to find a line they could both agree on. Now, Puerto Rico has been developed into a tourism hotspot for U.S. citizens as well as others around the world. Its location in the Caribbean Sea has blessed it with numerous beaches and amazing shores, thus making it a must-visit for those itching to fix their clamoring for Vitamin Sea.

How To Get To Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the unofficial international airport hub of the Caribbean. What’s great is that it offers flights from most of the major cities in the United States and others around the world. The two main airports that you want to land in are the San Juan International Airport on the municipality of Carolina. The other is Rafael Hernandez Airport on the municipality of Aguadilla. These airports are located on the northeast and west parts of Puerto Rico respectively.

You may want to head to the city of San Juan since it is the most developed part of the island but once you are in Puerto Rico, make sure to explore the entire island to get your money’s worth. There are car rental services available so you can drive to these places at your leisure. Also take note that if you are a U.S. citizen, you don’t need a passport to get to Puerto Rico.

Budget For Puerto Rico

If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, you must have a huge budget ready. The daily average for traveling here is $164. Food, drinks, transportation, and other tickets will cost you around $60. However, what’s going to hurt your wallets are the accommodation prices. Most of the hotels in the area area priced at $100 a day. Budget rooms are around the $80 mark but there are also cheaper rooms on the island.

We suggest booking your hotels several weeks ahead of the trip so you can get a huge discount. You might also want to find rooms that have free meals  so you’ll have one less thing to worry about. You don’t need to bring much for souvenirs. Just add an extra $100 to your budget and you’re good to go.

Best Time To Visit Puerto Rico

If you are wondering when the best time is to visit Puerto Rico, be sure to keep the weather in mind. Since this is a huge tourist destination, there are always many people around. Besides, it would be better to enjoy the wild beach parties with others while you enjoy the trip.

The best time to visit is during the Spring from April to June. The weather is sunny and breezy so it’s not too hot to bask around in the sun. The rates of the hotels have definitely gone down after this time as the winter peak just ended. June is also the hottest month of the island so if you want to go sunbathing, then this it the perfect time for you. Moreover, you can participate in SoFo Culinary Week at San Juan. This week-long event turns the island into an outdoor street fair where you could get delicious and cheap grub.

With these thing considered, let’s now take a look at some of the beaches that you can enjoy in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Beaches

Pina Colada? Bacardi? What else makes you want to visit Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is one of the places that has a lot to offer too. Its beaches are one of the spots in Puerto Rico that are worth the buzz. If you haven’t seen any of it yet, here are some Puerto Rico beaches that are perfect for people of all ages and for any type of traveler that we can recommend.

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For Young Adventure Seekers

There are a lot of Puerto Rico beaches for those who are looking for water activities and other things to do aside from beach bumming. Whether you are looking for Puerto Rico beaches to hang out or if you want some water activities to do, here are some beaches that we recommend.

1Playa Crash Boat

puerto rico
Sunset at Playa Crash Boat (Source)

Located in Puerto Rico’s west coast, Playa Crash Boat is one of the Puerto Rico beaches that is good for those who love water activities such as diving and snorkeling. This is also a nice place to see breathtaking sunset views. If you get tired from doing the activities, you can fill your tummies with the local street food being sold by vendors on the beach.

However, note that there are some areas here that are not suitable for swimming, especially for kids. Still, it’s a must-visit.

2Isla Verde

puerto rico beaches
A high-end restaurant in Isla Verde (Source)

Isla Verde also has countless activities to offer. For that reason, lots of people go here. In fact, it is known as one of the busiest and most popular beaches in San Juan. It is close to high-end hotels and resorts as well as restaurants. But it isn’t just for those who are craving for water adventure. Isla Verde is also a place for those who want to go out and party as it is just a stone throw away from numerous trendy bars, casinos, nightclubs, and lounges.

3Condado Beach

puerto rico beaches
The view of Condado Beach from a hotel (Source)

Condado Beach is also one of the crowded Puerto Rico beaches as it attracts a diverse crowd. Hence, expect to see couples on their honeymoon, groups of friends, families with children, and even celebrities. It offers a wide variety of water activities and what’s even better is that you don’t even have to go to the bar as there are waiters available to serve you on the beach. But like Playa Crashboat, travelers should also be more cautious when swimming in Condado Beach as its waters are not suitable for inexperienced swimmers because of strong currents.

4Gilligan Island, Gúanica

puerto rico beaches
The look at the shallow waters of Gilligan Island (Source)

Other Puerto Rico beaches have snorkeling activities to offer too. But snorkeling in Guilligan Island, Gúanica is much different and much more enjoyable. This is because apart from the schools of tropical fish and live healthy corals, Guilligan Island, Gúanica also boasts of its crystal clear waters. The best part of it is that the snorkeling activity is also safe for kids due to the fact that its waters are shallow.

