Water parks are always a fun time waiting to happen for families and solo travelers. These places accommodate people that love swimming, people that love extreme adventures, and so much more. There are countless water parks in the world we can visit but there are those that stand out among the rest easily. These places are known for their extreme slides and well-accommodating surroundings so it is no surprise that people visit these places again and again. A top water park that people should put on their bucket list is Pennsylvania’s own Splash Lagoon.

Getting Around Splash Lagoon

Splash Lagoon spans at approximately 80,000 square feet. The spacious area is able to accommodate thousands of visitors at once. As for the attractions, Splash Lagoon features seven different waterslides; Big Kahuna, Black Hole, Hurricane Hole, Cyclone, Maui Waui, Slides in Monkey Shrines Island, Python Plunge and Shark Attack. Aside from this, Splash Lagoon also has many other side attractions including Wild Water Wave Pool, Aqua Tumbler, Tiki Tipping Bucket, The Tiki Treehouse, Lazer Tag, Treetops Indoor Rope Course, Lazer Tag and many more.

Splash Lagoon bagged Water Parks Resorts Today’s award as sixth largest water parks hotels in the US. Considering the sheer number of water park hotels in the US, this is a big deal for the Pennsylvania attraction. Of course, behind the huge park and its accolades is a history that started from a plot of land to what is now known as one of the best water parks in the US.

splash lagoon
Splash Lagoons exteriors (Source)

Splash Lagoon opened its doors to the general public back in 2003. Since then, it has removed and added new attractions. Most importantly, the water park has improved throughout the years. Its first expansion came in 2004 when the owners of the water park decided to add two new slides, the Python Plunge and the Shark Attack. The slides were made available for use in 2005 along with the opening of Boston’s Restaurant and Sports Bar.

In 2011, the management finally opened a long-awaited 30,000 square foot wave pool. It was the third largest indoor water park in the country with its arrival. During the same year, management decided to add the Treetops Indoor Rope Course which allowed the extreme and adventurous to climb up to 30 feet besides major attractions such as the Shark Attack.

Splash Lagoon is a water park first, and a hotel second. Its biggest attractions are and will always be the slides and pools in the area. With its history and brief summary of the park in mind, it is now time to prepare ourselves for the time of our lives when visiting this special water park at the heart of the Keystone State.

What Time is Splash Lagoon Open?

Splash Lagoon is not open all week long. However, their website shows the schedule they are following for weeks to come. The water park is commonly open from Fridays to Mondays in as early as 9 AM and as late as 9 PM. Since there are great hotels in and around Splash Lagoon, people can easily find rooms to stay in so that they can enjoy the water park the next day.

All people have to do know is to plan their trips ahead. Pennsylvania is in the Eastern Standard Time which is roughly 5 hours behind the Greenwich Median Time. It would be best to book a flight and rides that would allow travelers to reach Splash Lagoon at around the afternoon or morning so that they can get the most out of their day.

As for months to visit, it would be great to visit the area during summer time or around June to September. However, since there is no school during this period, people should expect heavy crowds and a lot of kids on the water park. It will be a good choice to beat the heat though so it might be best to just go along with the crowd.

For those that want to avoid heavy crowds, then the days between November to December are the best times to visit. However, the pools will be very cold during this time so families should prepare apt clothing beforehand. Since there are many hot tubs in Splash Lagoon, they could warm up if things get too cold.

Splash Lagoon Rates

Since the highlight of Splash Lagoon is its fantastic water attractions, people should try out their day passes. An all day pass is priced around $35-$50 depending on the month. Holders of this pass will be entitled to use almost all of the water park’s attractions for an entire day. It will surely be a fun time ahead.

splash lagoon promos
Some of the promos you can avail this season (Source)

This coming New Year’s Eve, Splash Lagoon is offering a special package for families that want to end the year with a bang. For as low as $378, families of up to four who avail the special package will be entitled to an overnight stay, free breakfast, four Splash Passes on both days of the stay, a $30 restaurant gift card, a $25 arcade card, 2 souvenir cups, and 2 souvenir beach towels.

Perhaps the best package people can avail at Splash Lagoon is the Ultimate Experience which is the perfect deal to buy for families that want to get the most out of the water park. For as low as $478, families are entitled to the following: an overnight stay, free breakfast, four Splash Passes on both days of the stay, a $50 restaurant card, four Treetops Rope Course passes, four Lazer Tag sessions, four Aqua Tumbler Rides, four $5 arcade cards and four ice cream cones.

