The First State; The Small Wonder, Blue Hen State; The Diamond State; there are many names that Delaware goes by. Regardless of what we call it, the mid-Atlantic state will forever be known as a state that blends both the city life and nature perfectly. There are a lot of untouched beauties in the state and these places are definitely a must visit for those dropping by the area. Of all the parks and national parks in the area, the one that truly deserves the attention of travelers is the Delaware Water Gap.

The History of Delaware Water Gap

Located on the border of US states New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Delaware Water Gap is one of the Blue Hen State’s pride and honor. The “water gap” is created by the Delaware River as it cuts through a large ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. What results is an untouched beauty that holds all sorts of activities for solo backpackers, families, and even daredevils.

According to archeologists, the Delaware Water Gap began to form around 500 million years ago. Years of heavy weathers, natural calamities, and so much more contributed into forming what is now known as the Delaware Water Gap. To this date, it is still a treasure trove for explorers that want to catch a glimpse of the prehistoric era through stones and ancient fossils.

What to Expect in Delaware Water Gap

delaware animals
Deer spotted at the Delaware Water Gap (Source)

Seeing as it is untouched and pristine, the Delaware Water Gap is home to many wildlife including black bears, white-tailed deers, gray squirrels, raccoons, gray fox, chipmunks and more. Those who want to catch their own dinner can expect to see bass, trout, and carp in the river that creates the gap. These animals are protected and conserved by the state of Delaware too.

delaware water gap
An aerial view of the trees that you can spot at the Delaware Water Gap (Source)

Perhaps what people really look forward to when visiting the water gap is the amazing lush fauna. There are various types of trees including hickories, maples, elms, cherry, birch, and sycamores. Of course, there are an array of plants and other coniferous species as well. The abundance of fauna make the air in the Delaware Water Gap quite refreshing.

hiking delaware
A hiker filling her eyes with the great view from Mount Minsi in Delaware Water Gap (Source)

The water gap is also been made to accommodate hikers, campers, and more. There are various things to do in the Delaware Water Gap and there are some activities that people should not pass up on. Some of the best recreational activities include rafting, canoeing, swimming, fishing, and even rock climbing!

While a trip to the Delaware Water Gap may sound exciting, it is not for the traveler that makes plans on-the-go. The area is best reserved for those well-prepared for what is up ahead. Before booking flights and rooms, there are quite a few things to know about the Delaware Water Gap first and these are crucial if the traveler wants to get the most out of his experience.

What is the time zone in Delaware?

The Delaware Water Gap features activities that rely mostly on the capabilities of the human body. This basically means hiking, rafting, canoeing and others that won’t be easy to do at night. As such, people should try to avoid getting to the area at around night time as the trip can become more dangerous because of the lack of lighting.

Delaware follows the Eastern Standard Time which is essentially five hours behind the Greenwich Median Time. Travelers should keep this in mind when booking their flights. Ideally, it would be great to land on Delaware at around the afternoon. This way, people can rest up at their hotels the rest of the day while they make the trip to the Delaware Water Gap early in the morning.

What is the climate in Delaware?

Delaware has the standard four-seasons. Travelers should keep this in mind if they are planning to visit the Delaware Water Gap. Summertime gets hot and humid along the rural regions in Delaware. Luckily, summer is the best season to visit the Delaware Water Gap. The trees and the open areas make the wind cooler in most areas. If the heat of the sun becomes too much to handle, there are countless natural shades to rest in.

It would not be too wise to visit the water gap during the rainy season. Aside from making the trip uncomfortable, the rain will affect the water current in the river thus limiting the number of things travelers can do in the area. The same can be said during winter. Although there are no extreme snowing conditions in Delaware, the cool temperatures and average snowfall might make the trip to the water gap harder.

When is the best time to visit Delaware?

