The colder days are starting as the –ber months start. And what better way to combat the cold weather and still enjoy the waters by visiting hot springs. In case you’re looking for a nice warm place to relax, you’ve come to the right place as we can give you a closer look at the Breitenbush Hot Springs, one of the well-loved places in Oregon.

First off, let’s get to know what’s inside the Breitenbush Hot Springs, shall we?

Inside Breitenbush Hot Springs

1Hot Springs

One of Breitenbush Hot Springs’ natural pools (Source)

There are a lot of things to look forward to in Breitenbush Hot Springs. One of which, of course, is their hot springs, which they are known for.

Hot springs are known for their healing benefits. For many cultures, it is known to treat skin irritations and infections, treat dry scalp, and arthritic pain. Some even believe that it can help a lot in treating internal problems such as digestive disorders and menopausal symptoms. Many people believe that it can also lower one’s blood pressure and boost blood circulation too due to the variety of different minerals found in hot springs. On top of that, many people believe that a dip in hot springs can also help reduce stress and promote better sleep

And because of these benefits, a lot of people to visit hot springs. And in Oregon, one of the most frequented spots for hot springs is the Breitenbush Hot Springs.

Here, they have three natural pools to offer for those who seek hot and soothing mineral waters. One of which is their “silent” pool. As its name suggests, this place is perfect for those who are looking for some quiet contemplative soaking. Aside from the relaxing feeling that this pool gives, it also offers some nice views of the river below.

Aligned in the four cardinal directions is their four Spiral Tubs that vary in temperature from warm to very hot. Adjoining them is a deep cedar tub that’s brimming with cold water for a brisk plunge. Anyone will surely find the right warmth of pool that they want here.

Lastly is Steam Sauna. Here, a cedar cabin is perched above steaming waters with steam rising through slots in the floor. Outside on the deck, one will surely enjoy a tub flowing with cold river water for plunging.

In addition to that, everyone will also be treated with an overlooking view of the meadow. And if you were to plunge in the two previously mentioned natural pools in Breitenbush, you will also get a nice view of the surrounding mountains. You will not just get to relax your mind and body but you will also get to fill your eyes with breathtaking views of nature.

2Well-Being Programs

A peek inside a yoga session, one of the Well-Being Programs that Breitenbush Hot Springs offers (Source)

Breitenbush isn’t just all about its hot springs. While it is popular for its natural pools, it also has other stuff to talk about.

Inside the Breitenbush, they also have well-being programs that you can enjoy every day during your stay if you were to visit this place which is perfect if you’re done or before dipping in their natural pools. In these wellness programs, you can do yoga and meditation. You can also enjoy singing and dancing. In addition to that, you can get to have a peek on the Breitenbush history. Total wellness for the mind and body, right? Each program is usually 60 to 90 minutes long. And the best part of it is that you can enjoy them at no additional cost as these programs are already included in your lodging fee. However, the well-being program varies from day to day. They post a daily listing for the programs in the lobby of the lodge so be sure to keep an eye on it if you wish to join these well-being programs.

3Massage-Healing Arts

A look at Breitenbush Hot Springs’ massage healing arts service (Source)

Breitenbush is all about wellness and relaxation. And because of that, they also offer massages. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful and safe atmosphere for emotional and physical healing, as well as deep relaxation, all created by Breitenbush’s Healing Arts Team. Their licensed massage therapists also offer various bodywork modalities and combined techniques to help you in your goals – may it be physical or emotional healing or deep relaxation.

4More Outdoor Activities

Breitenbush Hot Springs’ Labyrinth in fall (Source)

If you’re up for some outdoor activities, Breitenbush also has something to offer that’s perfect for the whole family. They have different miles of trails (namely The Gorge, Spotted Owl, Emerald Forest, Devils Peak, and Inner Path) that are perfect for outdoor adventure seekers. And have we mentioned that these trails lead through ancient forest cathedrals, on to magnificent mountain vistas, and past river cascades? You will surely be rewarded by amazing sights to see when you hike.

Aside from hiking trails, Breitenbush also has a labyrinth. Outlined in river rocks and modeled after the nave at the popular Chartres Cathedral in Chartres France, Breitenbush will surely give you the best meditative walk that you need to relax, contemplate, and even admire nature even more. It’s also a nice place for some Instagram-worthy pictures. If you’re not up for some physical adventure yet, this place is definitely a must-see.

5The Sanctuary

Inside The Sanctuary where Well-Being Programs are also held (Source)

Breitenbush also has The Sanctuary. This place offers a lovely space complete with heated floors and large windows peering into the forest. Here, you will surely be able to relax more. While The Sanctuary is where the daily well-being programs are held, this spot is also perfect for when you want to meditate, read, do yoga, or engage in a personal practice alone.

6Gift Shop

Breitenbush Hot Springs’ lodge (Source)

Of course, it would also be nice to take some items for remembrance when you get home. In case you need some memorabilia to take home with you to always remember this relaxing experience or if you want something to give to your loved ones back home, don’t forget to stop by their gift shop. Here, they have plenty of things for you – from inspiring selection of books, writing materials, as well as artisan crafted gifts. And don’t worry if you have forgotten some necessities as they surely got your back too.


