The European continent is filled with historical sights to see and cultures to experience. If you are a traveler, there’s a good chance that you’ll spend most of your time looking up places in Europe. From Italy to France, you are never short on places to visit. One of the best countries to backpack around in is Germany but that’s saying a lot considering how big the country is. However, if you happen to pass by Bremen, we suggest you stay there for a few days or so as the number of sights to see and things to do are many. This is one of the best experiences in Germany and let us show you why.

Bremen is a Hanseatic city in the northwestern region of Germany. It belongs to the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen which is also a federal state of Germany. At its core, this city municipality is a cultural and economic hub in Germany’s northern regions. It is the home of many galleries which showcases historical paintings, sculptures, and more.

Civilization in Bremen first appeared during 12,000 BC. Burial places and settlements within the areas have been around for millennia now. These settlements continued to develop and by the third century, there were already major civilizations around. Most prominently, the Saxons made Bremen their home to the time.

The city began to grow even further by the year 1000 when the first stone walls were built to protect a then growing civilization. During that same period, trade between Norway, England, and the Netherlands grew more prominent. At the center of it all as somewhat of a hub of Bremen, thus making the city more popular than others.

In the following centuries, Bremen was ravaged by war and territorial disputes. It destroyed historic monuments, and it resulted in the foundation of new ones. The early centuries of Bremen were bloody and filled with turmoil but alas, we cannot hope to understand the present and the future if we do not look into the past.

For a short period, Bremen became an independent nation under the name of The Soviet Republic of Bremen. It was established after the first World War and it existed only from January to February 1919. The independent nation didn’t last long as it was overthrown by Gerstenberg Freikorps.

The second World War also took its toll on Bremen. Nearly 60% of the built up Bremen at the time was destroyed by Allied bombings. Luckily, the city municipality was able to rise against the odds to become the beauty that it is today.

In the current century, Bremen plays a big part in attracting tourists to Germany and it is because of all the places we could visit in it. The culture and historical landmarks in Bremen are quite the sights to behold as well. We’re sure you’re eager to get here as soon as you can but before anything else, let’s look at everything you should know first.

How To Get To Bremen

If you want to travel to Bremen, you are in luck as it is relatively easy to do thanks to Bremen Airport located in the southwestern portion of the region. This airport has low-fare and holiday flights so if you plan your trip properly, you can avoid hefty fares. Ryanair offers regional to Bremen from other nearby so it will be easy to get in  but you will have to make more than one trip. However, since Ryanair offers limited flights, your best bet is booking a flight with Star Alliance or Skyteam. Their vast connection of international flights are sure to get you to Bremen regardless of where you are coming from.

You can easily get to Bremen if you are already in Germany. There are regular and frequent train services that connect the station called Bremen Hauptbahnhof with the rest of Germany. If you are in Hamburg, you can take an hour long train ride to Bremen. Areas like Hanover and Ruhr take over an hour for a trip to Bremen. Do take note that train tickets are quite expensive in Germany but if you book earlier, you could save up a few dollars.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you can visit any parts of Germany including Bremen for 90 days as a tourist without a visa.

Budget For Bremen

The average budget for Bremen is around $68 daily. You’ll approximately spend $36 for accomodation, $20 for food and water, and $18 for transportation. A lot of the attractions in Bremen are free so most of your expenses will be for your food, accomodation and transportation. If you’re up to it, be sure to bring at least an extra $200 for souvenirs and other extra stuff. Remember, Germany is a food lover’s heaven so you might want to bring extra for food.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Bremen

Considering the weather, the best months to visit Bremen are in May, June and September. The weather during this time is cool and fresh, making walks a lot more relaxing and fun. Moreover, discounts on hotels and flights are readily available during this time. What’s best is that these months are the peak season for tourists so you won’t be brushing shoulders with a ton of people.

