Ohio is one of the places to be in in the U.S. but there are a ton of things to do in The Buckeye State. As travelers ourselves, we have every reason to understand one of the woes you could face and that is picking a hotel to stay at. As we’ve said, there is a lot to do in Ohio so you will need to find a great place to rest and relax. In all of the popular and fan-favorite hotels in Ohio, we found that Landoll’s Mohican Castle is the perfect place for all sorts of getaways. Steeped in history and controversy, this hotel in Loudonville, Ohio is easily one of the best accommodations not only in the state but also in the rest of the U.S.

Landoll’s Mohican Castle was built in 2002 by a husband and wife tandem, Marta and Jim. The duo sold their printing company to build this castle at the heart of Loudonville and it was built on only $6 million. Despite the fairly small budget, Landoll’s Mohican Castle was made into one of the most luxurious and most intimate spaces in all of Loudonville.

A few years after launching, Landoll’s Mohican Castle caught on fire and the built-in restaurant sadly burnt to the ground. Even more harrowing was that the insurance lapsed. The stress and turmoil of the issue eventually led to Marta and Jim’s divorce. Now, the property is owned by Marta and her son Jimmy.

In the next couple of years, Landoll’s Mohican Castle continued to struggle financially s there were fewer and fewer guests checking in. Eventually, the castle fell to a similar fate like those similar to it; an old run-down and dusty castle. While everything seemed hopeless, Gordon Ramsay and his staff from Hotel Hell came to revive the castle back to its former glory and then some.

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How To Get To Landoll’s Mohican Castle

The exact address of the castle is 561 Township Road 3352, OH 44842. Lucky for you, it is easy to get to the castle via cab or concierge service as it is pretty well-known around Ohio. The nearest airport to Landoll’s Mohican Castle is the Nesta Airport. However, this only services private jets so unless you are flying a chartered flight.

You can, however, book a flight to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, Mansfield Lahm Airport, and the Port Columbus International Airport. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the main airport of Cleveland and it serves more of the major airlines in the U.S. This is by far the most convenient airport you can use as it is the one nearest Loudonville.

How Much Is A Room At Landoll’s Mohican Castle

Landoll’s Mohican Castle is considered as a luxury hotel. There are many rooms available and the price will range from around $169-300 depending on what room you are booking and whether or not it is peak season. Don’t hesitate though as the price you’ll pay is well worth it.

Landoll’s Mohican Castle features many amenities. This includes free parking, public wi-fi, a fitness center, a pool, a spa, a restaurant and more. We suggest making the most of your trip and the best way to do so is by getting your fill at the restaurant in the hotel. It’s a restaurant that’s been guided by Gordon Ramsay after all.

Best Time To Visit Landoll’s Mohican Castle

The best time to visit Landoll’s Mohican Castle is from the months of January to March. Of course, you may want to avoid weeks with holidays. During this period, you can get the best room rates which are typically $10 less than the usual price. What’s even great about this period is that the weather is perfect as the winter cold is still present and the summer heat is still far off.

There aren’t exactly any bad times to check in at Landoll’s Mohican Castle but if you want to avoid fully booked rooms and high prices, then try to avoid the winter season. Ohio is flocked with tourists during that time of the year and the room rates at all hotels could even surge by up to 20%.

What’s in Store for Couples at Landoll’s Mohican Castle

They say that traveling with your significant other makes the relationship stronger. It’s a way to create awesome adventures and moments that you will always look back with humor and affection as well. Luckily, today, there are countless places that are great for couples too. From the most exhilarating to the most romantic experience, there’s plenty of that around the world. Ohio alone has a lot of attractions and activities to offer, especially for couples who are looking for the most romantic getaway. But among all of its attractions, there’s one that always stand out for us and that is the Landoll’s Mohican Castle. Here are the reasons and things that make it the best place for couples.

1Landoll’s Mohican Castle Accommodation

landolls mohican castle
A peek insinde one of Landoll’s Mohican Castle’s suites (Source)

Landoll’s Mohican Castle has a lot of rooms to offer. And each of them is individually decorated to create its own charm and appeal and to suit the different needs of its guests.

The Hess Suite, for instance, is one of the spacious and well-loved rooms that the hotel has. It is tastefully furnished with leather, wood, and iron finishes. It also boasts of a luxurious jacuzzi tub and a wheelchair-accessible glass enclosed shower.

Its Lawrence Suite boasts of regal ambiance. Old world estate-style pieces of furniture can be found inside, complemented with cherry hardwood floors and Oriental-style rugs. Aside from its modern amenities, you can also get to enjoy the beautiful woodland views from the window.

Its Barton suite, on the other hand, is much smaller than the Hess and Lawrence Suites. But it’s still a perfect suite for couples looking for a more intimate retreat. Combining earthy tones and hues from the ceiling down to its floor, it can still make you feel the luxury atmosphere that it has to offer. You can also get to enjoy a comfortable and inviting fireplace in its living area.

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If you want to feel more of the hotel’s luxury and feel like a royal, its Buchheit Suite will make you feel like it. It’s much more spacious and bright and offers a nice view of the castle’s woodlands. Apart from that, it has a more royal theme from its bedroom to its living area. With its leather-strapped wrought iron chairs, a massive stone fireplace, a walk-in shower, a spacious jacuzzi, you’ll definitely have a taste of high life.

