The Big Apple, also called as New York, is one of the states in the U.S. that is synonymous with the term “American Dream.” Countless people dream about living in one of the most prestigious and famous states in the U.S. but there are a lot more of that hope to travel in it as well. The state should not be visited in one itinerary as there is just too much to witness and explore in it. The best course of action would be to visit its cities or boroughs one trip at a time. If you are having trouble figuring out where you should start exploring, then maybe you should consider going to the most populous borough in New York, Brooklyn.

The borough is named after the Dutch village of Breukelen and it is located within the King County. It borders Queens at the western end of Long Island. Located within the far end of the state of New York, Brooklyn is connected mostly through Manhattan through a series of bridges and tunnels. It has a land area of 71 square miles. With its densely populated area, Brooklyn offers some of the best experiences a traveler can look forward to.

Brooklyn has a long history with European settlers. In fact, it spans for more than 350 years. The settlements began during the 17th century when Breuckelen was established on the East River shore of Long Island. By the 19th century, the settlement grew well enough and it was consolidated in 1898 with New York City, as well as the rural areas of Kings County, Queens, and Staten Island. These served as the foundation of the modern city of New York.

During the early settlement periods, getting to and from Brooklyn was only possibly by taking boat rides. However, things were made easier when the Brooklyn Bridge was finally completed in 1883. It has since become one of the defining landmarks of the borough. Aside from providing a new means to getting to Brooklyn, it also helped strengthen the bonds between Brooklyn and New York.

Once the bridge was created, all that was left was for the borough to become consolidated with New York. It took a while before Brooklyn was finally consolidated into New York as there were those against the move. Then in 1894, the residents of Brooklyn and other counties managed to solidify the deal. Even by then, there are still many Brooklyn residents that saw  the move as a poor choice. Some went as far as calling it a big mistake.

Regardless of what initial critics thought, it is apparent that Brooklyn’s consolidation into New York was for the better. The borough was fully developed into a haven for millennials and generations of people alike. Now, it has become the center for hipsters, travelers, and more who are looking to experience what it is like to become a part of the city that never sleeps.

You are probably very excited to explore this bustling and busy city but before anything else, here are some of the important things you should know as a traveler.

How to Get to Brooklyn

If you want to get to Brooklyn but are coming from far off states or countries, then the airport you should book a flight to is the John F. Kennedy Airport, located in Queens. It is arguably the busiest airport in New York but it is also the nearest from Brooklyn at only 11 miles. Since it is a busy spot, expect to be dragged behind by traffic once you step outside the airport.

Once you are in John F. Kennedy Airport, there are various ways to get to Brooklyn but the path tends to get confusing especially if you aren’t a New Yorker. The easiest way to get there is by renting a cab. The trip from the airport to Downtown Brooklyn and Coney Island will probably cost you about $60-65.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, then you could take some of New York’s public transit modes. One of which is the Airtrain which will set you back $7.75 only. This can get you to various points in New York which are accessible to Brooklyn via the subway. New York’s subways may get complicated so be sure to study the guide carefully. Tickets range between $15-20 for a one-way trip while round trips between Manhattan to Brooklyn cost about $35.

If you really want the full New York experience, then we suggest taking the longer way around. Not only is it more fun, it is also more adventurous.

What is the Climate in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn’s climate is often regarded as humid subtropical. This basically means  that the winters are cold and wet, while the summers are humid and hot. The temperatures are generally comfortable all throughout the year, but you may want to make a visit during winter.

During spring and autumn, the temperatures are hard to predict as some days are very cold, while some are warm. During the winter, the temperature averages at around 32F and it could even go colder during January and February. The summer temperatures average at around 75F. Snow is very common during the winter as well so be sure to bring the proper winter clothing.

Brooklyn and New York as a whole is an amazing place to visit during the winter. Once you visit during this season, you’ll understand why the city’s snow-covered structures are iconic in movies and TV. It’s also a romantic sight for couples to see as well so be sure to bring your loved one along for the trip.

The Best Time to Visit Brooklyn

Now we are getting to the good parts. Your visit to Brooklyn should depend on which months are busy. New York is a pretty busy city in general so expect a flock of crowds during some months. If you want to avoid the tough crowds to do some sightseeing, you may want to visit during the months of April, May, June, September and early November. These months are the least busiests but expect a moderate crowd still.

