Summer may not be around the corner any time now. But no matter what season it is in your area, it will always be summer at the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City.

By now, some of you are probably familiar with the Great Wolf Lodge after we’ve mentioned our most recommended water parks of America. However, we didn’t really dig into more of what awaits you there. In case this waterpark intrigues you or if it’s new to you, fret not as we can give you a closer look at this one of the best indoor water parks in the US so you can plot your “summer” trip to Kansas better even when it’s winter.

Inside the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City

For starters, there is actually a lot of great Wolf Lodge branches around the US

 Great Wolf Lodge is one of the best places to be when you’re in Kansas City. This is because no matter what time of the year it is, you will surely enjoy it because of its indoor setting. So you won’t have to worry about how the weather could ruin your swimming.

But aside from that, it also has more features that will make your visit all the more fun. Kids and even kids at heart will surely love it. Here’s what’s inside the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City.


Of course, when one visits a waterpark, it is common to take a look at its rides and/or slides to see which ones should you first try out for some adrenaline rush. For the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City, you can enjoy a number of attractions that are suited for your age.

A glimpse of the great wolf Lodge’s Fort Mackenzie (Source)
  • Alberta Falls – Alberta Falls is actually a four-story slide full of fun. Popular to many visitors, this slide is suited even for children at least 3 feet. You can hop on a single tube or tag your friend for a tandem tube ride and enjoy the water slide that will take you right outside the building and back in again before your final drop into the plunge pool.
  • Fort Mackenzie – This attraction, compared to the Alberta Falls has different levels for different ages. It has different levels of slides and interactive water toys and kid-activated splash features that even toddlers will enjoy.
  • Racoon Lagoon – Raccoon Lagoon, on the other hand, has no towering slides. But this attraction boasts of a water play area with fountains and plenty of poolside seating that’s perfect for when you just want to get a good tan. The best part of it is that people of all ages can enjoy it because it offers different water levels.
  • Whooping Hollow – In case the Alberta Falls is a bit intimidating for the younger members of your family, Whooping Hollow offers perfectly sized water slides for kids. It has gentler slopes and tiny dips and turns that even toddlers will enjoy.
  • Cub Paw Pool – Kids (and kids at heart) will surely enjoy the Cub Paw Pool too. Aside from small kiddie slides, this great Wolf Lodge attraction also has geysers and colorful jet skis with water cannons that kids can play with.
  • Crooked Creek – In case you get tired of all the thrill and playing, there’s also Crooked Creek, Great Wolf Lodge’s lazy river. Here, you can just relax and float down the river together with your friends and/or family. It’s safe even for toddlers.
  • Chinook Cove – For sporty family members, there’s Chinook Cove for you. Here, you can practice your hook shots, rebounds, and free throws while enjoying the water. It sure is a fun-filled attraction.
  • Totem Towers – Another exciting ride at the Great Wolf Lodge is the Totem Towers. It kind of resembles the Fort Mackenzie but it has fewer slide levels.
  • Big Foot Pass – The Big Foot pass, on the other hand, is more like a rope course. Here, you can balance and sway into the giant floating lily pads and cargo nets. And, of course, it also has warm water landings to offer.
  • Howling Wolf and Triple Twist – These two slides, Howling Wolf and Triple Twist, are for the brave-hearted members of the family. This is because they both offer a high thrill level as it has electrifying high drops that will keep your heart racing.


A kid who answered to MagicQuest’s challenge (Source)

The Great Wolf Lodge isn’t just about water slides and other water attractions. It also has other fun activities to offer that will make every kid’s visit all the more memorable. One of which is the MagicQuest. Here, kids (and, okay, kids at heart) can embark on a live-action game where they can get to choose a special magic wand and finish a 15-30-minute quest and immerse themselves in the Great Wolf Lodge’s magical world. And the best part of it is that those who join the MagicQuest can even take home their wands as a souvenir. In addition to that, these wands can be used again with the purchase of new adventures and the wand will remember all of the completed quests so players can pick up where they left off at their next visit.

3Compass Quest

Compass Quest’s map that will help you with the game (Source)

If you want more quests, there is also Compass Quest. Here, you will discover unlimited layers of adventure, mystery, and treasure. But unlike MagicQuest, you won’t get to use wands here. Instead, you will use high-tech compasses to unlock new adventures, unveil maps, and decode secrets in the stars. It’s also a great activity for groups as it encourages teamwork and, of course, plenty of laughter.


There’s even a ride at the Great Wolf Lodge’s Northern Lights Arcade that toddlers will enjoy (Source)

The Great Wolf Lodge also has its own arcade, the Northern Lights Arcade. Like the common arcade in other places, the Northern Lights Arcade also has a lot of games and great prizes to offer. But what makes this unique is that aside from the fact that it is inside the Great wolf Lodge, it is also open 24 hours. Hence, the fun never stops at the Northern Lights Arcade. And the best part of it is that your points don’t expire. Thus, you don’t have to worry about it and when you’ll visit this indoor water part resort again. You can just hold on to your card and bring it back on your next visit.