Delaware’s climate makes it the best to visit during the days between March to June. These are the perfect days to hike in the Delaware Water Gap as the temperature is perfectly warm and the chances of rain are very minimal. Even better is that there are fewer visitors during these days since school is still up. During these months, hotel promos are very seldom so people should expect to pay quite the sum for rooms.

delaware winter
Delaware Water Gap during Winter season (Source)

Another ideal time to visit the Delaware Water Gap is during the winter season. The hotel rates will be more accommodating as hotels are most likely to offer discounts during this time. The only downside to this is that it will be harder to trek the Delaware Water Gap. Furthermore, swimming might be off of the question because of the cold temperatures of the water.

Things that will Make Your Trip to Delaware Water Gap a Bit More Different

Delaware Water Gap is already famous for its hiking spot, the Appalachian Trail. This is because it offers a trail that’s more fun and beginner-friendly. It’s also considered as the longest hiking footpath in the world as it stretches from Maine to Georgia.

Many people also visit this place due to the paddling, kayaking, and canoeing activities that it has to offer as well. It has a nice river where you can do all of these and is also perfect for your whole family and friends.

Apart from that, it has nice camping spots for groups of friends and families. These top three attractions and activities are some of what many locals and tourists yearn to experience. Thus, they often keep on coming back.

But there is more to this awesome tourist spot. Contrary to what many people know, the Delaware Water Gap isn’t just for hiking, camping, and other family-friendly outdoor activities. Rather, it also has several attractions and spots where you can relax, shop, and experience something new. In case you’re dying to know wat they are, here are some attractions and unique things about Delaware Water Gap that you need to try aside from hiking and water activities.

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1The Deer Head Inn’s Jazz Music

band delaware
A jazz band laying their hearts out as diners enjoy their food (Source)

You might say you can just stream jazz music online but, trust us, it’s much different and better when you hear it live. The Deer Head Inn offers a live jazz performance that you will surely make you turn off your WiFi and just lend your ears to them.

delaware deer head inn
A sneak peek at the musicians performing at The Deer Head Inn (Source)

For starters, it actually operates as a bed and breakfast accommodation but it has a nice local restaurant that offers good food and good music. It will entertain you with live jazz and R & B music as you savor their delicious dishes. Because of this, many people often come here to dine as they enjoy the nice live music performances. And since it initially operates as a bed and breakfast accommodation, you can just book a room here and enjoy the place for as much as you want as you won’t have to travel far to go back to your hotel.

It’s so well-loved by many that it is considered as the oldest continuously running jazz club in the country. It’s definitely one of the attractions and unique things about Delaware Water Gap that will make you come back again and again.

2The Village Farmer and Bakery’s Delicious Goods

bakery delaware
A peek at the Village Farmer and Bakery’s exteriors (Source)

Yes, you read it right. A bakery is one of the unique things about Delaware Water Gap. Sure, bakeries are very common in almost every part of the globe but Delaware Water Gap’s bakery is a cut above the rest. What’s with this and why is a mere bakery considered as one of the things that make Delaware Water Gap unique, you say?

There is actually a bakery in Delaware Water Gap that many tourists often talk about and it is the Village Farmer and Bakery. What makes it one of the places that make the Delaware Water Gap unique is the taste of its food that you’ll probably never get to taste anywhere else in the world but here, especially its pot pie and peach pie. Both of these pies taste amazing and you should not miss trying these out when you go to Delaware Water Gap. They also have other mouth-water pies, pastries, cookies, and other desserts that are worth the try as well. Aside from the superb-tasting food, another reason why it’s famous to many is its atmosphere. It has a very notable layout of fresh produce. Additionally, it gives off a very nice hometown feel that you’ll surely enjoy.

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3The Water Gap Trolley’s Trolley Tour

delaware trolley
These vehicles will tour you around the Delaware Water Gap (Source)

A lot of cities and other tourist attractions offer trolley tours. Hence, you’ve probably tried this kind of tour. But while you’ve already tried a trolley tour in other cities, we still highly recommend that you try out the trolley tour that Delaware Water Gap has to offer. This is because, with this tour, you can get to enjoy a nice view of the area that other cities or tourist spots don’t have. You’ll also get to know more unique things about Delaware Water Gap as you’ll be toured around the area with a professional guide who’ll tell you more interesting facts. In this tour, you can also get to visit the homes that celebrities, like Arnold Palmer and Jackie Gleason, once owned. This tour can also help give you more great ideas of where to go next.