Its Ross Suite will make you feel more luxurious. It has gold accents Italian-style furnishings, velvet chenille tapestry, and Oriental-style rugs. Its bathroom is luxurious too as it has a glass-closed angled shower, underfloor heating, and a bay window that gives you a nice view of the flower garden and the breakfast terrace.

The Hardesty Suite also boasts of a unique royal theme. It has exquisite decor that even includes a grand entryway with glass sidelights, Oriental-style area rugs, Edinburgh gentry game chairs, and bronze-finished Venetian chandeliers. It also has a king-sized bed with a hand-carved headboard. On top of that, its bathroom is designed with Italian tiles and has a marble sink made with brass fixtures. Like the other suites, it also has a jacuzzi tub.

2Landoll’s Mohican Castle Weddings

landolls mohican castle
An elegant table setting at Landoll’s Mohican Castle’s wedding reception (Source)

Landoll’s Mohican Castle’s rooms aren’t the only things that give off a luxurious and romantic atmosphere for couples but the overall look of the whole area too. Their function hall for weddings receptions gives off the most luxurious and elegant vibe that is perfect for such a formal and special event.  Hence, it is mostly one of the go-to wedding venues for many couples in Ohio. In fact, it is cited as one of the top five castle wedding venues in Ohio. They have a variety of wedding packages to offer that could also cater to up to 200 people if you wish to have a large reception. Apart from that, they have a professional team to help you out.

3Landoll’s Mohican Castle Dining

landolls mohican castle
Gordon Ramsay at Landoll’s Mohican Castle (Source)

The hotel also has a restaurant for you and your beau to enjoy. But it’s not just your ordinary restaurant. Rather, it boasts of a Gordon Ramsay designed menu – yes, THE Gordon Ramsay – apart from its romantic and luxurious atmosphere. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even happy hour, come as you are and you can already get to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes and drinks served by the most accommodating staff. They have a nice outdoor deck seating available too where you can get to see some of the finest views in the area. Savor every bite as you and your partner enjoy the views and the upscale ambiance of the Landoll’s Mohican Castle’s very own restaurant. It’s definitely going to be a memorable date.

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Visit

In case you didn’t know, Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell is about the world-class chef’s efforts to spend the most run-down hotels in the world. Landoll’s Mohican Castle becoming a part of the show already means somethings are bad for the property. What’s great about is that despite his intentions, Gordon Ramsay was actually impressed with the castle. He praised it for its aesthetics and views, but the praise ended there.

To challenge the hotel owners, Gordon Ramsay books a bride and groom with 100 guests to get married in the castle. It wasn’t a simple task as the hotel had staff members that aren’t actually trained for such events even though the hotel owners offer it. Feeling the pressure from the task, Gordon Ramsay and the people from Landoll’s Mohican Castle was able to pull off a grand ceremony fit for kings and queens.

Since Gordon’s visit, Landoll’s Mohican Castle has greatly improved. Everything was cleaned from top-to-bottom, the restaurant is now run by a true chef and the service has since become exceptional. Jimmy and Marta continue to make their magic work on the castle and based on recent reviews, it’s obvious that Landoll’s Mohican Castle is truly the place to be in Loudonville, Ohio.

As with most fairy tale endings, Landoll’s Mohican Castle got its own happily-ever-after. With its ending comes the beginning of the perfect lodging experience for you whether you are traveling with your wife or family. Before you make your booking, here are some important things you should know before going to Landoll’s Mohican Castle.

4Landoll’s Mohican Castle Events

Landolls mohican castle
JT Hillier who’s about to reurn once again to perform at Landoll’s Mohican Castle (Source)

There’s no shortage of fun in Landoll’s Mohican Castle as it often holds special events. They often have great events that every guest will surely enjoy. Especially for couples, their guest performers can serenade you. This year, for instance, you can expect awesome live performances from JT Hillier and Marcus Rohde. They will hold a dueling piano dinner show as well, perfect for dinner dates.

5More Activities at Landoll’s Mohican Castle

landolls mohican castle ohio
Treefrog’s zipline (Source)

The hotel also has a lot of activities to offer in and around its vicinity. Landoll’s Mohican Castle offers historical tours for its guests wherein you’ll be guided by their staff as they show you around and give you a peek to the hotel’s rich history. So if you and your partner are both history buffs, then you might find this as one of the perfect date activities in the hotel.

Due to its long and rich history, the castle also has a mysterious side. And you can explore it through their ghost tour offers, a perfect activity for couples who have brave hearts.

There are other activities that you can try outside the castle as well. Just nearly 4 km away, you can find Tree Frog Canopy Tours that offer exciting adventures such as zip line. There is also a state park nearby where you can hike, boat, swim, and get closer to nature.

There is Mohican Adventures waiting for you in 5 km too. Here, you can canoe, golf, or even cam, perfect for a side trip to enjoy Ohio even more.

There’s a nearby vineyard that’s perfect for a more romantic getaway. Try out their meat and cheese as you taste their wines and bring home a bottle of wine with you too. It’s worth the drive.

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