Summer is nearing. Have you planned your summer vacation yet? If not, then we highly suggest that you consider Turks and Caicos all inclusive resorts. No matter what kind of travel experience you’re looking for, such resorts in Turks and Caicos will surely have something for you to enjoy.

Summer, for some, is a time to escape their country and visit places that offer colder weather. Hence, they will run to Greenland or other places in the northern or southernmost part of the globe to experience a snowy wonderland and escape from the hot temperatures.

But for many, it is the best time to hit the beach or anywhere tropical where you can enjoy the sun more. During this season, it’s easy for people to think of the popular summer destinations like the Philippines, Hawaii, Maldives, Greece, etc. This is because they are known to offer some of the best beaches in the world. But if you’re in U.K., you don’t have to travel too far.

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All you have to do is check out the Turks and Caicos Islands which is equally blessed with beautiful beaches. Plus, you get to enjoy all-inclusive resorts that will make your vacation all the more convenient, fun, relaxing, exciting, and more.

Getting to Know Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a paradise that’s made up of more than 40 coral islands. It offers a wealth of natural scenery, including crystal blue waters and soft white sand beaches. In addition to that, it boasts of stunning coral reefs. And we’re not just talking about beautiful coral reefs in a certain small part in the area. Apparently, the coral islands is known as the third largest coral system in the world. Turks and Caicos also serves as a home to the world’s only conch farm, which makes it a summer destination that you don’t want to miss.

Throughout the islands, you can also get to enjoy various activities based on your liking. What we love about this place is that it isn’t just for a vacation. Because of its natural beauty, this place is also a nice place for celebrating special occasions, especially weddings.

In addition to that, it is also one of the few places in the world where you can get to see glowing waters. Nothing supernatural, though. It’s just the work of marine worms called odontosyllis performing a mating ritual which illuminates the waters. Still, it’s a cool unique sight not to miss too as it doesn’t always happen in all parts of the world.

When to Go

Turks and Caicos offers a dry and sunny tropical climate with temperatures averaging between 23 and 28 °C. However, it still does experience hurricanes, especially between the months of Jun and November. Thus, you might want to avoid traveling during those months.

Turks and Caicos’ busiest season is between November and March. Hence, expect more tourists. This is also the time when you can enjoy more activities as the activities and tours on the islands are based on this season.

What to Bring

Aside from your clothes and other summer vacation essentials, we also suggest that you pack a strong insect repellant. There are many mosquitos in the area and you don’t want to be eaten alive as you enjoy your dinner. Also, the insect repellant in the islands are a bit overpriced. The usual $5 one can even cost you $20 on the Turks and Caicos.

We also suggest that you prepare your budget before you travel to the islands. This is because it’s going to be an expensive trip, from your accommodation and even to your transportation.

This touristy island of Providenciales has an expensive reputation. Taxis are readily available at the airport but they come at an expensive price tag. In fact, a ride to a hotel which is less than 10 minutes away could cost $20 for two persons, one way. Drinks are expensive too. A rum punch could cost you $18. A three-hour island tour could cost you more than $100.

But every cent is all worth it as you’re paying for immaculate and unparalleled service, fine dining, and luxurious accommodations. Of course, you’re also paying for a memorable experience.

The accommodations at the islands range in price, though. But if you’re not on a budget, we highly suggest that you check out Turks and Caicos all inclusive resorts a vacation unlike any other.

And if your interest is piqued, we listed some of the must-see Turks and Caicos all inclusive resorts. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, for more adventures, or even for a place to spend your honeymoon, Turks and Caicos Islands has something for everyone.

Turks and Caicos All-Inclusive Accommodations

Turks and Caicos is lined with numerous all-inclusive hotels. And if budget is not a problem, here is where to book depending on the kind of vacation you want to experience.

1Beach House Turks and Caicos

Beach House Turks and Caicos’ beachfront area (source)

Beach House Turks and Caicos a 21-suite resort that offers unpretentious luxury. Providing a unique environment, this place will help you unwind, renew, and unplug. Aside from the luxurious resort accommodation, their all-inclusive package also lets you enjoy all meals at any of the resort’s restaurants which makes it a great place for foodies. On top of that, you can also enjoy unlimited domestic and premium beverages. And for those who are fitness buffs, you don’t have to worry about exercising as the resort has a fitness room on site that’s open for 24 hours. The best part of checking into this resort is that you can also gain an all-inclusive access to its sister resorts Blue Haven and Alexandra.

In addition to that, the resort offers various activities that will make your stay even more fun. Some of the all-inclusive water sports activities include stand up paddle boarding that allows you to enjoy the water more or maybe even do some exercise. Kayaking is also included and you should try it too to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters of the island.