Guests enjoying a performance at the Breitenbush Hot Springs’ Sanctuary (Source)

At night, you can still have some more fun if you want to as Breitenbush also holds concerts, specifically on the northern wing of the lodge. The best part of it is that such concerts are free of charge to all their guests.

8Good Food

Organic vegetarian dishes being prepared in Breitenbush Hot Springs’ kitchen (Source)

And, of course, who wouldn’t forget about the food at the Breitenbush Hot Springs? Again, this place is all about wellness. Hence, they offer some good food to fill you with nutrients too. And when we say “good food,” we’re talking about the vegetarian meals they offer. And the best part of it is that they’re organic. And you can have as much as you want as Breitenbush serve these bountiful organic vegetarian meals in buffet style, three times daily.


A look at two of Breitenbush Hot Springs’ cabins (Source)

If you want to stay longer, of course, you are more than welcome. You can choose which lodging you want as they offer different rooms and cabins.

If you’re traveling with a small number of friends or family members, you can stay at a cabin with sink and toilet. Here, you can enjoy at least one full size bed and/or additional beds (full size, twin, or bunk beds). Some of cabins like this one have a second bedroom to fit a small group of guests. Each cabin has a sink and a bathroom with toilet.

If you’re on a budget, though, you can stay at one of their cabins without solo bathroom. But don’t worry, there are available shared bathhouses with toilets, sink and showers nearby.

You can also opt for a dorm-like cabin. Here, you can get to share a room with your friends or family and sleep on bunk beds.

If you’re traveling solo, you can go for their lodge room. Such room is small and can only fit one to two guests.

If you want to really take in the nature feels, we recommend the platform tent. These are huge tents with mattresses on the floor. However, these tents are only available seasonably – from Memorial Day weekend until the end of September.

Breitenbush also has a personal vehicle site. Here trucks with camper or a camper van are accommodated.


An event held at Breitenbush Hot Springs (Source)

Workshops are also held at Breitenbush Hot Springs. As for the kind of workshop, it varies, though. Last April, they held book workshops online, due to the covid-19 pandemic. There’s still no update on what kinds of workshops await. But as of writing, the lodge is likely to hold online workshops and conferences. But to be sure, you can keep an eye out for the workshops they are offering here in case they re-open their gates to visitors again.

If you’re convinced why you should give Breitenbush Hot Springs a chance this month, of course, it is important that you know more about the place, right? From the rates to the directions, don’t worry, we got your back. Here are the rates you need to know first so you can prepare your budget ahead.

Breitenbush Hot Springs Rates

When you stay at Breitenbush Hot Springs, the access to natural pools, concerts, meals, and well-being programs are all included; even the tax. So the only question you might probably think of is the lodge’s rates.

For starters, the lodging rates vary depending on the season and day. For the peak season, which is between May 22 and October 17, here are the rates:

Peak Season Rates

For the cabins with own sink and toilet, you’d have to prepare $156 per adult if you’re visiting between Sunday and Thursday. During Holiday seasons and weekends (Friday to Saturday), the rate starts at $175 per adult.

For cabins without personal bathrooms, the rate starts at $128 per adult during midweek while during holidays and/or weekends, it costs $138 per adult.

Meanwhile, the lodge room costs $100 per adult during midweek and $112 per adult in holidays and/or weekends.

As for the tent or dorm, you’d only have to pay $96/adult on midweek and $104/adult on holidays and/or weekend

As for the personal tent and the private vehicle cabins, you’d need to prepare $2 per adult on midweek and $90 per adult on holiday and/or weekend.

Non-Peak Season Rates

During non-peak season, which is from October 20 to May 21, the lodging rates are different.

During midweek (which is Sunday to Thursday), the cabin with personal sink and toilet costs $122 per adult. However, during a holiday and/or weekend (which is Friday to Saturday), it costs $140 per adult.

As for non-bathroom cabins, it costs $100/adult on midweek. Meanwhile, on holiday and/or weekend, this cabin costs $118/adult.

For lodge room cabins, you’d have to prepare $78 per adult on midweek and $94 on holiday and/or weekend.

The dorm type cabin, on the other hand, costs $75 on midweek and $90 on holiday and/or weekend.

The rates for younger guests are also different.

During the peak season, children three years old and younger are allowed to lodge for free. Meanwhile, children who are 4-12 years old are charged for $40. The lodging rates for 13-17 years old costs $58. And those who are 18 years old and up should follow the lodging rates for adults.

During non-peak season, however, rates are much lower. The admission for kids aged three and below are still free while those who are 4-12 years old are charged for $36. On the other hand, the lodging rates for children from 13-17 years old costs $52. Those who are aged 18 are already considered adults.

If you need more information about Breitenbush’s lodging, if you want to check their rooms’ availability, or make reservations, you can contact them here.

