Denver, Colorado is one of the cities in the world that everyone has to visit. It has a lot of sights to see that will leave you in awe and it has a lot of good food that will always leave your palate and tummy satisfied. On top of that, there are a lot of things to do in Denver City that will give you the best travel memories. Thus, if you’re planning for your next trip, don’t forget to add Denver, Colorado in your itinerary.

The Best Things to Do in Denver City, Colorado

Denver City, Colorado can offer so many activities. In fact, they have various tours and attractions that could cater to everyone. If you’re wondering of what are the best things to do in Denver City, here’s a list of things that you shouldn’t miss

1Go Rock Climbing

denver activity
Tourists getting ready for their climb (Source)

For those who want to see more breath-taking views, experience more adventure and adrenaline, Denver City, Colorado has some activities for you to try – and that is rock climbing. It’s not for the faint of heart, though. This is because this is an actual outdoor activity. And, yes, you’re going to experience the real thrill of top rope rock climbing.

For starters, you’ll need to book for the activity on several agencies available in the city of Denver. Then, you’ll be taken to the location that’s just a few minutes away from the city for the tour. Don’t worry much, though, as you’ll always be assisted by experts. They too will show you the basics of climbing, as well as safety. The tour might be scary and tiring at the same time. Even so, once you’ll reach the top, you’ll be rewarded by the most spectacular view of the city.

2Raft in Rough Water

denver rafting
A family enjoying white water rafting (Source)

Another one of the extreme activities that you might want to add on your list of what to do in Denver City is water rafting. Like the rock climbing, the water rafting tour that Denver City has to offer is only for those who have a brave heart. In the white water rafting, you will raft through a canyon near Denver. As you raft, you will get a good view of the beautiful canyon and its occasional wildlife. The travel agencies in Denver, where you’ll book for a tour, will handle all of the logistics needed. They will also provide you with gears so safety is not a problem. What’s left for you to do is to enjoy the ride. They also have other trips – from family trips to even for those who are already experienced.

3Ski and Snowboard in the Mountains

skiing denver
A woman skiing in one of Colorado’s snow-covered mountains (Source)

It would not be considered a trip to Denver if skiing and snowboarding is not part of the activities. Skiing and snowboarding are available year-round, however, a lot of the area’s ski resorts tend to close shop between May to mid-June as, during this period, the temperatures begin to rise. The rest of the year, the mountains are a hotspot during the weekend and the resorts serve as a perfect getaway for the extreme.

There are a ton of ski resorts in the Rocky Mountains and there are a lot of great ones to choose from as well. One of the best resorts to visit is the Denver City-owned Winter Park Resort located at the base of the Continental Divide and at the east end of the Fraser Valley. The resort offers easy access to the Denver International Airport which is reachable in just two hours. During the trip, travelers will get to see breathtaking sceneries around the mountain.

The Winter Park Resort boasts 350 inches of annual snowfall so there is a lot of cushion for travelers. There are the occasional blizzards that force the management to close shop but 70 percent of the season is sunny so the resort is almost always open year round.

The resort is one of the largest in the areas as it boasts three interconnected mountains that contain over 134 designated trails that spans a whopping 2,886 acres. These areas easily accessible thanks to a network of 20 chairlifts as well. What is great about the park is that it has designated areas for people of all ability levels so novices and veterans can enjoy themselves fully.

4Skydive with a Twist

skydiving denver
A 73-year-old paraplegic trying out Denver’s indoor skydiving activity (Source)

Yes, Dubai isn’t the only place that you’ll want to visit if you want to try out skydiving as you can also do it in Denver, Colorado. But Denver offers a bit of a twist in skydiving. Instead of getting on a plane, you can experience all of the free-falling, soaring, and plummeting sensations of skydiving indoors when you go to one of Denver, Colorado’s top attractions, the iFly.

This indoor experience will put you in a vertical wind tunnel. Here, you’ll be able to feel the unforgettable adrenaline rush as you float weightlessly in space. Not to mention, the surrounding is totally safer than the traditional skydiving experience. You can experience this kind of adrenaline-filled activity for only less than $100. They will provide you with a complete set of gear – a helmet, a flight suit, and an adjustable protective goggles. Also, you won’t have to worry if it’s your first time trying this kind of activity. That’s because an instructor will accompany you inside to give you instructions and tips. In that way, you can fully enjoy every second. Here, you can spin through the air, hover above the ground, and feel the adrenaline rush. This is definitely one of the must-try Denver City activities.