You may also want to schedule your trip in accordance with Bremen Freimarkt and the Bremen Carnival. These are grand and spectacular events in the city that you can freely take part of if your are around. Christmas time in Bremen is also great too as the city turns into a Christmas wonderland. Be forewarned though that rates are higher during this period and tourists are very common as well.

Bremen Germany’s Most Interesting Places

A lot of tourists flock Bremen Germany almost every day. In fact, it is considered as one of the popular tourist destinations in Germany. We can’t blame anyone though, as Bremen, indeed, has a lot of activities to offer. In addition to that, this city is filled to the brim with beautiful and compelling tourist destinations as well. It’s a city that you shouldn’t pass on too. In case you’re considering visiting this city, here are some of the activities and the most interesting places in Bremen Germany that we highly recommend.

1Cathedral Museum

bremen germany
Some items on display inside the Cathedral Museum (Source)

Located inside St. Peter’s Cathedral, this museum has a lot of interesting stuff in store. Explore it and you’ll find hidden easter eggs such as stone reliefs, statues, and frescoes. There’s also a painting made by Lucas Cranach the Elder on display. You can even find mummies!

These gems were discovered after restorations in the 1970s and 80s took place. There, they discovered artifacts that are now being displayed at the museum. They even discovered graves of eight medieval bishops where they found the chalices, vestments, rings, and a staff that were also included in the exhibit.

2Bremen City Hall

bremen germany
The impressive exteriors of Bremen City Hall (Source)

Nope, the picture above is neither a cathedral nor a luxury hotel with an impressive Gothic design. Apparently, it is Bremen’s City Hall and it’s one of the most interesting places in Bremen Germany. Needless to say, this is because of its beautiful architectural design that captures even the locals’ attention. As a matter of fact, it’s so beautifully made that in 2005, it gained a UNESCO World Heritage status and is considered as one of the most beautiful civic buildings in all Europe. The best part of it is that you aren’t just allowed to marvel at its beauty from the outside but you can also explore it on the inside.

Bremen’s tourist office offer tours from 11 AM to 4 PM. Don’t miss a chance to see this beaut.

3Haus Des Glockenspiels (Glockenspiel House)

bremen germany
The rotating bricks at The Haus Des Clockenspiels (Source)

The Haus Des Glockenspiels (or the Glockenspiel House in English) may look like an ordinary brick building at first glance. But don’t be fooled. Apparently, Haus Des Glockenspiels is included on this list of the most interesting places in Bremen Germany because once the clock turns 12 NN, from January to March, you’ll be in for a surprise. You’ll see its wooden panels rotate as you hear thirty bells, made from Meissen porcelain, play folk songs. Don’t worry if you miss it at 12NN, though. From January to March, the carillon chimes three times a day so you can still wait until it’s 3 or 6 PM to see. The rest of the year, you’ll hear it chime every hour from 12 NN to 6 PM. It’s cute and you won’t see a building like this anywhere but here so if you’re in Bremen, don’t miss a chance to see this too.

4Schnoor Quarter

bremen germany
A glimpse at some of the 15th and 16th-century houses along Schnoor Quarter’s narrow alleys (Source)

Once known as Bremen’s poorest areas, the Schnoor Quarter is now one of the most interesting spots in Bremen Germany that’s rich in attractions for both tourists and locals. Here, you can get to see beautiful timber-framed houses that date between 1400s and 1500s. Back in the day, Schnoor Quarter was filled with houses where Bremen’s fishing community resided. But now, it’s filled with cafes, galleries, and restaurants that are frequented by both locals and tourists. There are several handicraft shops where you can find cute or unique items to take home with you. Aside from the fact that you can get to fill your tummies with good food and fill your bags with good finds from its souvenir shops and restos, you can also get to marvel at the beautiful architecture that every commercial establishment has in the Schnoor Quarter.


bremen germany
Universum’s unique futuristic exteriors (Source)

Universum definitely catches everyone’s attention even from afar because of its unique futuristic metallic exteriors that kind of resembles a mussel shell. But its exterior design isn’t the only reason why we listed it as one of the most interesting places in Bremen Germany. Rather, the treasure that it hides inside is also worth the buzz.