4The Renegade Winery’s Wine Tasting Experience Offers

delaware water gap renegade winery
The beautiful interiors of The Renegade Winery (Source)

France and Italy are two of the places that most people think of when talking about wine tasting. But you don’t have to travel that far. This is because another one of the unique things about Delaware Water Gap is the wine tasting tour that it offers.

From just $5, you can get to participate in a fun wine tasting event. Compared to the wine tasting tours in France and Italy, here, it’s so much cheaper. With this affordable price, you can also pair your wines with a variety of cheese, slices of bread, and chocolates. The best part is that you can get to keep your wine glass.

winery delaware
A look at the wine glass that you can get to keep (Source)

Also, the whole place is superb. You get to sit and enjoy the beautiful serene vineyard as you enjoy sipping your wine. There is also a live band to top off the whole experience.

5Cafe Duet’s Coffees and Pastries

coffee delaware
A cup of gourmet that you can definitely order at the Cafe Duet (Source)

Coffee shops are common. Probably, you already have Starbucks, Costa Coffee, or other large coffee chains in your own city. Hence, other coffee shops might not excite you that much anymore. Even so, you still need to give Delaware Water Gap’s Cafe Duet a try.

pastry delaware
Tasty pastries that you can pair with your coffee (Source)

While this is a relatively new cafe, it has already become the talk of the town. This is because of the delicious gourmet coffee that you can partner with their mouth-watering pastries and sandwiches. They serve tasty salads as well. Apart from the good food and coffee, the cafe also offers a nice atmosphere that anyone would surely love. This intimate and artsy cafe has a nice garden layout, giving off a nice homey feeling that’s so perfect that you’d want to just sit, sip a cup of coffee, and read a good book all day, making it also one of the unique things about Delaware Water Gap.

6The Unique Finds at the Hobo Chic Curious Goods

hobo chic delaware
Some of the “treasures” that you can find at the Hobo Chic Curious Goods (Source)

If you really want to experience and have something that’s one-of-a-kind, head on to Hobo Chic Curious Goods. Here, your lovely grandmothers aren’t the only ones welcome as this shop offers tons of rare items that even teens and hipsters will surely like. This is because the store sells countless antiques and vintage wares that you won’t find elsewhere.

delaware hobo chic
More neat stuff (Source)

The style of its interiors is also something to admire. If you can’t find the right item for your taste yet, you can just marvel at the historic qualities of the establishment. This shop’s rarity is also what makes up as one of the unique things about Delaware Water Gap.

hobo chic delaware
The owner of the Hobo Chic Curious Goods posing for a photo inside her unique shop (Source)

7The Delaware Water Gap Bridge

delaware bridge
An Aerial view of the Delaware Water Gap Bridge (Source)

Yup, it is what it is – a bridge. It’s a bridge that connects several regions in the US. Maybe some might just see it as an ordinary bridge as its structure may not equal the famous Golden Gate Bridge. But don’t be fooled by its simpler structure because as you cross the bridge, you’d be surprised by the scenic view that you’ll witness.

delaware river
A closer look at the Delaware River where tourists can enjoy rafting, kayaking, and canoeing (Source)

Many people who have crossed this will tell you that it’s really worth the toll fee. You’d get to see a wonderful view of the river as well as the charming town that surrounds it. Everything you see from the bridge is so picturesque. But be careful, though, as the scenic view from the bridge is such a head-turner; you might want to focus on the road first if you’re the one who’s behind the wheels.

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There are a lot of things to do in the Delaware Water Gap but it is always best to come to the area prepared. Travelers must ready a lot of items and most importantly, they should ready themselves for quite the adventure up ahead.


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