About us

City Travel Hub is all about the world and its wonders. We are a website the welcomes all the free-spirited and daring explorers who are looking for their next trip. We also welcome all the wannabe travelers to step out into the open because everyone deserves to set foot in the four corners of the world.
The website is dedicated to unearthing the travel destinations that have been buried under the likes of Disneyland, theme parks and other man-made wonders. While these places are good and all, we know that there are countless spots out there that are worth the travel time.


Our Story & Mission

At the core of City Travel Hub are Sam and Jessica Albert, a husband and wife duo in and out of the house. They are also two darling travelers everywhere else. Sam started  out as backpacking nut with miles of experience behind him. Along the way, he met Jessica, a free-spirited woman that have yet to unfold her wings. During their travels, Sam opened Jessica’s eyes to worlds beyond her imagination and now, they are on a journey to explore where their wallets and feet could take them.
Sam and Jessica’s passion for traveling is poured into City Travel Hub. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to see the great outdoors. That is why they have dedicated themselves into discovering all there is to visit, all there is to experience and all there is to eat in the world’s best spots.