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You see, it has more than 300 exhibits waiting to be explored. And each one of them will challenge your minds to solve problems and experiment. The Universum has three main zones – Nature, Technology, and Humans. Each of these zones is filled with models, games, and displays that are all the more intelligently designed that are made to make complex concepts more digestible. Every corner of this place is definitely filled with fun and is educating. You’ll even find more interactive experiments waiting for you outside. It’s a place where people of all ages will love.

6Das Viertel

bremen germany
The busy streets of Bremen’s Das Viertel at noon (Source)

If you want a more lively place in Bremen Germany, head on to Das Viertel. This place is known as the most colorful district in Bremen. It has a lot of bars that aren’t just unique but cater to younger travelers as well. It even has live music venues too. But what makes Das Viertel unique among other places in Bremen Germany is that it has a lot to offer for every traveler.

If you’re not in for some party, Das Viertel still as several places for you to enjoy. It has a few museums for the artsy people. One of which is the Kunsthalle Museum that is filled with sculptures, paintings, and prints and media art gathered from the past 600 years. Das Viertel also has Thater am Goetheplatz where you can witness musical performances and plays. Some are even free admission!

Das Viertel is also a shopping haven, especially for those who love vintage items. It has boutiques, family-run businesses, and vintage shops where you can also buy unique souvenir items.

7Bremer Geschichtenhaus

bremen germany

Bremer Geschichtenhaus’ re-enactors playing out a scene from the past (Source)

Speaking of museums and performances, don’t miss out Bremer Geschichtenhaus too. It’s a museum and it’s kind of a theater.

Museums and live performances are two of the best things to see whenever we visit a new place. The former is very educational and it lets you take a peek at a certain place’s past while the latter is entertaining; some even allows you to see a glimpse of a place’s history as well. But if you don’t have much time to visit each of them, why not visit a place that can do both?

Located just around the Schnoor Quarter, you’ll find Bremer Geschichtenhaus, a living museum. Basically, it’s a museum where you’ll find historical re-enactors, dressed up in an outfit from the 1600s to 1900s, who’ll play out important scenes from Bremen’s past. The exhibits are ordered chronologically. This will experience will bring you through plague outbreaks that happened in the 17th century up to even the height of coffee and chocolate trading days in Bremen in the 1800s.

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However, the performances are usually in German. English speakers would have to book in advance first so the living museum can accommodate you. For more information or for reservations, you can click here.


bremen germany
A look at Marktplatz’s Christmas market (Source)

Marktplatz is also one of the most interesting spots in Bremen Germany. This is because it serves as a home to many of the city’s most popular attractions too. It has several architectural structures and historical landmarks to boast of and it is also a place to go on a walking tour. But if you’re looking for more fun, be sure to visit this place around late November until Christmas.

In case you don’t know yet, Marktplatz is Bremen’s most popular and interesting spot a few weeks before and during Christmas. During this season, you will find Christmas Market (also known as Bremer Weihnachtsmarkt). It’s a spectacular celebration of the season that lasts for even a month until Christmas. It’s especially fun at night because of the festive lights that are on display.

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At Marktplatz, Freimarkt is also held often. It’s an ancient fair that started for nearly 1,000 years ago. This place is a must see just like the other interesting spots in Bremen Germany mentioned above.

Bremen Germany, indeed, has a lot of tourist attractions and activities to offer. No wonder many people frequent this city. For that reason, if you’re traveling to Germany, don’t forget to add Bremen on your travel itinerary. Aside from these interesting spots in Bremen Germany that we just mentioned, there sure is a lot more waiting to be discovered.

Have you been here? Which places did you enjoy the most? If you haven’t, which ones are you planning to visit? Tell us in the comment section below.


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