Beach House Turks and Caicos also offers sailboats that you can use to practice your sailing skills. It is also perfect for when you want to enjoy nature.

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This resort also has tennis courts to offer to guests who are sporty. Guided tours and lessons are also available at the resort.

2Alexandra Resort

Alexandra Resort’s gorgeous pool (source)

Most Turks and Caicos all inclusive resorts come with expensive price tags. But Alexandra Resort is quite different. While it is still not as cheap as the regular resort that we’re used to, it is still much affordable than the other all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos. And even if it offers lower prices, you can still get to enjoy luxury and the beauty.

For starters, this resort offers 90 suites for you to choose from, providing you spacious patios and decks. In this way, you can still enjoy the tropical weather and the sun even when you’re at the comfort of your room.  The best part of it is that kids 12 years old and below can get to stay, eat, and play for free.

Like Beach House Turks and Caicos, Alexandra also lets you enjoy water sports activities such as stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, catamaran sailing, and snorkeling. The resort also has pools.

At its restaurant, you can satisfy your craving with its American dishes but you can also get to try out the local cuisine. Aside from the delicious meals served, you can also get to fill eyes with beautiful views of the grace Bay beach.

 And the best part of it is that you can also get to have an all-inclusive access to its sisters resorts.

3Beaches Turks and Caicos

A peek at Beaches Turks and Caicos’ waterpark’s giant slides (source)

If you’re traveling with your family, we highly suggest Beaches Turks and Caicos. There is actually a handful of accommodation options in the island that caters to families. But Beaches Turks and Caicos is one of the all-inclusive resort that nearly has everything for everyone, which made us love it even more. This place features five villages that boast of the architecture and ambiance of Italy, France, the Caribbean, and Key West. It also has 21 gourmet restaurants.

But what makes it even more unique is that it has its own waterpark that has huge waterslides that which will make your heart pumping. There is also a surf simulator for those who want to try surfing. The waterpark also has a kids only swim-up bar, water cannons, splash deck, lazy river, and more features and attractions that kids and even kids at heart will love.

This resort also has an Xbox Play Lounge. As its name suggests, it is a spot in the resort where you can test you skills, challenge your squad, and play with your family for free and unlimited.

Of course, watersports and other water activities are available too, including waterskiing, tubing, and aquatrikes. Windsurking, kayaking, and paddleboarding are available too. You can also explore the waters beneath the surface through snorkeling and snuba. Hobie cats and glass bottom boats are also available.

If you’re not into water activities or if you are a sporty person, don’t worry, this resort also has a place for you. Beaches Turks and Caicos also has a courts and areas for basketball, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, and table tennis. The resort also lets you enjoy croquet, billiards, shuffleboard, golf, bocce ball, and horseshoes. You can also get to play lawn chess, board games, and cards. The site also has a fitness center so you don’t have to worry about staying fit even while you’re on a vacation.


Turkoise’s beautiful pool (source)

Unlike the Beaches Turks and Caicos all inclusive resort, Turkoise is not that that big to house a waterpark on site. But this place is still worth considering as it also offers various activities and relaxation. Like the previouse Turks and Caicos all inclusive resorts we first mentioned, Turkoise also offers various water sports and activities that will make you enjoy the island’s waters more. Apart from that, it also offers sports activities that you will enjoy whether you are sporty or just a newbie. But what we love about this resort is that it offers more for those who want to unwind and relax.

Apparently, Turkoise has spa partners that will pamper you. On top of that, wellness classics are also available such as yoga to relieve you from stress and anxiety. Here, you can also enjoy sauna and hammam that will melt your stress away literally and figuratively. You can also join pilates sessions that will not just help you to relax but will also help you strengthen your muscles.

Nightly entertainment and dancing are also available. So don’t forget to see what’s on as the sun sets.

The only downside is that you only have two restaurants and two bars to choose from. But the good thing about it is that their menu changes every night so you’ll never get bored and you’ll always have something new to try out.

5East Bay Resort

Inside East Bay Resort’s bedroom villa giving you views of the beach (source)

East Bay Resort also offers an all-inclusive experience to its guests. Whether you are traveling with your significant other or your whole family, this place is also worth considering for the inclusive that it offers such as airport transfers and unlimited Wi-Fi even when you’re at the beach.

There’s no need to stress where you should eat next as the resort has a restaurant on site. The best part of it is that you can get to choose your meal from an array of both international and island flavors. Seafood dishes are also freshly caught from the surrounding ocean. As for the drinks, you can get to enjoy unlimited house spirits, wines, and beers.

