As countries slowly recover from the pandemic, opening its doors to travelers from different parts of the world, have you decided where to next? If you’re going to ask us, we say you also need to see what Germany has to offer.

Germany is rated as one of the safest travel destinations in the world. Hence, it’s not a surprise why it places eighth on the list of the most visited country in the world. But aside from being a safe country to travel to, it is, of course, frequented by many because of the attractions and activities that it has to offer for people of all ages.

Berlin alone has countless good deals to offer its visitors. But when talking about Germany, it’s one of the most popular cities that travelers think of first. That said, a lot of travelers often eye on visiting this city first. While the other parts country has many good deals to offer, expect that it is often filled with travelers. Don’t worry, though, the country has more cities for you to visit that are as good as the popular cities in Germany like Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, etc.

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Kaiserslautern, for instance, is one of the underrated destinations in Germany. Located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, this city also has a lot of things for you to enjoy. And if you want to avoid the crowd of Berlin and other most popular cities in the country, Kaiserslautern is for you.

However, due to the pandemic, the country has closed its borders to travelers from other countries. And as of writing, speculations say that Germany may head for a second lockdown due to the rise in new coronavirus cases.

While you might not get to visit the country today, it’s still a good time to plan your itinerary, right? With this, you can research more on the destinations you’re eyeing on. And in case you’re planning to visit Germany as soon as the pandemic is gone and the country’s borders re-open, we got you covered as we listed some of the best unique things to do in the city of Kaiserslautern.

Things to Do in Kaiserslautern

When talking about Germany, Kaiserslautern may not be the first one would think of visiting first. But just because it isn’t popular, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to see and do here. It may not be as popular as Berlin but this city can also give you a unique travel experience too. Take a look at what you can do here.

1See Gartenschau Kaiserslautern at Neumühlepark

Flowers in full bloom during Gartenschau Kaiserslautern (Source)

If you’re looking for an Instagrammable spot in the city, watch out for Gartenschau Kaiserslautern. It’s basically a horticultural show located at the heart of the city. Take a lot of photos of the beautiful flowers in full bloom you will surely love the sight here.

But aside from the gorgeous gardens and topiaries, kids will also love the life-sized dinosaur statues. The site also has a huge play area that kids will enjoy.

And while you let the kids play, you can also get to enjoy some cold beer. Or, you can play golf with the whole fam.

In addition to that, the place also holds various events such as art exhibits. In this event, you will not just get to see the beautiful works of art made by the city’s local artists but you can also purchase some beautiful rare items if you’re lucky. At times, concerts are held here too. LEGO exhibition is also held at the park as well. Thus, make sure that you keep an eye on the park’s calendar to see what’s on as you visit. During events, you can also find some food stalls in the area where you can grab some delicious snacks.

But the place isn’t only for tourists. Because of Neumühlepark’s beauty, it is also one of the best places to tie the knot and even baptisms.

2Experience Japan at Japanischer Garten

A glimpse of the colors at Japanischer Garten in spring (Source)

If you’re in Kaiserslautern, you can also get to experience Japan without a plane ticket or passport. Don’t worry, there’s no space-traveling here or anything with a catch. All you have to do is visit Japanischer Garten. Literally translates to “Japanese Garden,” this is the largest Japanese garden that you can visit in Europe.

In fact, this Zen garden spans 3.3 acres. Here, you can get to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere if you need some relaxation. And to fully immerse yourself with the relaxing vibe of the place, don’t forget to visit the 100-year-old Japanese teahouse located by the upper pond. Here, you will be served a warm green tea that will surely relax you even more.

And if you’re traveling with your family, kids will certainly love the koi swimming in the pond. You can even feed them. The food for the koi is available at the ticket booth. So if you plan to try make the kids try this activity, don’t forget to buy food for the fish as you buy your entrance ticket.

The place, of course, also boasts of picturesque views. So as you take in the tranquil views of the place, don’t forget to snap photos too for some memorabilia for this beautiful huge Zen garden.

3Take the Kids at Wildpark Betzenberg

Wisents at Wildpark Betzenberg (Source)

Sure, there are already countless zoos around the world. Some are even connected to aquariums while others have several gardens, play areas, and other attractions that will surely make your every visit even more enjoyable. But Wildpark Betzenberg is a bit different. Compared to other wildlife parks, though, Wildpark Betzenberg is quite simpler. In spite of not having huge added attractions, it’s still a must-visit as this place houses animals native to the country, such as frogs and salamanders. In addition to that, the site houses European bison plus it helps with the preservation of such an endangered species. Kids will surely love seeing the adorable animals as they roam in their natural habitat. Needless to say, it is going to be an educational tour for them as well. And the best part of it is that the animals are friendlier. They would even come very close to visitors.

