There is no shortage of things to do in Ohio. It’s no surprise, though, as it has a lot of attractions. From state parks to amusement parks, there’s surely a lot of activities waiting for everyone regardless of their age. But above all of these, there’s one activity that both locals and tourists love to do and that is shopping. I mean who doesn’t love it?

Travelling doesn’t always mean visiting the best sites and historic places. Sometimes, it’s also about visiting markets and other attractions to satisfy your needs. Especially if you’re traveling, shopping is a nice activity as you can get to see and buy unique things that you probably don’t have in your home town. It is also a chance, of course, to purchase some memorabilia to remember your trip or give as a gift to your loved ones back in your home town. And of course, if you’re not a big fan of designer brands and heavy prices at malls, then you may want to try your hand at a flea market. In essence, a flea market is a market comprised of local retailers often selling their own original creations. At flea markets, the prices are cheaper and the selections are huge.

There are countless flea markets all across the U.S. Ohio alone has countless flea markets waiting to be explored. But where in Ohio should you go to find the best shopping place? There are actually a number of Top flea markets in Ohio. Here are some of them.

The City Flea

hartville ohio
Vendors and shoppers flock The City Flea (Source)

The City Flea Market is one of the top flea markets in Ohio although it only started in 2011. Located in Cincinnati’s Washington Park, this relatively new flea has a handful of merchants that sells almost everything – from vintage clothing, artisan food, collectables, and even plants. It is also a place where you can shop for unique items that are great for gifts, especially during Christmas season. However, this only run once a month from April through December. So if you want to explore this flea, might as well time your visit and keep an eye out on their website for their schedule.

Traders World

hartville ohio
Vendors setting up at Traders World (Source)

The Traders World, on the other hand, is not like the City Flea that only opens once a month. Rather, this flea is open every Saturday and Sunday. So you have more time to shop and explore, especially that it has over 11 acres of space filled with second-hand clothing, antiques, and local produce waiting for you. It even has onsite barbershop and bridal store.

Treasure Aisles Flea Market

hartville ohio
A peak inside the Treasure Aisles Flea Market (Source)

The Treasure Aisles Flea Market is also one of the popular fleas in Ohio. And with its 64 acres of stores and stalls, it is one of the largest ones too. It is a great place to find some hidden gems too; you just need to look harder, though.

Tiffin Flea Market

hartville ohio
Treasure boxes sold at the Tiffin Flea Market (Source)

The Tiffin Flea Market is also one of the most raved fleas too. However, like the City Flea, this market also opens once a month but between April and October. Unlike the first flea markets we’ve mentioned. The Tiffin Flea market is smaller but is still equally loved by many locals and tourists as aside from the items that you can buy, it is also budget-friendly and it holds regular special events as well such as the Annual Tiffin-Seneca County Heritage Festival.

Holmes County Flea Market and Marketplace

hartville ohio
Homes County Flea Market signage (Source)

The Holmes County Flea Market and Marketplace is yet another unique market too because of the unique range of gifts and items that mostly reflect the state’s local Amish community. It also holds special events such as car rallies and even charity fundraisers.

Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market

hartville ohio
Some antique items up for sale at the Springfield Antique Show (Source)

As its name suggests, Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market is the place to be if you are looking to buy some antique items. This is because it is flocked by many antique vendors and collectors. Be warned that you’d have to compete with approximately 20,000 visitors, though.

Westland Flea Market

hartville ohio
cellphones available at the Westland Flea Market (Source)

Unlike the other fleas, the Westland Flea Market is a haven for techies. Here, you can find latest high-end gadgets and other electronics like laptops, TVs, and more at an incredible discounted price.

Four Seasons Flea and Farm Market

hartville ohio
An aerial view of the Four Seasons Flea Market’s area (Source)

Located just three miles west of Pennsylvania border, this place is a paradise for people who are looking for the best local produce. There are delicious baked goods and dairy products being sold too.