There is a lot of fun to be had at Splash Lagoon so families should begin booking their flights and tickets fast. This water parks trip will surely be memorable and the kids are most likely going to ask when the next trip to it will happen. At such affordable rates and nice rooms, Splash Lagoon is the perfect getaway from a busy schedule. Here are some of the best things to do in Splash Lagoon.

Why Choose Splash Lagoon?

We always associate Summer with water parks. This is because no one wants to play in the water when it’s freezing cold outside. But with Splash Lagoon attractions, it’s always Summer all year-long. With the amenities and attractions that it can offer, you’ll really feel like you don’t want to leave the place. Here are some of the top Splash Lagoon attractions that are always fun to try no matter what season it is.

1Its 10 Waterslides

splash lagoon slides
A peek at the Tiki Tree House (Source)

Some of the best Splash Lagoon attractions are its 9 waterslides. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, these waterslides are always open. But don’t worry, though, as these water attractions are heated enough to put a smile on your face. The best of it all is that it’s indoor so you won’t have to worry if you don’t want to get tanned or if it starts snowing outside.

The Tiki Tree House

This waterslide is probably the tallest among the other waterslide Splash Lagoon attractions. To give you an idea, this attraction is as tall as a 5-story building. Plus, it offers 12 levels of activities. It’s really something that will keep your heart pumping.

Big Kahuna

splash lagoon waterslide
A first person view inside the Big Kahuna slide (Source)

Right from the start of the slide, expect to get drenched already because of its mini falls. Here, you’ll hop on a tube then enjoy the thrilling twists and turns of the slide.

Black Hole

splash lagoon slide
A photo of the Black Hole slide from the outside (the yellow slide)(Source)

As its name suggests, this slide will send you a really good thrill as you slide down without seeing anything! You’ll only see the lights once you blast into the pool below. It’s so thrilling and scary at the same that many people avoid this. See how brave you are and try this waterslide.


splash cyclone slide
Father and daughter on a double tube enjoying the Cyclone (Source)

The Cyclone is yet another one of the best waterslide Splash Lagoon attractions that will test your courage. In fact, many people say that it’s one of the scariest rides that daunted them so much that they didn’t even give this a try. Even so, the thrill that it will give you is priceless as this ride will launch you into a big mammoth bowl of spinning water that will whirl you around several times before throwing you into a pool.

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Hurricane Hole

splash lagoon slide
An aerial view of The Hurricane Splash Lagoon waterslide (Source)

Hurricane hole is the biggest of all the waterslide Slash Lagoon attractions. To give you an idea of how this slide looks like, its structure kind of resemble the Cyclone but it’s much bigger. Also, it will blast you up to 40 mph torpedoing into the huge bowl-styled slide before hurling you into a 6-ft. deep pool.

Maui Wowie

splash lagoon slide
A kid enjoying the Maui Wowie slide (Source)

If you’re looking for another fast waterslide, Maui Wowie is also a must-try. It also has several turns that will leave a smile on your face as you reach the end of the slide.

Shark Attack

Splash lagoon slides
A girl wearing a big smile as she reaches the bottom of the Shark Attack slide (Source)

Also another one of the waterslide Splash Lagoon attractions that are waiting for you at the said water park is the Shark Attack. Like the Maui Wowie, it’s also a fast water slide. However, it has more surprising twists and turns that will keep your heart pumping.

Monkey Shines Island

splash lagoon attraction
Mother and daughters having a fun time at Splash Lagoon’s water area (Source)

The Monkey Shines Island is not a water slide, though. It’s rather a new play area. But it’s included on this list as it has three more slides. However, it’s not for the adults, though. This newly added play area complete with water slides is meant for little squirts who can’t or are not allowed in the big water slides.

22 Whirlpool Areas

Splash lagoon whirlpool
Families enjoying the all-ages Frog Pond whirlpool (Source)

Aside from the exciting waterslide Splash Lagoon attractions, you can also get to dip in the resort’s two whirlpool areas. What’s even better is that these areas are perfect for everyone.