5Scream and Try Extreme Rides

denver amusement park
A peek at one of the thrilling rides waiting for you in Denver, Colorado (Source)

If you don’t want too many physical activities but still want some thrill and adrenaline, Denver City has attractions for you too. Denver has theme parks with extreme rides that will make you scream at the top of your lungs. It has coasters that suspend riders and blast them through loops, spins, dives, and rollovers at speeds more than 50 mph. You can also get to enjoy a looping thrill ride that will send you shuttling back and forth. Some theme parks in Denver, City also has pendulum rides that will swing you from side to side like a pendulum does as it spins you around at the same time. These and so much more rides will definitely fill you with excitement and adrenaline rush.

6Have a Splash in Water Parks

denver water park
A bird’s eye view of one of Denver’s water parks (Source)

Swimming is fun but trying out water rides is even more exciting. And you can also experience it in Denver, City. From slides with different heights and loops, you’ll definitely have a good day in Denver’s water parks. What’s even better is that while it offers thrilling rides, it also has attractions that even kids will enjoy. They have lazy rivers, wave pools, and various water slides like the water coaster and other speed slides. One of Denver City, Colorado’s water parks even have a unique attraction where you’ll ride a board-type vehicle on a track that resembles a roller coaster’s that will send you down at a speed of 30 mph before landing in a pool.

7Explore the Botanic Gardens

A peek inside Denver, Colorado’s botanic garden (Source)

If you love nature, you should give Denver, Colorado’s botanic gardens a chance. Here, you can get to explore the amazing plant life that different countries have to offer. You’ll see exotic plants plus you can get to learn more about different countries’ garden styles. Here, you can also get to see beautiful butterflies in person as you stroll inside a beautiful indoor garden. During Spring season, you can enjoy amazing exhibits where you can even gain a deeper appreciation for our nature through various artworks. What’s even better is that there are events that will allow you to enjoy it all for free.

8Learn More About Nature and Science

denver museum
A mammoth skeleton displayed at Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Source)

One of the most popular Denver City attractions is the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This is because it’s not just an attraction that will fill your eyes with good sights to see. Rather, this attraction will fill you with knowledge as well and this is, of course, one of the best attractions for families too. Established in 1900, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science offers a lot of exhibitions, activities, and programs that will help visitors to learn more not just about the earth and the universe but also about Colorado’s natural history with its collections.

9Watch a Game of Baseball

An aerial view of the Coors Field (Source)

America’s national pastime is and will always be baseball. Held from April to November is the Major League Baseball season and for those in Denver during these months, it will be an opportunity to watch the Colorado Rockies in action at the famed Coors Field. The team had a solid 91-72 last season and there is no telling how well it will perform the next time around but fans are having high hopes.

Watching a game of the Rockies is just the gist of the fun list of the best things to do in Denver City, Colorado as people will also get to visit the 76-acre Coors Field between the 20th and Blake Streets. It would be extra nice to get seats right at the first-base and right-field areas as these have the best views for the game. Travelers will need to book fast, though, as the Coors Field is always in full capacity.

10Go on a Picnic

Denver City Park’s golf course (Source)

One of the most relaxing things that you can do in Denver City, Colorado is to go on a picnic. Yes, other cities can also offer you nice sites for picnics too but nothing is more fun in going on a picnic in the parks that Denver has to offer.

Here, you can get to enjoy the breath-taking views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range plus the Downtown Denver. Denver City’s City Park, for instance, also has a castle playground made of wood that’s great for kids. Additionally, it features two beautiful lakes. Besides that, you and your family can also enjoy a basketball court, a softball field, and even tennis and handball courts. During summer, kids can also enjoy its interactive water fountain to cool off.

11Start an Underwater Adventure in an Oceanarium

denver aquarium
Kids enjoying a mermaid show in Denver’s Downtown Aquarium (Source)

Another family-friendly Denver City attraction is the Downtown Aquarium. Here, you and your family can explore the wonders of the sea. You can get to know more about marine life – their habitats, what other sea creatures look like, and so much more. You can even get to see whales and sharks up close.