Rogers Flea Market and Auctions

hartville ohio
The usual crowd at Roger’s Flea Market in the morning (Source)

Repeatedly voted as the best flea market in Ohio, Rogers Flea Market and Auctions boasts of more than five miles of vendors. And what’s even better is that you can also witness regular concerts and other events too. Plus, you can also find delicious food too. And the best part of it is that it’s free entry.

South Drive-In Theatre

hartville ohio
SIgnage at the South Drive-In Theatre showing the flea market’s schedule as well as the movie line up (Source)

This flea is unique too because aside from having more than 200 vendors selling clothing, electronics, and fresh fruits and veggies, this place also has a drive-in theatre. Grab a bargain and see the latest movie; it’s perfect for the whole family too.

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But among all of these top flea markets in Ohio, there’s one place that stands out among the rest, even topping the Rogers Flea Market and Auctions that has been repeatedly voted as the best flea market in Ohio – and that is the Hartville Flea Market. But what’s in it and why is it worth the visit?

Why Visit Hartville Flea Market?

1It has been in operating since 1939

Hartville Flea Market’s founder’s business before it is today (Source)

Hartville is one of the most historic flea markets that you can find in Ohio, which makes it even more worth the visit. But it has a richer history than one can imagine. Founded in 1939, the Hartville Flea Market is one of the largest and most historic flea markets not only in Ohio, but also in the U.S. It originally provided livestock and dairy products to the local community. In time, the market grew. Its founder, Sol Miller, then began renting out spaces for sellers. Eventually, the market grew too large and the owners decided to relocate at a 12 acre lot at 1289 Edison St.

2It’s safe

Items being checked (Source)

Sure, many flea markets in Ohio are safe but what makes the Hartville Flea Market safe too? Unbeknown to many, the Hartville Flea Market apparently has been imposing rules for its vendors to keep both the sellers and visitors/buyers safe. One of which is not allowing vendors to sell illegal goods. They have been strictly implementing it that if they found any illegal good in a dealer’s possession, they will be immediately removed from the market and authorities will be contacted right away.

Vendors should also comply with the market’s rule to not sell or display items that don’t comply with HMP’s strict standards in order to maintain a wholesome environment, especially for families. Hence, there’s no tobacco items or liquors being sold. Games of chance, raffles, or skills are also not allowed without the management’s approval and so on. If you want to see Hartville Flea Market’s full list of rules and regulations for vendors, check them all out here.

3The outdoor market alone has nearly everything

The outdoor vendors set up (Source)

The Hartville Flea Market is, again, known as America’s largest outdoor flea market with a total of 12 acres. Hence, you can expect to see more than 200 covered stalls. And with hundreds of shops available, it also means you can expect countless goods. From fresh produce to antiques, there’s no shortage of unique and worth-buying items here. You’ll surely find everything that you’re looking for and you even have more options to choose from. It’s one of Ohio’s best shopping places that will give you a unique experience. In fact, it is rated as one of the top 20 flea markets all over the United States.

4You have more options for shopping

Hartville Marketplace where you can find more stores inside (Source)

What makes the Hartville Flea Market unique is that you don’t just get to choose from its outdoor market but it has more shops indoor too. In its 2-floor building, you already have countless shops to choose from. They have book shops, pet stores, sports, jewelry, antique shops, and more. And, of course, would they miss to bring you good food? Hartville Flea Market has food stores as well that will surely fill you with hearty and delicious meals and snacks.

5You can expect cool events too

The Steak Grilling Competition event (Source)

There’s no shortage of fun in Hartville Flea Market too. Almost every month, this place has a lot in store for its visitors were they can score great shopping deals, discounts, and just witness fun performances.

Just this May, the flea market recently celebrated 80 years. And with that, it held an event where visitors can get to enjoy 12 acres of Collector’s Paradise filled with fresh produce, antiques, treasures, and even comic books.

On the first week of June they had more than 30 vendors selling sports cards, autographs, and other memorabilia. The best part of it was that the general admission was free.