5Mini Golf

Speaking of games, here’s another game that everyone in the family will enjoy too – the Howl in One Mini Golf. As its name suggests, it’s a mini golf course that families can enjoy. It also has nine holes of interactive play with plenty of tricky shots, sand traps, giant animals, and ball-eating fish.

Father and daughter enjoying the Great Wolf Lodge’s mini golf area (Source)

6Build-a-Bear Workshop

A kid and her plushy from Build-a-Bear Workshop (Source)

If you or the younger members of your family love stuffed toys, the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City also has an activity waiting for you and that is the Build-a-Bear Workshop. As its name suggests, this activity lets you create your own plush toy. From its boy to its accessories, you have a say on what it should look like. The best part of it is that you can even get to see your plush toy gets filled right before your eyes. It’s definitely a nice experience as you will not just get to have your unique stuffed toy but you can also get to learn more about how such toys are made.


Inside the Great Wolf Lodge’s souvenir shop (Source)

If you want to bring home more memorabilia, the Great Wolf Lodge also has a souvenir shop. From lodge-themed clothing, toys, books, pieces of jewelry, totes, and accessories, it has nearly everything for everyone. You will surely find something perfect for a souvenir or a gift to remember your awesome indoor water park resort experience.

And in case you forgot your swim suit and other water park swim gear, don’t worry, the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City got your back. In this indoor water park resort, you don’t have to worry about anything in case you forgot something to bring that will make your vacation complete as it already has its own shop dedicated to swimming essentials. From swim suit to flip-flops, it also has everything that you might need. In fact, it even sells some summer-themed bracelets to complete your summer outfit.


A peek inside one of Great Wolf Lodge’s rooms (Source)

Of course, exploring every corner of the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City can be a bit overwhelming and tiring. And because of this, you might find it hard to drive back to your home because of the exhaustion from the adventure-filled day you had at the indoor water park resort. But don’t worry, you can stay for a night or more here as the Great Wolf Lodge offers accommodations too. With its comfortable lodge-themed rooms, you will surely enjoy your stay. It also has different types of room based on your needs – whether you’re traveling along or you’re with your family and/or friends, the Great Wolf Lodge has rooms suited for your pack.

9Dining Options

A birthday party held at one of teh great Wolf Lodge’s restaurants (Source)

With all these adventures waiting for you, you will definitely feel the need to fuel up. But don’t worry, the great Wolf Lodge also has so many dining options for you to choose from.

For those craving for some wine, the Great Wolf Lodge has its own Wine Down Service to offer. With this, you can get to enjoy wine paired with delicious food that complements your wine. And they will deliver your with pairing order to your room.

If you get super hungry and feel like you want to eat a lot, there’s Camp Critter Bar and Grille. Here, you can enjoy a buffet of delicious dishes that will surely please every palate.

If you’re craving for pizzas, salads, and pasta dishes, you can dine at Hungry as a Wolf. The servings here are perfect for the whole family to share.

For snacks and heavy meals, we also recommend Grizzly Jack’s Bar and Grill. For starters, this outdoor oasis offers dishes made from fresh local ingredients. It’s famous for its chili lime shrimp and mini Cuban sliders. Its seared ahi tuna tacos are also worth talking about. And if you want to sip cocktails, Grizzly jack’s Bar and Grill also got your back.

In addition to the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City’s dining options, you can also eat at Buckets Incredible Craveables. Here, you can savor mouthwatering burgers, hearty sandwiches, and even fresh salads and vegetables. It even offers deserts. One of its popular treats is its signature Tipping Bucket, a family-sized treat that’s layered with ice cream, cookies, brownies, chocolate sauces, and whipped cream.

And speaking of treats, there’s also Bear Paw Sweets and Eats that’s perfect for either when you want to start your day with a freshly brewed coffee or when you want to cap off your day with something sweet like its cute cupcakes.

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Now that you know what to expect inside the Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City, you might wonder how much budget should you prepare for such a vacation. Take a look at the ticket prices we gathered as well as tips that might help you more.

Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City Rates and Tips

Great Wolf Lodge’s ticket prices vary depending on the duration of your stay. For the day passes, though, the tickets starts at $50 per person, per day. And it could reach up to $100 on peak dates. Your hotel and tickets for other activities are still not included. The food prices is, of course, excluded. For some, even a day at the Great Wolf Lodge can be quite expensive. But if you’re going to look at the fun that it offers, it’s worth every penny.

