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Spring Break is the period of the year when the flora gets a rebirth and when snowbound cities of the north began to have the birds back.

The Spring Break usually perceived with the swarms of students from different colleges descending towards the beaches of Southern U.S, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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This festival also conceived as a celebration with wet T-shirt contests, limitless drinking, debauchery and lots of sunshine to get a proper tan skin.

History of Spring Break:

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The Greeks & Romans Era:

The Greeks & Romans EraImage Source

The history of the spring break falls back to the age of the Greeks and Romans.

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The arrival of the spring season considered to be a season of fertility and being celebrated with devotion to the Dionysus or Bacchus Gods of Wine in Greek and Roman respectively.

Swimmers Forum at Casino Pool:

However, the most contiguous responsible for the occurrence of this event was a swimming coach at Colgate University, Sam Ingram.

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In 1928, he brought his team to Fort Lauderdale, at the Casino Pool so that they can train in the First Olympic size pool in Florida. By that time Fort Lauderdale considered to be a mammoth, where the nation’s top swimmers come during their break from the classes. Later the city ascertains a marketing tact in hosting a swim Forum at Florida’s Casino Pool in 1938.

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This tradition continues with its full glory into 1960’s. In 1960, spring break themed film ‘Where the Boys are’ released, casting George Hamilton. This movie was all about college students voyaging towards the beaches of Florida to have fun, to find the sun and even their real love.

The above mentioned two events were the most significant events in the history of Spring Break.

The era of 1970 and Debauchery at Spring Break:

However, the things change the way they use to be in 1970, as the spring break become raunchier by that time. Moreover, with gratuitous Balcony Diving which is a negotiation of one’s way from the balcony to the other floors or rooms, a practice performed in a drunken stupor and is highly dangerous, it changes the way things used to be earlier.

By the time in 1985, more than 370,000 students descended toward Lauderdale on an annual basis this led to the formation of another film, Spring Break casting Tom Cruise and Shelly Long.

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Due to this raunchy behavior of the visitors in the spring break in the in 1980’s Ford Lauderdale city began a crackdown against the out of control spring break activities. However, this only pushed the students to the places in the far south with lower drinking ages and hotter sun like Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach.

In the meantime, when the childish concupiscent behavior noticed and MTV launched its first ever Spring Break Special from Daytona Beach. Spring break with all its spontaneity and fun is now becoming a fete which comes with the risks too.

The American Medical Association warns about the dangers of limitless drinking and also the risky sexual behavior and also points’ fingers at young women for documenting casual and indiscriminate sexual relations.

Spring Break 1984Image Source

Many universities now tend to distribute ‘safe break bags’ which includes condoms, sexual-assault manual, and sunscreens. With all this enthusiasm and somewhat controversial stuff, there comes a name of Joe Francis, who is the man behind Girl Gone Wild video series.

Francis got into jail for filming topless co-eds which also made him a fortune. However, the activities of spring break continue in Florida with the addition of some new destinations of Key West, Miami’s South Beach and Orlando.

Spring Break Dates for 2017:

Spring Break 2017Image Source - Copyright ExposurePhotos.com

The key question now is that how long is spring break in Florida? The dates for the spring break 2017 in most of the US and Canadian colleges occur this year from 18th February to the 15th of April.

Early the spring breaks only last for two weeks, but now it usually lasts for more than six weeks. The peak weeks of Spring Break in Florida 2017 will be 11th to 18th March and from 18th to 25th March. So if your break is at the peak time, then you have to start making reservations now.

Although if you do not know where is spring break 2017? The list of the colleges with the dates of spring break is listed here. You just have to find your college and dates of your spring break. Usually, the spring break starts in the first week of the March, and it lasts for the third week of the April. However, a fixed date is not there, as there are various schools with entirely different schedules for the spring break.

Spring Break Dates February 2017

Spring Break Dates March 2017

Spring Break Dates April 2017

Top Spring Break Destinations in Florida:

Florida debated to be the haven for the spring breakers. There are many spots in Florida, where the young co-eds relish their spring break in its full spirit. If you are confused about where the spring break in Florida? Let’s just look at the Top Spring Break Destinations in Florida for the spring break.