Formerly known as Colorado’s Ocean Journey, this 107,000 sq. ft. site also lets you see artworks that replicate shipwrecks to simulate a view of where shipwrecks occur. Besides that, both children and young at hearts can enjoy movies in its 4-D theater that’s complete with cup holder armrests, headrests, and other special effects that will definitely immerse you in the movie.

12Visit and Get Around Using The Union Station

denver union station
Denver Union Station at night (Source)

You might probably question us for including a mass public transit on the list of what to do in Denver City but hear us out first. The Union Station is known for two things; it is a working mass public transit that allows people to get from a lot of key points in Denver and it is also home to a lot of shops and restaurants to dine in. But aside from that. what some people don’t know is that Denver’s Union Station is also filled with history. It was first opened to the public in 1881 and was usable until the building caught fire in 1894. The area was refurbished in 1917 and a lot of the original structure stands strong until today.

In the Union Station, people can get use an array of public transportation vehicles including the Amtrak Station, RTD Free Metroride, RTD Free Mallride, and the RTD Light Rail. So long as the destination is on the map, it is guaranteed that people can hitch a ride from the Union Station to it.

What makes the Union Station really worth visiting is its robust surrounding that is filled with multiple dining options and boutiques for shopping. Some of the top restaurants in the area include Sushi Den, Ambi @ Holly, Tables, and Root Down. Of course, travelers can also try out the Mile High City’s signature green chili in some of the restaurants.

13Visit the Denver Art Museum

denver art museum
A look at Denver Art Museum’s beautiful exterior (Source)

Visiting the Denver Art Museum is also one of the best things to do in Denver City, Colorado that we can recommend for tourists. It houses more than 70,000 works made by famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh as well as Winslow Homer. But the Denver Art Museum isn’t just your ordinary museum.

For starters, this museum holds a range of artworks – from pre-Columbian artifacts to even contemporary displays of paintings and sculptures. It also houses works on paper that are related to western American art. With so many pieces of artworks that it holds, even kids will love it here as it also has interactive activities. For instance, the Denver Art Museum allows visitors to meet artists and get to watch their demonstrations. The museum also organizes programs to help schools and teachers and other educators find their own inspiration in creativity and art. What’s even better is that they provide tours that you can customize based on your needs and learning styles.

But what’s inside the Denver Art Museum isn’t the only thing to be raved about but its overall structure and exteriors too. The Denver Art Museum has a unique yet aesthetically pleasing architectural structure. Because of this, it received a Presidential Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel Awards in 2007. While it has received varied reviews, the Denver Art Museum still offers a nice new environment for people to see the artworks in it.

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14Go Fishing and Boating

denver kayaking
A kid enjoying kayaking at Sloan’s Lake (Source)

Another Denver City activity that’s great for all ages is fishing and boating and you can do it both at Sloan’s Lake. Known as the Denver City’s second largest park, this 177-acre site offers a nice spot for fishing and boating with family. For those who want to fish, expect that catfishes and carps are the main two catches that can be found here. You can also catch some trouts, bluegills, pikes, and minnows. For those who want to try boating, there are non-motorized boats in the area that are up for rent. But if you have your own vessel, you can bring it but note that you’ll need to pay for a permit.

15Go to the Red Rocks Park

red rocks park
A look at Red Rock Park’s canyon (Source)

If you’re looking for good sights to see, the Red Rocks Park is one of the places that you need to include in your travel itinerary. The park has unique red sandstone outcrops that you won’t see anywhere else. These rock formations are naturally formed. In fact, the red sandstones are geologically identified as belonging to the Fountain Formation. These rocks were formed when the Ancestral Rocky Mountains eroded in the time of the Pennsylvanian epoch which is around 290-296 million years ago.

But this place doesn’t just fill your eyes but it can also fill you with experience too. Here, you can exercise; as a matter of fact, this is a popular place for runners, as well as for those who are on the lookout for a more challenging workout at 6,400 feet. In addition to that, you can hike and bike at the Red Rocks Park.