If you still find it a bit expensive for your allotted budget, don’t worry, we got your back. We have tips on how you can save more while enjoying every corner of this famous indoor water park resort.

  • Buy Toys in Advance

If you’ll visit the water park’s shop, you’ll see that the loge really play up the wolf theme. And with this, if you’re traveling with kids, they might ask you many times to buy stuffed toys as these wolf plushies are can be irresistible. If you have a limited budget and can’t afford all these plush toys, you we suggest that you buy cheap stuffed animals in other stores in advance that you can give your kids while on vacation. With surprises like these, they’ll surely love them more.

  • Have a Plan and Budget – Before you head to the indoor water park resort, you can call ahead or check their website to get the latest pricing details for the extra activities they offer. After listing them down, you can sit down as a family and make clear rules for how much money you’re only willing to spend on the activities available. With this, your trip will become smoother and you won’t feel like you’re being put on the spot if the kids will ask you for stuff you didn’t plan to buy. This will also help you plan your travel budget better.
  • Take Advantage of Free Activities – Great Wolf Lodge offers different free activities per location. Some offer playhouses, bingo games a separate area for toddlers, etc. And if you were to take advantage of these free activities, you can maximize your stay better and everyone in the family will surely have more fun without you spending more money.
  • Avoid Locker Rentals – Lockers are also offered at a certain price when you’re in the Great Wolf Lodge. And if you were to rent one, you should expect to pay somewhere around $10 per day for the locker. But it’s not really that necessary. While yes, it can secure your stuff while you’re enjoying the indoor water park resort, you’re better off just packing a big bag and just leave it at a table and keep an eye on it while you play. Or, you and the adult members of your family can take turns in keeping an eye on your bags while some of you enjoy the waters. It’s more reasonable if you’re on a budget as it will save you extra cash.
  • Sign Up for Text Alerts – We also suggest that you consider signing up for text alerts. In this way, you can get exclusive deals first which might be worth using. With this, you can get deals on food, entertainment, and other on-site activities.
  • Go for Food Delivery – If you’re staying the night at the lodge, you can also order out food if you find the food at the lodge’s restaurants a bit pricey. You will still get to save big compared to the lodge food prices.
  • Eat Out – Speaking of food, there are also a number of restaurants outside the lodge. If you want to save more, you might want to consider the other restaurants outside the lodge as well.
  • Book in Advance and Off-Season – If you book for tickets when the lodge is not that busy, you’ll find better deals. You can also get to score better deals if you book off-season. It can even save you up to 50% for some bookings. And besides, it’s an indoor water park so you won’t have to worry too much about the weather while you’re there.
  • Check Third-Party Sites – You can also get to save more money when you but tickets from third-party sites. Two of the sites we suggest are Priceline and Expedia for cheaper room prices. Groupon is also a site that offers good deals for the Great Wolf Lodge. However, if you’re planning to pay with points, take note that Groupon purchases likely won’t qualify.

The Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City may already have a lot of activities and attractions to offer. But in case you want to stay longer and explore its nearby attractions, take a look at this list that we’re sure you’ll enjoy too.

Attractions Near Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City


One of the exhibits featured at Cabela’s (Source)

Cabela’s is basically a retail showroom and a hunting, fishing and outdoor gear store. But what makes this worth visiting is its exotic animals in the African Diorama and its giant catfish in an aquarium that will make any visitor’s jaw drop. Kids will love it too because aside from these, the site also has a lase arcade, archery range, gun library, and an art gallery. You won’t go hungry in this place too as it also has its own restaurant. It’s also just 0.4 kilometers away from the lodge so why not visit it too?

The Legends at Village West

The popular fountain at the Legends at Village West (Source)

Also near the lodge is The Legends at Village West. This place offers large retail, lodging, and entertainment. So if staying at the GWL is a bit expensive for you, you search for lodging options here. It’s also just a little over one kilometer away from the famous indoor water park so it won’t be a problem if you find a better lodging in this area; you can just buy tickets for a day tour at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Children’s Mercy Park, T-Bones Ballpark, and Kansas Speedway

KANSAS CITY, KS – OCTOBER 05: Kevin Harvick, driver of the #4 Budweiser Chevrolet, and Brian Vickers, driver of the #55 Aaron’s Dream Machine Toyota, lead the field at the start of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Hollywood Casino 400 at Kansas Speedway on October 5, 2014 in Kansas City, Kansas. (Photo by Matt Sullivan/NASCAR via Getty Images)

These three sites are also just less than three kilometers away from the Great Wolf Lodge. So if you’re a fan of sports, you might want to schedule your Great Wolf Lodge visit on days when there are also plays and/or competitions held in these sites so you won’t miss out on your favorite games too. See your favorite sports in person and even get to bond with your family and/or friends. We’re sure you will enjoy these sites too.


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