The Frog Pond

This area is designed to resemble a pond adorned with frog statues and painted walls that will make you feel a bit closer to nature. It also featured frog fountains as well that kids will truly appreciate.

The Lava Pool

splash lagoon whirlpool
Children playing and posing for a memorable photo at the Lava Pool (Source)

Unlike the Frog Pond, this whirlpool area may not look as playful as the former. However, it’s much relaxing and is perfect for any age.

3A Big Wave Pool

splash lagoon wave pool
A wider view of the Slash Lagoon’s big wave pool (Source)

Another one of the top Splash Lagoon attractions that will also make you never want to leave is its huge wave pool. Opened in 2011, this big wave pool is so humongous that it’s considered as the biggest wave pool in the Eastern US. To help give you a better idea of its size, note that it can store 200,00 gallons of water and its waves can reach a height of up to 6 feet. Like the other water attractions that Splash Lagoon has, this wave pool is also found indoors. So if you want to catch some waves in the middle of the Winter, the Splash Lagoon’s heated wave pool will surely welcome you with open arms.

Like the other water attractions that Splash Lagoon has, this wave pool is also found indoors. So if you want to catch some waves in the middle of the Winter, the Splash Lagoon’s heated wave pool will surely welcome you with open arms.

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4Lazy River

splash lagoon lazy river
Everyone’s all smiles and having fun at the Lazy River (Source)

Like most water parks, the Splash Lagoon also has a lazy river. This lets you relax and take a break from the adrenaline that its water slides brought you. Also, you can get to appreciate the water park even more in this area. But there’s a twist that makes the water park one-of-a-kind and that’s its waterfall that will add more fun.

5The Restaurant and Bar

splash lagoon grill
A peek at Laguna Grill’s menu (Source)

If the Splash Lagoon attractions made you hungry, you can fuel up at the restaurants that the resort has to offer. Even if you only have two restaurants to choose from, it still has a wide variety of food on its menu that will definitely satisfy your palate. They also have a bar for adults to enjoy as well.

The Laguna Grill

As you take a break from all of the action in the water park, you can refuel and satisfy your cravings at the Laguna Grill. This restaurant offers countless dishes, including burgers, pizza, french fries, desserts, and so much more. Everyone will surely love each item on its menu.

Hooch and Blotto’s Sports Bar and Grill

splash lagoon grill
Hooch and Blotto’s Sports Bar and Grill’s crispy cod tacos (Source)

This restaurant has a more vintage style atmosphere. Still, everyone will enjoy. Like the Laguna Grill, it also serves delicious dishes. In addition to that, it has a bar that serves craft beer as you watch sports on its 70 and 80-inch flat-screen TVs. They also have two 120-inch projector screens so you’ll never miss any detail in the game. What’s even better is that it has a bowling area too.

nt has a more vintage style atmosphere. Still, everyone will enjoy. Like the Laguna Grill, it also serves delicious dishes. In addition to that, it has a bar that serves craft beer as you watch sports on its 70 and 80-inch flat-screen TVs. They also have two 120-inch projector screens so you’ll never miss any detail in the game. What’s even better is that it has a bowling area too.

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6Souvenir Shop

splash lagoon souvenir shop
The exteriors of Splash Lagoon and its souvenir shop (Source)

Of course, you need something to remember this fun trip at the Splash Lagoon too. To make sure that you’ll also get to take home the good memories physically, you can shop for souvenirs at its local souvenir shop. Tell everyone that you’ve conquered some of the thrilling Splash Lagoon attractions like its gigantic waterslides by showing them some pieces of souvenir items that you can only buy from the water park’s local shop.

Aside from souvenir items, they also have other stuff for when you forgot to bring some necessary items like swim gears. From beach towels to water squirt toys, they have everything.

7Programs and Events

Aside from the action from Splash Lagoon attractions, another thing that you’ll love about this water park is its programs and other special events. Now that the Holiday season is fast approaching, don’t miss out on the special programs that the water park has to offer such as Here Comes Santa (an event as a celebration for the nearing Christmas day), Splash After Dark (a dance party that features a live DJ), New Year’s Eve party, and so much more.

Splash Lagoon is everything that adventure seekers, as well as those who love swimming, could ask for. It has everything in its area plus it’s a nice place to visit to enjoy water adventures no matter what the season is. Hence, you’ll definitely wouldn’t want to leave.


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