Even a walk is enjoyable to do here as you will be surrounded by trees and just pure nature. You can even get to have a sight at the park’s oldest tree which, by the way, is more than 120 years old.

4See the Whole Kaiserslautern

The view from the Humberg Hill (Source)

No pressure, though, it’s not going to be like a Minute to Win It challenge or whatnot. The attractions at  Kaiserslautern are just so many that it’s quite impossible to see and try each of them in just a day. What we mean, though, is that you can get to enjoy a visual view of the city. And you can do that by getting to the Humberg Tower.

Standing tall with a height of 35.77 meters on top of the Humberg Hill, which is 424.30 meters above sea level, this tower will surely give you a good view of the city. But since it sits on top of the hill, you’ll need to hike to get to the tower first. There’s no shortcut, though, as far as we know. Still, it’s just an easy hike that kids can even try out. As you climb up, don’t worry if you get tired as there are plenty of seats on the way where you can take a breather. As you go up, you can also get to see stone marks, border, and other picturesque views. That said, don’t forget to look round you as you climb up the hill. And the best part of it is that no matter what season it is, a visit to the tower is always a good time.

5Get Moving at Boulderhalle RockTown

A kid and an adult trying out the course at Boulderhalle RockTown (Source)

If you’re the active kind or even if you just want to try something new and exciting, why not go to an indoor rock climbing too? Kaiserslautern also has an indoor rock climbing attraction called Boulderhalle RockTown. Here, you will not just get to have fun but it is also a nice activity that will help you get fit even if you’re on a vacation. There’s no excuses now. If you plan to stay a bit longer and frequent the site, Boulderhalle RockTown also offers regular training where you will be guided by the staff so you can better your skills.

The best part of it is that kids can try it too. The site also has courses dedicated for kids. Plus, they can also sign up for regular trainings.

You can also try out yoga here. Even the kids can try it out too. In fact, the site also has yoga workshops dedicated for children.

And if you’re confident enough with your rock climbing skills, you can take on the challenges posted at the site. If you’re still learning, don’t worry, you can still get to enjoy the event as the attraction also has its doors open for those who just want to learn from the challengers.

6Go on a History Tour

Tourists on a walking tour at Cologne (Source)

Kaiserslautern also has a lot of stories to tell about its past. And what better way to explore and get to know the city by hearing its stories that made what the city is today? Luckily, the city has a lot of good spots for you to learn more about what it has gone through and what made it what it is today, which are also nice to add to your Germany travel itinerary, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Through this kind of activity, everyone in the family will get a deeper understanding of the locals’ culture and history. In case you want to go on a history tour too, here are some of the sites that we highly suggest that you shouldn’t miss as well.

Theodor Zink Museum

Theodore-Zink-Museum (Source)

Of course, one destination that will never fail you when you want to delve deeper into a place or a prominent person’s past is the museum. And in Kaiserslautern, the Theodor Zink Museum is one of the places to be. For starters, this place is actually devoted to the history of the city itself, its culture, as well as its everyday history. Here, you can find ethnic and handicraft exhibits at its permanent exhibition. The museum also showcases documents to the major events and eras of the city. From the earliest traces of settlement to the present day, the museum houses more stuff than you can imagine that will surely help tell what the city has gone through. Apart from that, the museum also houses periodical exhibitions focusing on the contemporary handicrafts and design. And if you’re lucky or if you time your visit well, you can also get to see exhibitions made by contemporary artists from the region with contributions from various scientific and cultural institutions.

And to make sure that you can get to maximize your visit, do note that from Wednesday to Friday, the museum opens its doors to visitors from 10 AM to 5 PM. Meanwhile, from Saturday to Sunday, the museum opens at 11 AM and closes at 6 PM.

Burg Hohenecken

An aerial view of Burg Hohenecken (Source)

At first glance, it’s easy to pass on the idea of visiting Burg Hohenecken. We can’t blame you, though, as all you’ll be welcomed with nothing but the ruins of a castle. In fact, all you might even get to see are its torn brick walls that were left since it was destroyed by the French in the Palatinate War of Succession in 1689. But don’t be fooled by its look. Apparently, in spite of the fact that this place has nothing but torn walls, the site still holds a lot of stories of what happened to it in the past that are, needless to say, worth hearing. Fortunately, there are guided tours being offered on this site. Through this, you can get to know the castle from its construction in the 12th century, how its rooms were arranged, to even its destruction in the late 1680s, as well as the small details that survived the centuries. The castle witnessed an eventful history and you don’t want to miss them. The best part of it is that the place offers special tours dedicated to children where they can learn more and even get to ask their most curious questions.