On June 15, steak grilling competition was held. Plus, visitors enjoyed live music.

Moonlight Market was also held in June. Aside from the night market, visitors/shoppers got to enjoy a unique atmosphere with food trucks and lights all around. There was also music to serenade everyone.

This September, you can join a 5K run and enjoy live music all day at the GLO (GivingLigt to Others) 5K and festival. There will be a food truck rally featured plus more activities that are perfect for the whole family. You can check out their calendar to see more upcoming events.

But before you head to Hartville Flea Market, there are some things you need to take note of first. These will help you enjoy your shopping all the more.

Tips for Hartville Flea Market

We know you’re excited to explore what the Hartville Flea Market has to offer but keep in mind that this is one of the largest of its kind. If you’re hoping to make the most of your trip, then you should come to the flea market prepared. Here are some tips to help you fully enjoy your time at the Hartville Flea Market.

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Bring Cash

Retailers are now more flexible when it comes to their payment methods as there are those that allow for card transactions or even mobile credit card payment processing systems. However, you should still come with cash on hand. In fact, you should only bring cash so you can buy faster. If you run out of cash, worry not as there are a few ATMs inside the mall.

Don’t be Afraid to Bargain

Unlike mall retailers, sellers inside a flea market are nicer and are also more flexible when it comes to the price of their products. That being said, don’t be afraid to haggle with them. You could get a few dollars off of your purchase with the right skills. You can even get big discounts if you are buying multiple items.

Dress Comfortably

The Hartville Flea Market may be large but that doesn’t mean it can’t get crowded. The influx of buyers can make the summer season even hotter so you should dress comfortably. There’s no point in wearing a suit in a flea market. Also wear shoes that you are comfortable with. You’ll be taking a lot of steps inside the market and the last thing you want would be blisters.

Check Out All Your Options First

A flea market isn’t a place for impulse buyers. For your trips to be successful, you’ll need patience and a sharp mind. If you see a dress you like, don’t buy it immediately. Look around the area and make a note of the things that caught your attention. Once you think you’ve seen enough, go back to the things you’ve listed down.

Stay Hydrated

As we’ve said, the Hartville Flea Market can and will got hot because of the crowds. While the items you can buy are exciting, all those will be worthless if you faint from exhaustion or dehydration. Drink lots of water beforehand and bring a bottle with you just in case.

Arrive Early

Flea market veterans will tell you that the last thing you’d want to be doing in a flea market is to arrive late. The mantra is “arrive late, leave late.” Trust us when we say you wouldn’t want to go home at the same time as the rest of the crowd as the parking area will get crowded. Another reason why you shouldn’t arrive late is so you can see all that the market has to offer. The best stuff are most likely going to sell early on and you’ll surely want to get your hands on that.

Hartville Market Operating Hours and Best Time to Visit

The Hartville Market is only closed on Sundays and Wednesdays. The rest of the week, it is open from 9AM to 6PM. The best time to visit the flea market would be the same time it opens. You’ll avoid the big crowds, you’ll find parking easily and most importantly, you’ll get the best items early on.

Bring Your Own Car and a Buddy

You’re not going to leave the Hartville Flea Market empty handed. In fact, you’re probably going to come out of the place bringing more than what you can carry. It’s advisable to travel with a friend who can help you carry stuff. Of course, you should also bring a car to place your bags and bags worth of goods there.

Make a List of What You Want/Need

Going to the flea market blindly is a mistake as you could end up walking for hours and hours not knowing exactly what you are looking for. To avoid instances like this, your best option is to simply make a list of the things you are planning to buy. Split that list into needs and wants. The first is your priority and the latter is simply a list of the things you can buy when you have extra money.

Be a Curious George

If you are buying handmade goods or even furniture, make it a habit to be as nosy as possible. Inspect the materials thoroughly and check if it’s of high quality. If the seller allows it, inspect the product with your hand as well.

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