And if you’re already planning your trip, don’t forget to take a look at the directions on how to get there too.

Getting to Breitenbush Hot Springs

According to the lodge’s page, it is not recommended to follow MapQuest, Google Maps, or GPS directions past Detroit or from Estacada as there might be some glitch that would get you lost. But Breitenbush has already released helpful alternative directions. Take a look at this guide:

The lodge is exactly located in the Oregon Cascades, which is 60 miles east of Salem, Oregon and about two hours from Portland. If you’re traveling by car note that the alternate route, Highway 224 (US Forest Service Route 46) from Estacada to Breitenbush is often impassable from early fall to late spring.)

If you’re coming from the west (Interstate 5 at Salem), take exit 253 and go east on OR-22 toward Stayton/Detroit for approximately 49 miles to Detroit, OR.

If you’re at Detroit, OR, turn from OR-22 onto Highway 46 at the only gas station in Detroit. Then, drive 9.1 miles and just past Cleator Bend Campground, take a right turn onto the single lane bridge crossing the Breitenbush River. The road is gravel after the bridge and has three forks in its 1.2 mile course. Then, take a left at every fork and you will end up in Breitenbush’s parking lot.

If you’re coming from the east (Redmond, Bend, Sisters), however, take OR-20/126 west from Sisters for 25.5 miles. Then, turn right onto OR-22W for 31 miles to Detroit, OR. Once you’re already at Detroit, turn from OR-22 onto Highway 46 at the only gas station in Detroit. Then, drive 9.1 miles and just past Cleator Bend Campground, take a right turn onto the single lane bridge crossing the Breitenbush River. Again, the road is gravel after the bridge and has three forks in its 1.2 mile course. Then, take a left at every fork and you will also end up in Breitenbush’s parking lot.

If you need to contact the lode for general inquiries, you can reach them out via phone at 503-854-3320. You can also talk to them through mail at [email protected].

Hotels Near Breitenbush Hot Springs

If you only want a day tour and plan to stay the night in another place or if you are only after the natural pools that Breitenbush Hot Springs has to offer, note that you only have a few options. There aren’t actually much options that you can choose from when it comes to lodgings outside Breitenbush Hot Springs. This is because some hotels aren’t that budget-friendly anymore and most of them are 50-60 miles away from Breitenbush Hot Springs.

Even so, if you have some more dollars to spend on a different accommodation and if you don’t mind the 1 to two-hour drive, they are still worth visiting. In case you’re looking for some more options to stay the night in Oregon or near Breitenbush Hot Springs, here are some lodgings we can suggest.

The Oxford Hotel Bend

The exteriors of The Oxford Hotel (Source)

The Oxford Hotel Bend also offers nice lodgings where you can also get to fill your eyes with a beautiful view of the mountains. But aside from the nice place to stay that the hotel offers, it is also a pet-friendly hotel. Although not stated on their website, reports say that Breitenbush Hot Springs doesn’t allow pets. But if you really want to bring your fur baby, we suggest that you just spend the night in The Oxford Hotel then plunge in Breitenbush Hot Springs’ natural pools in the day. This place has some nice interiors too that’s worth both the drive and money.

Eagle Crest Resort Vacation Rentals

Eagle Crest Resort Vacation Rentals’ golf course area (Source)

If you want to play golf, spending the rest of the day in the Eagle Crest Resort Vacation rentals after your trip to Breitenbush Host Springs is what we recommend. Aside from that, the view from the place is also worth talking about; you should give it a try too. Here, you can get to experience both the luxury combined with the homey feel of the place. They also have pools for you and the kids in your family to enjoy.

The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel

One of The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel’s room (Source)

If you crave for some more luxury after a relaxing day at the Breitenbush Hot Springs, we suggest you go to The Nines, a Luxury Collection Hotel, after. From its exteriors to its rooms, this place surely screams luxury. Its interiors are also combined with posh colorful accent designs that make every corner of the place look more gorgeous and, of course, Instagram-worthy. It’s a two-hour drive away from Breitenbush Hot Springs, though. Still, the grandeur of this place is, needless to say, worth the drive.

The Lodge at Detroit Lake

The Lodge at the Detroit Lake’s simple yet homey exteriors (Source)

If you are looking for some comfy and homey feel to stay in, The Lodge at Detroit Lake is also one of the hotels that we can suggest. This place also offers a nice view of nature. On top of that, you can get to explore the Willamette National forest and Cascade Range too. And the best part of it is that it’s probably the closest to Breitenbush Hot Springs. So if you’re not into driving miles away from the lodge, this one is probably your best choice.

Oregon has a lot more things to offer for its visitors who are seeking relaxation. But Breitenbush Hot Springs, as well as the hotels near it, are one of the top places you shouldn’t miss if you’re traveling to Oregon. They will surely give you the kind of relaxing vacation you need away from the busy city life. Especially this start of the -ber months, Breitenbush Hot Springs is definitely no to be missed if you’re looking for a place to relax as the colder months start.


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