The crowds are heaviest during December, especially during the Christmas week. If you want to avoid brushing shoulders with other travelers and some locals, avoid this season at all cost as you’ll surely regret it. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that there are some unforgettable festivities in Brooklyn during December so be sure try it out if you have the time.

If you want to save money on airfare and hotels, then you should book a visit in January and February. These months are the cheapest though you may have to act fast along with the rest of the tourists. Ideally, you may want to book your room at around November or December. You’ll be getting even better discounts as well.

Bizarre Things to do in Brooklyn

As it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the U.S., there are a lot of things that people commonly do in the city. While these activities have certainly become a staple, you may want to avoid them for a couple of reasons. First, you’ll probably have to stay behind long lines in these attractions. Second, you’ll be missing out on some of the other things that Brooklyn offers.

These days, people travel to experience and see something new and not as usual as a certain place’s popular tourist spots. People crave for more unique things. This is because aside from the fact that they will be able to avoid the crowds, unique places and activities also allow them to have a more memorable trip and get to get to know the place all the more. This also gives them a different perspective of the place. And you do too, for sure, especially in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has hundreds of places to offer, especially for those who are craving to experience some unique activities and see one-of-a-kind attractions. So ditch your itinerary to Green-Wood Cemetery or the Brooklyn Bridge and head on to some of Brooklyn’s weirdest and unfrequented places and try out these bizarre things to do in Brooklyn, New York.

1Breathe fire, charm a snake, swallow swords

A woman learning how to breathe fire (Source)

If you’re looking for one of the most extreme and bizarre things to do in Brooklyn, it’s probably doing some freaky stunts like breathing fire, charming a snake, and swallowing swords. But, of course, you have to learn it first and you can do that by enrolling into a sideshow school that you can only find in Brooklyn.

Here,  you can learn some stunts like breathing fire, glass walking, electric chair, or even hammering a nail in your skull. You’ll also learn the ins and outs of such different performances. In addition to that, you can meet countless magicians from all over the country who want to hone their sideshow skills. Who knows, this might become your new career after a few classes?

If you are worried about your safety, don’t be. there are highly trained professionals on watch all the time. This place values the safety of its clients more than anything else so if you want to try this activity out, go ahead. Not only will you enjoy yourself greatly, you might be able to discover hidden talents as well.

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2See puppets bigger than you

Some of the big puppets that you can find in The Puppet Library (Source)

Often, we see puppets that are just the size of our forearms. But Brooklyn has several bigger ones and it’s one of the bizarre things to do in Brooklyn. We’re not just talking about puppets that are merely double the size as the regular ones. Rather, we’re talking about the puppets that reach up to about 20 feet in height.

Tucked in Brooklyn College is The Puppet Library that features more than a hundred puppets of different sizes. Some are regular in size while some can even be several feet taller than you. The large-scale ones are often taken out for performances and parades. They can also be loaned for birthday parties, filmmaking, and even for protests. Aside from the displayed puppets, you can also get to witness puppet shows.

If you are not a fan of puppets or if you fear them, try to expand your world a little and you’ll see that these toys are actually adorable up close. There’s a reason why The Puppet Library is such a huge attraction in Brooklyn and you deserve to see it immediately.

3Play arcade as you do the laundry

Sunshine Laundromat’s exteriors (Source)

Who says you can’t have fun as you do your chores? In Brooklyn, you can do your laundry as you play arcade games in its unique laundromat, making it one of the bizarre things to do in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn’s Sunshine Laundromat may merely look like a place that’s filled with fully functioning washing machines and dryers where, of course, you can do your laundry. But there’s more to this establishment than just washing machines. Behind it, if you’ll venture to its back room, you will discover a room full of pinball machines. Play from 12 or 4 PM to 2 or 4 in the morning. The best part of it is that they serve beers and other drinks too. You don’t have to worry about your laundry, though, as the laundromat is also open until 2 or 4 AM. You can check the laundry and arcade hours here.

When you’re traveling, you’ll come a moment when you’ll have no clothes to wear. When that time comes, you’ll probably prefer doing laundry while playing classic arcade games that you once played as a child. It will be nostalgia galore for you!