However, do note that the special tours for children are possible on request. Also, tours often requires about one and a half hours to complete. Thus, if you’re traveling with younger kids, you might want to bring enough snacks to keep them busy or fueled up so they can enjoy the trip more.

Der Kaiserbrunnen

The statues at Der Kaiserbrunnen (Source)

Another place that you shouldn’t miss is Der Kaiserbrunnen. Basically, it’s like a common square with statues. But what makes it not to be overlooked is that it boasts of stunning architecture that will pique your interest.

This place also works like a three-dimensional history and story book. This is because the fountain also features statues of pioneering personalities in the city’s history, the then Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa and King Rudolf von Habsburg. The landmark also features a fish, a heraldic animal that has been shrouded in legend. There is also the “Elwedritsche,” a regional mythical creature that also tells stories about the beliefs of the locals. Other symbols are not to be missed as well such as the Napoleon hat, the horse armor of the knight (who, by the way, is said to live on the Rittersberg), the donkey and the horse as transport animals, and the emigrant ship (or the city seal).


Stiftskirche’s simple exterior (Source)

Unlike the first historical sites we’ve mentioned, for starters, Stiftskirche is actually a church. But this place can also let you get a peek of the city’s past as this site actually has a 1,000-year history. And compared to other churches like the ones in Italy, Stiftskirche is rather plain. Even its exterior is simpler compared to other churches we’ve gotten used to. But that’s what makes it all the more interesting and unique. The best part of it is that if you were to time your visit, especially during the Christmas season, you can get to enjoy a Christmas market next to it where you can enjoy good food and purchase items you never knew you needed.

Kaiserslautern Synagogue Monument

A look at the Kaiserslautern Synagogue Monument (Source)

Another site that you shouldn’t miss is the Kaiserslautern Synagogue Monument. At first glance, this looks like a mere marking. However, it tells more stories than you can imagine. Apparently, this monument is dedicated to the 89 K-town Germans who were executed during the Holocaust, which also makes a nice place to take the younger members of your family to learn more about the place’s history. In addition to that, each corner of the site also has exhibits. One of the most remarkable and definitely worth seeing is the 3D exhibit where you can get a three-dimensional view of what the Synagogue used to look like, based on the artists’ eyes, before the bombing took place in the World War II. The best part of it is that it is free for you to explore. Of course, it is also worth the stop as you will get to know more about history. It’s just a small park hidden in Kaiserslautern, though. Thus, if you want to visit this place, make sure to keep an eye on the map.

Where to Say in Kaiserslautern

The city is actually one of the largest (in area) in the state. And with the number of attractions and activities that it has to offer its visitors, it’s quite hard to explore it in a day unlike in Montepulciano, Italy. Hence, we highly suggest that you stay a bit longer if you plan to explore the city more. But don’t fret much, we got your back as we also listed some good accommodations that you might want to consider if you plan to stay longer in the city.

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Holiday Inn Express

Inside one of Holiday Inn’s rooms (Source)

Located just three kilometers away from Pedestrian Area Kaiserslautern, this hotel features a bar, private parking, and a terrace, apart from its comfortable stylish rooms. The best part of it is that it’s pet friendly. You might want to check it out if you plan to bring your fur babies too.

Hampton by Hilton

Hampton by Hilton showcasing stylish design and reflecting the famous Art Deco of Napier (Source)

Hampton by Hilton is just a little over one kilometer away from St. Martin’s Square. In this hotel, aside from its cozy rooms, you can also get to enjoy a restaurant; perfect for when you don’t want to go too far from your hotel for some food. In addition to that, the hotel also features a free private parking and a bar just like the Holiday Inn Express. But what makes it more different than the other is that it has a fitness center that will not make you miss your fitness routine even when you’re in a vacation.

Hotel Schweizer Stubb

Hotel Schweizer Stubb’s comfortable bed (Source)

If you’re on a budget, you should check out Hotel Schweizer Stubb. It’s a lot cheaper than the first two hotels that we mentioned but you can still get to enjoy stylish comfortable rooms. The best part of it is that its rooms are “allergy-free.” On top of that, the hotel has a beautiful garden. You can also get to enjoy free WiFi throughout the area.

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