Tampa is known for its tourist attractions. Here, you can try out and explore so many things. Even a day spent here will surely be full of fun and excitement.

But among these tourist attraction, one of our favorites and most recommended is the Tampa Museum of Art. This is because this place offer fun activities but it also offers more learning opportunities. If your interest is piqued, here are some of the things that awaits you at the Tampa Museum of Art that we’re sure even the youngest member of the family will love.

Inside Tampa Museum of Art

1See its Exhibits

Inside Tampa Museum of Art’s minimalist glass gallery (Source)

Needless to say, one of the main things that awaits you in this museum are its exhibits. And it’s not all about just paintings. Here, you can also get to see different works of art from paintings to sculptures. It even features new media arts made by different artists. See the world on a different perspective and marvel at the artists talents, the exhibits that this museum features are worth seeing.

And through the masterpieces that it houses, you can also get to have a glimpse of the past. In fact, it has collections made from centuries ago. Take a look at some ancient works of art that this museum stores.

  • Statuette of Turms – This small statue is a portrayal of the god Turms, the Etruscan Hermes or Mercury, recognizable by his winged boots. It is a perfectly preserved example of bronze ex-voto production in northern Etruria in the early fifth century BCE.
  • Black Figure Amphora – This ancient vessel form was used as a storage jar. It is designed with gold, black, and brick paint.
  • Red Figure Calyx Krate – Painted mainly with black, this artifact is only 31 cm in height. Back then, it was used as a mixing vessel.
  • White Ground Lekythos – This one, on the other hand was used as an oil vessel. Compared to the other vessels, it has a more minimalist paint.
  • Dekadrachm – This one is an ancient Greek silver coin. It may be small but it still sure is worth seeing.
  • Sphageion – This jar was used as a funerary vessel by the ancient Greeks. And compared to other vessels on this list, this has more intricate details.
  • Red Figure Stamnos – This ancient Greek pottery can be easily distinguished due to its unique handle. This vessel has a simila function to Kraters and are thought to have been used to stir wine and water together to dilute them.

2Go on a Group Tour

A group of senior citizens on a group tour at the Tampa Museum of Art (Source)

Another good thing that awaits you at the Tampa Museum of Art are the group tours. With this, you and your family and/or squad can learn and explore the museum better. With this, you will be assisted by the museum’s staff whom you can ask almost anything about the exhibits featured in the museum. With this, everyone in your group will have better understanding and more knowledge about the collections on display. However, note that you need to plan your visit ahead as tours are offered Monday through Friday. Also, such tours start at 10 AM. You also need to book a tour two weeks before your target date of visit. Here are the tours you can sign up for:

  • K-12 School Tours – In this tour, a professional will lead you so you, as well as other guests, can connect with the Museum’s collections and special exhibitions. Through this tour, they will surely inspire your understanding and appreciation of the visual arts.
  • College and University Tours – Colleges and other universities are also welcome to tour the museum. Here, schools’ faculty members can take over and lead. But schools can also choose to schedule a docent-led tour for their classes instead.
  • Adult Tours – Of course, this museum is open for all ages. And even if you’re already an adult, you are still welcome and you can sign up for tours too. And like other tours available, if you wish to be guided by one of the museum’s staff, it would be better to schedule a tour in advance.

3Participate in Lectures and Workshops

A lecture for adults happening at the Tampa Museum of Art (Source)

The Tampa Museum of Art isn’t just about showing you the masterpieces made by different artists. It also offers lectures and workshops to help unleash the artist in you. Every Saturday, you can drop by the museum with the younger members of your family to take part in one of the museum’s programs called Art Spot. Here, younger participants can make art projects inspired by the works of art displayed in the galleries. But this activity isn’t the only thing you should expect every weekend. Apparently, the museum offers different facilitator-guided projects, which art instructors design, every week.

In addition to that, the museum also holds several Family Days annually. And in these events, you can also expect more fun-filled activities inspired by the museum’s current exhibitions. The best part of it is that in special events like this, you can get to enjoy drop-in tours, as well as pay-as-you-will admission to the galleries.

And even on regular days, you can also enjoy lectures. In these small classes offered, a professional teaching artists in the Tampa Bay Community will share their knowledge. With such classes, you will surely go back to your home filled with knowledge. You might even become the next big artist with all the learning opportunities that the museum offers; who knows?


