When we look for travel destinations, many of us probably often look for the most relaxing or thrilling activities to try like a spa, waterpark, extreme outdoor activities, etc. it’s quite rare for many people to include a local market on their travel itinerary. But when you’re in Boston, it’s actually one of the places that you prioritize on your itinerary.

Boston is known for different landmarks and attractions that don’t just entertain its visitors. Many of Boston’s attractions also tell stories of its colorful past, different people, and more. Some of the well-loved and most frequented sites in Boston are the Freedom Trail, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Common, Fenway Park, and Skywalk Observatory. It also has shopping centers and restaurants that will make your Boston visit all the more worthwhile. There is indeed a lot of things to look out for when in Boston. But probably the most popular spot in this big city is its public market.

Now, you might wonder why tourists go the extra mile only to shop at a public market. But there’s more to this place than just fresh produce, seafood, and meat. Apparently, there’s plenty of things in store. But first, let’s get to know when you should visit and how you can get to this place. In this way, you can plan your schedule ahead and prepare for what awaits you.

When to Get to Boston Public Market

The Boston Public Market opened its doors to many tourists and locals in 2015. In its first years, people couldn’t visit it every day because of its schedule. Back then, the market is only open during Wednesdays through Sundays from 8 AM to 8 PM. But in July 2016, the market started opening seven days a week. However, it’s so popular among both tourists and locals that the market can get busy on weekdays. If you wish to visit with a lesser crowd, we suggest that you go there on a weekday.

Getting to Boston Public Market

Boston can be tough to come by and expensive. Fortunately the Haymarket MBTA station is just a stone throw away from the Boston Public Market; plus, the North Station isn’t far away from it. Thus, we suggest that you take a train to get there. If you want to drive, though, we recommend parking in the Parcel 7 garage, which is just above the market. Don’t worry about the parking fee as Boston Public Market’s vendors validate with a purchase. Hence, you can park in the garage at a discounted rate.

Now that you know when and how to get there, here are some more details you might want to know, particularly the things to expect at the Boston Public Market.

Boston Public Market Activities

Boston Public Market is not your ordinary market. Here, you will not just get to buy fresh produce and other common local market products. This place has more things to offer than you can imagine. However, with so many things going on in this place, not all members of the family might enjoy it, especially kids. But we know ways to make this trip exciting for everyone in the family – even children. In case you’re traveling to this place, here are some Boston Public Market activities that we’re sure people of all ages will love.

1 Sip a Cup of Coffee

George Howell Coffee’s iced coffee to-go (Source)

For the coffee lovers, one of the Boston Public Market activities that you should miss is to have a coffee. Yes, this market also has a place for coffee lovers. Once you’re here, make sure to visit George Howell, a coffee shop in Boston Public Market that a lot of locals and tourists love because of its great coffee. Whether it’s your first or nth cup, head to the northwest corner of the market to have a cup of coffee. You’ll love this place even more.

2Fuel Up

A peel at Red’s Best’s stall (Source)

Aside from a coffee shop, the market also has some spots to offer for those who want to fuel up before or after a long day of exploring the market. The best part of it is that most of these restaurants have kid-friendly cuisine too. One of the popular places to eat in this market is Red’s Best that has an incredible lobster bisque that a lot of kids go crazy for. For sandwiches and wraps, one of your best options is Beantown Pastrami Company. If you want to eat noodles, the Noodle Lab is not to be missed. For your pasta cravings, Nella Pasta got your back. If you’re looking for some Jewish cuisine, we suggest Inna’s Kitchen. There’s also Cellars at Jasper Hill for your mac ‘n’ cheese and grilled cheese cravings. The Swiss Bakers is also a nice place to grab some breakfast and lunch sandwiches. And the best part of BPM is that there’s no need for you to chase down Bon Me’s food truck as the market already has its own Bon me stall where you can endlessly customize their noodle and rice bowls. There is also Mother Juice where you can enjoy a delicious healthy smoothie and/or juice.

Of course, there is room for desserts in the Boston Public Market too. Once you’ve fueled up with a meal, don’t forget to check out the places in the market where you can get a special treat.One of which is the red Apple Farm that specializes with cider doughnuts. There’s also Crescent Ridge Dairy, Sweet Lydia’s, Union Square Donuts, Taza CHocolate, and Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery (which is perfect for kids with allergies).

With so many food choices in the Boston Public market, you’re pretty much guaranteed that you will be able to find something to please even those family members who have the pickiest palate.