Several pinball machines inside the laundromat (Source)

4Visit the House of Wax

Some of the death masks on display (Source)

For starters, this isn’t a museum but it’s a bar that has wax figures on display. But don’t expect that visiting this place is going to be as if you’re visiting Madame Tussauds Wax Museum where you’ll see realistic wax figures of celebrities and other famous personalities. And it’s not a place dedicated to the movie that has the same name either. But it kind of has the same vibe as this House of Wax in Brooklyn is filled with more than 100 odd wax figures.

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To give you a better idea of how odd its displays are, one of the highlights in this bar is the wax figure of the serial killer Fritz Haarmann, also known as the Butcher of Hanover. You can get to see a life-size wax model of a woman, with her internal organs displayed, that is physically disfigured due to years of wearing a corset too. There are also displays that depict babies being delivered. You’ll also see wax figures that show surgical techniques, as well as diseases like leprosy, syphilis, and tuberculosis. In addition to these odd wax figures, you can also get to see over 25 death masks made of wax.

You can “enjoy” this view as you drink mixed drinks that are usually made with ingredients that people from the 19th century also used to mix for their drinks. If you want to see all of these and get a taste of the bar’s unique drinks, it is located inside City Point, a mall in downtown Brooklyn. It is tucked past Alamo Drafthouse’s ticket booth.

5Take a look at the devil’s hoofprint

The boulder that’s believed to contain the Devil’s hoofprint (Source)

Rocks aren’t much of a sight to see in many places. We mean, it’s not that worth driving for; it’s just a rock. But apparently, it’s one of the bizarre things to do in Brooklyn. This is because many people believe that a certain boulder in Brooklyn has the hoofprint of the devil himself.

Tucked in the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn is a mysterious rock with a controversial print that is believed to be of the devil’s. There are many stories about how it appeared on the rock, though. But there are a few versions that stood out. One version of the story about the huge rock says that a man was walking along Martense Lane when he came across a stranger with whom he got into an argument. At the end of the heated dispute, the stranger got too angered and stomped his foot on the ground. However, it left a hoofprint instead of a footprint. This revealed the man’s true identity. It turns out, he was the Devil.

But another version tells a different scenario. According to another well-known version of the story (which is even printed on a plaque near the said boulder), the Devil stomped his foot in anger because he lost in a fiddling contest. His action then left a hoofprint. Regardless of which story is accurate or not, a boulder this unique and controversial is still worth visiting in Brooklyn.

6Visit the City Reliquary

Some treasure that you can find inside the City Reliquary (Source)

If you want to see more oddities and try out bizarre things to do in Brooklyn, visiting the City Reliquary is a must too. At first glance from the outside, it may not look much. But if you look inside, you’d be surprised with the huge amount of artifacts, memorabilia, and, of course, oddities that celebrate New York. Some of the things that you find inside are old subway tokens, vintage postcards, and even dirt samples from boroughs, as well as fragments from landmark buildings. It may not be your ordinary museum but it sure is something that will make your Brooklyn trip memorable. You’ll not just get to see a piece of Brooklyn’s past with items that are often overlooked every day but you can, needless to say, see the odd side of it too.

It’s a place that’s perfect for history nuts as every piece of item in this museum holds a special story to it. If there are guides taking you along the way, be sure to listen to them as they’ve got quite the stories to tell.

7Get superhero supply

What the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. looks like form the outside (Source)

If you’re a fan of superhero comics, series, or movies, visiting the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is one of the most fun and bizarre things to do in Brooklyn. You won’t find this store elsewhere. This store has everything that a superhero needs. Here, you can find homemade superhero costumes, galactic light blasters, grappling hooks, a speed of light powder, bottled black hole, and so much more toys that will help you fight crime. Even villains may find it as their favorite one-stop shop too. But the best part of this place is that it also doubles as a learning center for kids. Past its false bookcase is a secret lair that is spacious enough where children can participate in creative writing programs and get homework help.

This place is even more perfectly located considering how many of our heroes from DC and Marvel comics originate from New York. When visiting Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., be sure to bring extra cash as you’ll surely be needing it to buy some of the amazing goods here.

Brooklyn, indeed, is one of the best places in New York that can offer activities that will cater for everyone – even for those who are seeking for some off the beaten path activities. That said, do you plan to go here and try out its unique activities? Tell us which one of the bizarre things to do in Brooklyn will you try out.

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