Some of the items you can buy at the Tampa Museum of Art’s souvenir shop (Source)

Yes, you read it right. At the Tampa Museum of Art, you can also shop. Not for branded items, though. Rather for memorabilia and other décor items as this museum has its own store stocked with well-curated collection of well-made objects to bring home with you. Here, a fine selection of art books, jewelry, museum catalogs, as well as exhibition-related gifts. It even has home décor items. You will surely find something to remember your trip by. You can even buy gift items and their staff can help you too. The best part of it is that if you’re signed up for the museum’s membership card, you can even receive a 10% discount. Everyone will surely find something good to purchase here.

5Grab a Snack

Fresh oysters, one of the mouthwatering dishes you can try out at The Riverwalk Cafe at TMA (Source)

The Tampa Museum of Art indeed has a lot to offer and it can make you hungry. In case you need to fuel up, don’t look for a place to eat outside the museum just yet. Apparently, the museum has its own café called The Riverwalk Café at TMA. Here you can fill your stomach with delicious sandwiches, salads, and other pastries and sweets. It even serves beer, wine, and cocktails. On top of that, the restaurant also features dishes that highlight the museum’s current exhibitions.

And the best part of is that you can savor every bite or sip as you get to enjoy the stunning views from the site. Here, you can get fill your eyes with the beautiful unparalleled views of the iconic University of Tampa Minarets, Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, as well as the downtown skyline.

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6Tie the Knot

Tampa Museum of Art’s outdoor wedding reception setting (Source)

Yes, you also read this one right. The Tampa Museum of Art doesn’t just have beautiful masterpieces to boast of. It also has a beautiful interior that’s perfect for special occasions like weddings.

For starters, it is one of Tampa’s few waterfront event venues. And this makes it one of the wedding venues you shouldn’t miss checking out if you’re planning to wed in Tampa.

It also has a scenic covered terrace where you can enjoy the view of both the University of Tampa Minarets and the city skyline. It can even accommodate up to 400 guests.

If you want an indoor setting, the museum also got your back. You can hold your wedding reception at the museum’s spacious atrium. It also has a beautiful outdoor terrace where you can dance your night away. The best part of it is that you may even allow your guests to explore the museum’s most current art galleries and installations located on the museum’s 2nd floor.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about what your guests will eat. The Tampa Museum of Art also has its in-house caterer that custom curates menus for each of its client. They will surely give you, as well as your guests, a menu that will reflect your vision and taste. Their efforts will surely make your special event all the more memorable.

You might be wondering now how much budget should you prepare for such trip after seeing all these things that awaits you at the museum. Take a look at the info we gathered.

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Tampa Museum of Art Rates

Unfortunately, not all good things come for free. To enjoy all of the things that awaits you, Tampa Museum of Arts has tickets available that come at a price.

The tickets for adults are at $15. But the museum also gives discounts to certain visitors. For senior citizens, for instance, they can purchase admission tickets to the museum at only $7.50. Military personnel can also get discounted tickets at $7.50. Florida educators can also avail a discount which makes their tickets cost at $7.50. If you’re a professional artist, you can purchase your ticket at $7.50 too.

Meanwhile, if you’re a student, you can purchase your ticket at a lower price. For just $5, you can already explore the whole museum. And if you are a college student and have your school ID with you, you can enjoy the museum for free. Children who are six years old and under are also free to enter the museum for free.

And if you’re an Art+ member, you also don’t have to spend a dollar. However, to become an Art+ member, you’d have to pay for the membership fee that starts at $50. In spite of that, everything will all be worth it.

Tampa Museum of Art Hours

Of course, before your visit, it is also important to know what time your targeted attraction opens and closes. In this way, you will know how you can maximize your visit or plan your day better in case you’re planning to explore other attractions nearby. As for this museum, you don’t have to worry about what day of the week you will visit. However, make sure to manage your time as the museum is only open from 10 AM to 5 PM every day except Thursday. On Thursdays, the museum opens its doors at 10 Am and closes at 8 PM.

Its café also has different operating hours. Every day, the Riverwalk Café is open between 10 AM and 4 PM. However, on Thursdays, you can spend more time at the café as it is opens at 10 AM and closes a bit later at 7 PM.

Attractions Near Tampa Museum of Art

In case you crave for more kinds of adventure that Tampa has to offer, don’t worry, there are more attractions near Tampa Museum of Art too. Check some of them out here.