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3Look at it Like a Culinary Museum

Some of the food stalls you can find inside the Boston Public Market (Source)

This public market nearly has everything. But unlike the traditional market anywhere else in the world, this one is quite unique. This is because aside from the fact that this place lets you take in all the beautiful smells, sounds, and sights, this market is also like a museum where you and even your young ones can learn as this market’s vendors are very accommodating and you can ask them questions about the products they are selling. It’s a great opportunity to give children a mini educational tour in where their food comes from.

4Take a Class

Mimi Hall, the programming manager for the KITCHEN at the Boston Public Market (Source)

Again, Boston Public Market isn’t your ordinary market as this place isn’t just about food. This place also has room to offer for learning. In fact, it has a nonprofit teaching kitchen called KITCHEN @ BPM. Operated by the Trustees of the reservation, here, you can take the children to the Kids Kitchen Story Time. You can also sign up for one of the KITCHEN’s kids-specific hands-on cooking classes. The kids will surely love it as this activity is often themed. In fact the Kitchen recently held classes with themes inspired by Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other superheroes.

5Let the Kids Play

Boston Public Market’s play area for kids (Source)

When it opened in 2015, the market featured a whole area for children. In this spot, they can freely play off from the rest of the market and even enjoy a food-themed library and play shopping carts. However, Boston Public Market repurposed it after a year to give more space for additional vendors. Even so, there is still some space left for smaller children where they can run around on the Greenway side of Boston Public Market next to Siena Farms and Bon Me. Younger kids will still not get bored.

6Shop and Cook Meal

Some of the fresh produce you can purchase at the Boston Public Market (Source)

Boston Public Market nearly has everything and you will surely find any ingredient for any dish. And if you’re having a staycation in Boston with your family, we suggest that you plan a meal together, shop for the ingredients at the BPM, then prepare it together with your family. You’ll not just get to enjoy a good dish made with the fresh ingredients from BPM, you can also get to bond with your family as you prepare your meal.

There’s so many things happening at the Boston Public Market every day. And it can get a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, we got your back so you can maximize your visit. Take a look at these BPM tips that we have for you so you can get to enjoy every corner of the market.

Boston Public Market Tips

  • Boston Public Market is always busy. There’s always something new to try, see, and explore. And to make sure that you won’t miss out on anything, we highly suggest that you always check the market’s weekly event schedule to see what to expect on your planned visit. Here, you can also get to see what classes at the KITCHEN are happening at the market.
  • With so many things going on at the Boston Public Market, you might find it hard to find the bathroom. Thus, remember that the bathrooms are located near the Causeway entrance and in the back near the KITCHEN so you won’t get lost. Also, note that they may require a passcode and you can obtain that from any of the vendors or BPM staff.
  • It can be a bit tiring to explore the market. If you need to sit down for a while or a place to eat your to-go snacks, there seats in the center of the market near the Southeast entrance to the market off Causeway Street. However, the seating there is limited. If the seats are filled, you can go to Causeway Street along the Rose Kennedy Greenway, you’ll likely find additional seating there.
  • We also highly suggest that you connect with the Boston Public Market on social media. In this way, you will always be updated on the latest information on the market’s special events, modified hours, and vendor specials.

In case the younger members of your family have more energy left, don’t worry, you can still make the most out of your Boston trip with the attractions near BPM. Take a look at these nearby attractions.

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What’s Near Boston Public Market

The Point

The Point’s exterior (Source)

If you’re looking for more places to go to where you can grab some snacks, one of the places we highly suggest is The Point. The dishes here are also delicious – from snacks and chips to full meals, this place deserves to be considered if you’re around the Boston Public Market. It’s just one minute away from BPM so go check it out too.

The Boston Stone

A closer look at the Boston Stone (Source)

The Boston Stone may not be one of the major attractions in the city but this place is worth seeing too, especially if you are traveling with kids. While it’s a mere stone and a minor tourist attraction, this stone has witnessed many stories in the city. And if you were to join walking tours, you might get to know more about this stone. The legend also says this stone is the geographic center of Boston. Hence, it was used in colonial times by surveyors as the zero point for milestones showing the distance to Boston. And there’s one way to find out if it’s true or not – and that is by seeing it in person. Debunk the myth, learn more about the city’s past, and bond with your family, it sure is not to be missed.

Ebenezer Hancock House

The Ebenezer Hancock House on the outside (Source)

Since it was built, the Ebenezer Hancock House stood still in its location in spite of the changes in its surrounding buildings. In fact, this building remained unchanged in over 125 years. The building was initially made as a house in the late 1760s. Then it was made into a shoe store in 1798. Today, it is used for offices. And because of this, you might not get to explore it. Even so, it’s one of the must-see sites in Boston. See it in person, marvel at its architectural design, and even take photos, this place is also not to be missed if you’re in Boston.