5Escambrón Beach

puerto rico beaches
Surfing at Escambron (Source)

Escambrón Beach is one of the best Puerto Rico beaches that has crystal clear waters to boast of. Here, you can enjoy doing numerous watersport activities. In addition to that, you can also dine in buzz-worthy restaurants and spend the night in the hotels that surround it. There is a nearby recreational park too where kids can play and enjoy their vacation all the more.

For Families with Kids

Speaking of kids, of course, there are also Puerto Rico beaches that are family-friendly. Some may not have a lot of water activities to offer still, they sure are worth the visit too. Here are some Puerto Rico beaches that we recommend for families with kids.

6Luquillo Beach

puerto rico beaches
Flyboarding at Luquillo Beach (Source)

Known for its crescent shape, Luquillo Beach is probably the most family-friendly Puerto Rico beach because of its shallow and warm waters which are especially great for families with children. Plus, you will also find lifeguards in the area. If you’re not up for some swimming, you can go fly-boarding, rent a kayak, or just fill your eyes with the best view of its blue waters. There is also El Yunque National Rainforest, located just behind the Luquillo Beach, waiting for you if you want to get all the more closer to nature.

7Flamenco Beach

puerto rico beaches
Snorkeling at Flamenco Beach (Source)

Flamenco Beach is also a family-friendly beach in Puerto Rico. The water is also crystal clear and there are lifeguards on-site. Snorkeling is also allowed in Flamenco Beach. Families can set up a camp as well. The best part of it is that it is spacious so you and your family can easily find a spot. And compared to other Puerto Rico beaches, Flamenco beach offers a more laid-back atmosphere. What’s even better is that the beach is dotted with palm trees and is surrounded by green mountains too.

For Adults and Young Adults Who Want to Go Soul-Searching

If you don’t like to party and if you just want to relax and have a peaceful place enough to help you reset your mind and body with the tranquility of its atmosphere, here are some Puerto Rico beaches that we can recommend.

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8Sucia Beach

puerto rico beaches
A closer look at the clean Sucia Beach (Source)

Sucia Beach is also known as Playa Sucia- which means “Dirty Beach.” But don’t judge this beach just yet merely because of its name. Sucia Beach’s name may not sound so inviting but don’t be fooled by it as, apparently, Sucia Beach is the opposite of its name. It waters are clear and it also has nice sand to boast of. In fact, Trip Advisor ranked it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

It’s so beautiful that a lot of people frequent this area. But don’t fret much. If you want a relaxing place, just visit Sucia Beach during weekends to avoid tourists and to enjoy a much peaceful atmosphere.

9Ocean Park Beach

puerto rico beaches
An empty Ocean Park Beach (Source)

Nope, this isn’t the Ocean Park in Hongkong nor in the Philippines. Rather this is one of Puerto Rico beaches that are worth the visit if you are looking for a more tranquil place.

Ocean Park Beach offers a more laid-back atmosphere. And the best part of it is that it’s a beach that you can easily find in a busy capital. If you get a bit bored, don’t worry, you can play beach volleyball, paddle tennis, or even go kite surfing. While there are a few activities available in the area, you’ll still be able to relax here.

10Boqueron Beach

puerto rico beaches
Sunset at Boqueron Beach (Source)

Boqueron Bech is also a must-visit if you’re looking for less crowded Puerto Rico beaches. But make sure to visit on weekdays to avoid crowds because, on weekends, the Boqueron Beach holds live music performances and festivals. There are basketball courts, gazebos, and playgrounds for you to enjoy if you have your friends and family with you.

11Tortuga Beach

puerto rico beaches
An aerial view of Tortuga Beach (Source)

Probably the most private and quietest Puerto Rico beach that we can recommend is the Tortuga Beach. This is because you can only get to it via water taxi or boat so no one here will really distract you – no festivals, no huge parties, no concerts, and there’s even not much facilities. It’s definitely the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and even other popular Puerto Rico beaches.

12Jobos Beach

puerto rico beaches
An aerial view of Jobos Beach (Source)

Jobos Beach is also one of the quietest Puerto Rico beaches. Like Tortuga Beach, Jobos is less crowded too. There are no hotels available in the area and not even fancy restaurants. But there are several surfers as Jobos Beach offers the perfect waves for surfing. However, there are reports that Jobos Beach will soon be closed to the public temporarily as there are plans to transform this beaut into a huge tourist complex. Whether the tittle-tattle is true or not, we suggest that you pack your bags now so you can still savor the tranquil atmosphere of this beach and enjoy the simplicity of this island while it lasts.

13Playa Pastillo

puerto rico beaches
Olaya Pastillo dotted with palm trees (Source)

Playa Pastillo is also a simple beach. There are no fancy facilities and is surrounded by lush green vegetations. But what makes it different from other Puerto Rico beaches is that it has cliffs and small caves, that once sheltered natives for hundreds of years, for you to explore.

These are just a few beaches in Puerto Rico. There’s still a lot of Puerto Rico beaches waiting to be discovered and we’re sure that you will find the perfect one for you.

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