Glazer Children’s Museum

Kids at play in one of Glazer Children’s Museum’s exhibits (Source)

Glazer Children’s Museum, as its name suggests, this place caters to children. But it’s not your ordinary museum filled with artifacts on display. Rather, this children’s museum offers spaces where kids will not just learn but they can also get to play through the museum’s exhibits. Through each exhibit, children can get to learn more and experience what it’s like to be an artist, a banker, doctor, veterinarian, an engineer, a farmer, and even a firefighter.

The museum even has an exhibit where they can become a drop of water! Well, not literally, though. But the exhibit, like the others, was designed to be like a playground where they can learn more about the water cycle, which gives every kid a unique imaginative play experience.

This museum is also perfect for birthday parties for children. The museum has different packages that will make any kid’s birthday party all the more memorable. In case you’re interested, you can check more details here. Glazer Children’s Museum is not just a place for learning but it is also for fun and partying. It’s one of the places in Tampa that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Dog Park

Big and small dogs enjoying the obstacles at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Dog Park (Source)

In case you’re looking for a place where you and your dog can play and bond safer, don’t forget to include Curtis Hixon Waterfront Dog Park on your list. Here, your dog will surely enjoy the obstacles. Your furry friend will surely love the grass-like area too. However, this place is not as big as other parks. In fact, the park only allows 10 dogs at a time as the space is limited. Even so, it still a nice place to visit with your dog, especially if you’re traveling on a weekday.

Downtown Crawlers

An office party made even better by Downtown Crawlers (Source)

If you have a special event to celebrate with your family and/or friends, Downtown Crawlers is one of the places to be in Tampa. For starters, its specialty is helping everyone to make celebrations all the more memorable and special. Whether it’s a bachelor or bachelorette party, holiday parties, art and music festivals, bar crawls, or whatnot, you will surely love this place. It even organizes themed scavenger hunts for kids, kids at heart, and adults. People of all ages will surely love this place.

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

An aerial photo of Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park revealing its unique aesthetics even more (Source)

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is just a stone throw away from the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Dog Park. Here, you can bring your whole family or squad. However, this place doesn’t have much activities to offer. Still, it’s one of the perfect places in Tampa where you can spend more time with your family.

Here, you can have a picnic and play other recreational activities such as badminton and Frisbee on regular days. But you can also expect some more fun activities here on holidays. At times, you can witness and even join the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival, Spring Beer Fling, and Oktoberfest. There are also health and wellness-related events that are often held at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park such as yoga sessions. At night, you can also expect movies being shown, which will make your picnics all the more memorable.

While it’s not like other attractions where you can enjoy different activities all at once, it’s still a place worth visiting because you know that there will always be something new to look forward to. In case you want to time your visit, check out the park’s website here so you’ll always be updated about what’s on.

Kiley Garden

The colors of sunset and the streetlights adding more beauty to Kiley Garden’s unique aesthetics (Source)

Kiley Garden is, of course, a site you shouldn’t miss as well. Here, you can also have a picnic with your friends and/or family. From this site, you will also be gifted with beautiful views, especially as the sun sets. Aside from that, what makes this place worth visiting is its unique design which will make your jaw drop once you see it with your own eyes.

But the best part of it is that the garden offers tours led by its staff. And through such tours, you will get to know more about the history of the place – from how it was built and even why it was named the Kiley Garden. This place isn’t just for relaxing and appreciating the beauty of nature and architecture but this place is also good for when you want to gain more knowledge and understanding about Tampa.

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

tampa florida
The stunning exteriors of Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (Source)

If you love photography or if you want to try your hand at photography, a visit to Florida Museum of Photographic Arts is a must. Here, you will surely be inspired with the museum’s exhibits.

On top of that, this museum is also one of the beautiful venues to tie the knot here in Florida. And if you were to wed here, you and your guests can also enjoy the museum’s most current exhibits. The best part of it is that from this site, you and your guests can also fill your eyes with stunning views that the city has to offer.

This place isn’t just a venue for wedding ceremonies, though. You can also rent this place for other special events like bridal shower, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and more.

You will not just be inspired by the works of art that this museum features. The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts will also make special events all the more memorable and special.

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Tampa sure has a lot to offer. Whether you’re a newbie or not, this city sure has something that will make your every visit worth the while. And, needless to say, it also has a lot of attractions for people of all ages. One of its most popular spots is its museums that offer different learnings, activities, and experiences.

Tampa has many museums, though. But of the things you shouldn’t miss is the Tampa Museum of Art. Here, you have different activities to enjoy just like what we have mentioned. And the best part of it is that it is near different attractions that we’re sure you’ll love too so don’t miss out on this museum.


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