Haymarket Square

A peek at how busy the Haymarket Square is, especially on a Saturday (Source)

If you’re still not done shopping at the Boston Public Market, you can also visit the Haymarket Square. Just four minutes away from the Boston Public Market, this outdoor market has plenty of things and deals to offer. It even has exotic fruits and vegetables for you to try out. Aside from different items up for sale, this place also often has a lot of events to look out for. Most of the time, you can also get to witness live performances. This place isn’t just for shopping where you can put your bartering and haggle skills to test but it is also great for entertainment. 

New England Holocaust Memorial

The glass towers at the New England Holocaust Memorial (Source)

Also just a few minutes away from the Boston Public Market, you might get to see six glass towers. At first glance, one might think it’s an ordinary exhibit in a small park. Apparently, these glass towers is a memorial dedicated to representing the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust. It also represents the six main Nazi death camps and the candles on a menorah. Stopping by this site would be great, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Here, you can offer your prayers for the Holocaust victims and even give kids a little knowledge about what happened in the past. Here, you can also get to read the words of the survivors. And the best part of it is that you can explore this place for free. It’s a powerful and thought-provoking memorial that you shouldn’t pass on when you’re in Boston.

Improv Asylum

Improv Asylum performers John MaacGregor, Kelly Dooley, and Alex Kagy (Source)

This place will make you laugh like crazy. It’s actually a comedy theater that features sketch and improvisation comedy. It’s like a mix of Whose Line is it Anyway? And Saturday Night Live!. It’s a nice place to go after your Boston Public Market visit at night. However, note that you’d have to buy your tickets in advance. There’s also a $3 service charge per ticket on all phone orders so plan your visit and budget ahead.

The Printing Office of Edes and Gill

Fifth graders on a field trip at the Printing Office of Edes and Gill (Source)

Another site worth seeing is The Printing Office of Edes and Gill. Nope, it’s not a literal office. Rather, this place is like a museum where you can get to have an opportunity to engage with living historians working their printers trade in pre-revolutionary Boston. Of course, this place also lets you have a glimpse of the city’s history, especially about printing. With its historic pieces of equipment, live demonstrations, interpreters, and historic settings, you will surely get to have a new level of understanding about hot colonial printing affected communities and sparked a revolution in America. Don’t forget to bring the younger members of your family as you will surely get to gain a lot of knowledge in this attraction.

Pizza Tour

One of Boston Pizza’s dishes that you might get to try out when you sign up for a Boston pizza tour (Source)

Another unique thing to try in Boston is its pizza tours. In case you don’t know yet, this city has a “Little Italy” neighborhood. And here, you can get to sample pizzas from different restaurants. But what makes this experience all the more unique is that you can enjoy pizzas as you tour the city and hear its stories. With such a tour, you will be taken into Boston’s historical landmarks and you can get to learn more about them. After the walking tour, you can get to sample pizzas.  It’s a must try activity for people of all ages, especially for those who are new to Boston.

Dreamland Wax Museum

Some of the wax figures at Boston’s dreamland Wax Museum (Source)

Another attraction that every member of the family will love is the Dreamland Wax Museum. Here, you can get to meet Boston’s historical personalities – in wax form, though. Still, it’s a cool place to visit. You can take pictures with over 100 figures including celebrities, US presidents, world leaders, and sport stars. It’s just less than five minutes away from the Boston Public Market. If you have more time, don’t forget to visit this place after shopping at BPM. There are also tours being offered where a Dreamland Wax Museum tour is already included so if you’re signing up for group tours, better check your tour organizer’s schedule and itinerary.

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Geoclassics Gem and Minerals

Some of the fashionable bracelets you can find at Geoclassics Gems and Minerals (Source)

For some accessories and/or gift items, we suggest that you also visit Geoclassics Gem and Minerals. This is also just a few minutes away from the Boston Public Market so it won’t hurt your itinerary. Here, you can get to see and, of course, buy different accessories with semi-precious gems. One tip to remember, though, that this place is often frequented by both locals and tourists. And if you see something you really like, we suggest that you buy it. Otherwise, you will be disappointed in a few days when you go back and find it’s gone.

Boston Public Market may not look like the most exciting attractions in many parts of the world. But don’t pass on this site as it has a lot more things to offer than you can imagine. It is also near some Boston gems that you need to see. We’re sure everyone in the family will love them.


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