16Attend a Concert at the Red Rocks Park

red rocks concert
A concert happening at the Red Rocks Amphiteather (Source)

Like in other places, of course, you can also watch a concert in Denver, Colorado but we’re talking about a different kind of concert. Because in Denver, Colorado, you can be close to nature while watching a concert. Yes, it’s possible. Some Denver City attractions are very unique just like the Red Rocks Amphitheatre which allows you to enjoy both nature and good music.

Located just beside the Red Rocks Park, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a rock structure that sits 6,450 feet where concerts are held in an open-air amphitheater. Behind the stage, there is a big tilted rock that’s shaped like a disc. Meanwhile, on the right side of the stage, a huge vertical rock is angled and you’ll see several big outcrops angled towards the stage’s left side. In addition that, it has a seating area that can fit more than 9,500 people. It is such a unique place to enjoy nature and good music at the same time.

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17Drive a Luxury Racing Car

denver luxury car tour
Some of the luxury cars that you can rent (Source)

Going on a road trip and exploring the roads of Denver, Colorado is also one of the Denver City activities you need to try. Yes, driving down the canyon roads of Denver, Colorado is fun. But exploring Denver’s best driving roads riding a luxury race car is even better and you can do it with Multi-car 65 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive. If you have extra money to spend, this activity is a must-try. Your eyes won’t just be filled with scenic views that Denver, Colorado has to offer. Rather, you’ll also feel like you’re the Saudi Prince for a day as you drive Multi-car 65 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive’s luxury cars. For a few hundred bucks, you can tour Denver’s canyon roads. You’ll also have instructors who will teach you the basics as well as the safety precautions that you need to know. They will also give you a short introductory session on how you can stay comfortable during your ride. You don’t have to worry much as each tour will also be led by a professional driving instructor. He will keep in touch with you via two-way radio throughout the experience. You won’t be able to use the car for the whole day, though, as the tour only lasts for 3 hours. Still, it’s one of the Denver City activities that are worthy of your money.

18Get to Know the Place Even Better Through its History Center

history colorado center
A peek inside History Colorado Center (Source)

Denver City, Colorado may have nice museums where you can appreciate art, nature, and learn more about the things around us. But Denver’s History Colorado Center is one of a kind. This is because, here, as the name suggests, you can get to know more about the said City as well as the whole state’s past. In the History Colorado Center, you’ll see various interactive exhibitions. It also has programs for both kids and adults that will let you know more about the state’s rich history. In addition to that, you’ll witness several special events and cultural performances that will entertain and educate you at the same time. It also houses a wide collection of manuscripts, books, documents, and other artifacts that will help you get to know Colorado all the more.

19Dine in its Top Restaurants

denver restaurant
One of Denver’s best-themed restaurants (Source)

While Denver City has a lot of good spots to offer that will thrill you with extreme activities, relax you with nice family-friendly sites, and surprise you with breath-taking views, of course, Denver City isn’t just about those. In this metropolis, you can also get to enjoy good food. This is because Denver can also talk big about its restaurants.

May it be 5-star restaurants or not, Denver has the best food outlets that will not disappoint you. If you’re on a budget, Denver, City has some of the most affordable restaurants where you can even get more than what you paid for. But if you have some extra cash to spend, it’s top fine dining restaurants will definitely make you feel like a VIP if you try them. Additionally, it has unique restaurants that have one-of-a-kind interiors and dishes with a twist as well.

20Go Shopping

Destination Denver: Shop & Play at Downtown’s 16th Street Mall
Denver City’s 16th Street Mall at night (Source)

Of course, after exploring the city of Denver, what better way to remember your trip than buying souvenirs from its shops. Denver City has a lot of shopping centers that are filled with souvenir items.

Shopping at its malls are also very relaxing. This is because the City of Denver also has shopping centers that have unique features like bowling alleys, skating rinks, and even fireplaces! Of course, it also has restaurants and movie theaters that will allow you and your family to bond even more. What’s even better is that its malls have great architectural designs and landscapes that are also good for picture taking – another great way to create more memories.

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These are just a gist of what Denver City has to offer, though. If you want to know more about the other things that you can do in Denver City, Colorado, tell us in the comments below and we’ll be glad to share more of our travel experiences with you.


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