East Bay is also a place to be for when you just want to relax. The resort has an in-house spa, the Ayur Spa, where you can get relaxing massages. Plus, you can get to choose whether you can get massages at the spa or at the privacy of your own suite.

And speaking of suite, of course, you can also get to enjoy a beautiful suite with a private balcony. On top of that, you can get to enjoy the magnificent view of the ocean from here.

If you want to get active, the resort also offers numerous activities where you can explore the sea and land. Checking in this resort also lets you explore the turquoise water surrounding the site via snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, as well as kitesurfing. And if you want to explore the land, you can grab a scooter, bike or you can rent a car. The resort can also arrange a tour for you where you can have a private picnic on one of the eight secluded beaches near the resort.


Amanyara’s beautiful pavilions with grand reflecting ponds (source)

Amanyara is yet another place to be when you’re looking for a relaxing place for a retreat. Here, you have a number of accommodation options. You can choose to stay between its beautiful pavilions with a tranquil pond, grand luxurious villas surrounded by tropical vegetation and wildlife, and ocean pavilion that’s positioned along the oceanfront with pathways that will lead you to the rocky shore. Apart from the gorgeous accommodations, the resort also provides a restaurant on site that will give you the best dining experience, opening your eyes and palette to delicious Caribbean cuisine.

The best part of it and probably what makes it unique is that it has a perfect location where you can explore both the ocean marine life and the jungle rainforest.

If you wish to explore the coastline, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and Hobie Cats are available. Water skiing and kiteboarding can be enjoyed too when the season is right.

And if you want to delve deeper into the island’s beautiful waters, you can too. Amanyara also offers scuba and snorkeling activities where you can explore the magnificent coral and wall formations that the island offers.

And because of its perfect location, you can also take an eco hike accompanied by a naturalist. Through this activity, you can get an opportunity to discover the flora that the island houses. Plus, you can spot migratory birds in the forest, as well as those that are in the shoreline. You can even get to enjoy a private picnic.

7The Palms Turks and Caicos

The Palms Turks and Caicos’ uniquely-designed pool facing the beach (source)

The Palms Turks and Caicos is another place to consider, especially if you’re looking for a place to relax. Aside from the gorgeous suites where you can get to enjoy beautiful views from the island, this place is also known for its moonbathing. For this experience, you can experience mini spa treatments and after-dinner cocktails and snacks on lounge chairs right on the beach. What makes it even more unique is that you can get to enjoy it under the bright stars in Turks and Caicos. And don’t worry if you want a more relaxing setting as the resort has its own spa area too.

This place is also for the foodies. Like the other Turks and Caicos all inclusive resorts, The Palms Turks and Caicos also has its own restaurants. But what makes it stand out is that it doesn’t just give you a taste of the local cuisine. This resort’s restaurants also offer other cuisines such as Asian and African. You’ll not just get to travel the U.K. through your palette but you can also explore Asia and Africa too without having to travel miles.

Complimentary non-motorized water sports are also available when you check in at this resort. With this, you can get to explore the warm waters of the island more for free.

8Kokomo Botanical Resort and Spa

Kokomo Botanical Resort and Spa’s beach area (source)

For a more luxurious vacation, Kokomo Botanical Resort and Spa is something to be considered. Like the other Turks and Caicos all inclusive resorts, Kokomo also offers well-designed luxurious rooms. But what sets this resort apart is that you can enjoy a complimentary solar-powered beach mobile that will take you to and fro the Grace Bay Beach, all local bars in the area, restaurant, and event shopping centers day and night.

In addition to that, the resort offers butler service available on call and on demand 24/7, which will make you feel a real VIP in the island. And the best part of it is that the service is already included in the resort’s standard room rate from the moment you arrive until the time you depart.

And like the other resorts in the island, you can also get to enjoy water activities such as snorkeling in the barrier reef. But what sets this place even more apart from the others is that it offers horseback riding activities.

And as its name suggests, it has a lush botanical garden. And you can tour it for free too. You can even enjoy a Paradise Photo package where you can capture your vacation enjoying the resort’s tropical garden by a world-class photographer.

There are indeed a lot of places in the world that are worth considering. And as the summer season nears, many of them are starting to offer enticing deals. But before you say yes to any offer, we highly suggest that you check out summer destinations in U.K. too. Turks and Caicos is one of them. It may cost you a bit more than the other summer destinations out there but you’re guaranteed that every penny spent is worth it as you’re not just paying for a place to sleep but you’re paying for unparalleled service, picturesque views, delicious food, and experience that you will always remember.

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