1. Smathers Beach, Key West, Florida:

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2. South Beach, Miami, Florida:

Spring Break South Beach, Miami, FloridaImage Source

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3. Daytona Beach, Florida:

Spring Break Daytona Beach Florida 2017Spring Break Daytona Beach Florida 2017 (Image Source)

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4. Panama City Beach:

Spring Break Panama City BeachImage Source

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5. Fort Myers Beach Florida:

Spring Break Fort Myers Beach Florida 2017Spring Break Fort Myers Beach Florida 2017 (Image Source)

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Spring Break Travel Arrangements:

Not much time left at the start of the spring and along with that the spring break 2017, so the arrangements for traveling should be made before it gets too late. However, before heading towards your destination, the following things should be kept in mind before making your Spring Break Reservations.

1. Trustworthy Travel Agency:

Spring break is an event where the youngsters came to relax and release all their tensions. So to avert any inconvenience regarding travel, one must search for the reliable traveling company in detail before choosing the one. Also, reads the comments of the travelers along with a complaint history to know the drawbacks as well.

2. Always go for Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance refers to some uncertainties related to travel i.e., cancellation of the trip or any medical emergency. However, there is a list of licensed traveling insurance companies, with The U.S Travel Insurance Association. One thing more to keep in mind is to read the insurance paper cautiously to know what features it covers and which it do not.

3. Use Credit Card:

The use of credit card usually provides you with some extra protection during your travel reservation.

4. Beware of the Travel Scams:

Unauthorized or unsolicited letters, postcards, brochures, emails, and spam websites offering low discounted and almost unbelievable prices could leave you without money and vacation. Watch out the scams telling that ‘you have won a trip’ cause a legitimate agency will never ask for any processing fee or any other upfront charges.

5. Verify Reservations:

Do not just rely on the traveling company for all the Spring Break Travel Arrangements. You have to check for the Spring Break Reservations for yourself to avert any of time trouble.

6. Have an app for a Map:

Usually, where everything fails, technology comes to help. Install a map on the Smartphone in the form of an app to find a nearby medical help in case of some emergency. Also in your leisure time, you can travel to different tourist spots.

Famous Traveling Agencies:

StudentCity Spring Break Party Package:

Many travel companies/agencies can arrange a safe, comfortable and long route trip for you at affordable prices. However, the most esteemed of them all is the StudentCity. It offers different kinds of travel arrangements to the places around the world.

Moreover, especially for spring break, they offer a unique party package which could be tailored to your demand. The party package of student city is available in detail at the official website of studentcity.com.

On that site, you can search for different party packages and also avail one of your choices. The party package of Student City for spring break includes following:

Accommodation arrangements:

StudentCity Spring Break Party Package contains luxury accommodations at their hotels across Florida.

Optional Transportation through Bus:

However, if you want to avoid traveling by air, they can arrange a road trip for you. Moreover, if you are going in a group for spring break student city offers you deluxe bus transportation to your destination.

24/7 Services:

The staff of the StudentCity is at your service 24/7 so that you can enjoy your stay and also your vacations with free mind and loads of fun.

Party Packages:

With StudentCity Spring Break Party package, you have the passes for the best clubs and events from happening in Florida during your spring break.

Complimentary offers:

With your package at StudentCity, you can enjoy free complimentary drinks and welcome dinners.

Inception at Sea:

StudentCity provides you with two of its festivals, on the occasion of spring break, known as Inception at Sea and Inception Musical Festival. After spring break Florida 2016 StudentCity is ready to repeat it once again.

Both of them are organized at Cancun and that too on the cruise. The dates for Inception at Sea are from 13 to 17th of March. Moreover, this package includes different kind of buffets and cuisines throughout the cruise. This trip is now extended to four days nonstop partying and music, both on the board and on the two ports in the Bahamas and Nassau.

Moreover, with your travel arrangements with StudentCity, you a have a very much budget-friendly package, have access to the famous events and places and one important thing that here the party never stops. So what are you waiting for, Florida Spring Break Resorts are there for you to enjoy your Spring Break 2017.


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