For years, we’ve enjoyed museums as one of the attractions where we can take the whole family to learn and have fun. But some museums are not just for that. It can also be a place to tie the knot.

There are a lot of different types of museums that offer various exhibits and experiences. There are art museums, children’s museums, science centers, history, anthropology, and more. And when most of us talk about them, we often see them as places for learning and fun. However, such kind of an attraction isn’t just for educational purposes. Some of them doubles as a good venue for weddings and other special occasions.

Yes, you read it right. Some museums, well probably except for children’s museums, open their doors to couples who want to wed in a unique venue too. And there are a lot of reasons why you should choose museums as your wedding venue too.

Museum as Wedding Venue

One of the best reasons why museums make a good venue for a wedding is that they provide a good atmosphere, making your wedding theme more felt. Museums are kid-friendly. Hence, we often see families take their kids to see the place. It is also one of the most favorite attractions of schools for field trips. And because of that, it’s quite hard to imagine a museum without tour groups, screaming kids, and other noisy visitors. But little do many people know, museums magically transform into romantic spaces. Lighting is much different is museums at night too. Plus, the place is much quieter as there are no screaming kids and tour groups.

Apart from that, museums come with built-in decorations. This in turn can make your wedding venue all the more beautiful.

Most wedding venues provide blank spaces. A hotel’s function room, for instance, may be enticing as it lets you get more creative with your wedding venue design. However, if you’re on a limited budget, this idea can take a lot of money and effort to transform into something more magical that will fit your wedding theme. But with museums, you don’t have to worry much as they come with built-in decorations. From the ceiling to the floor, most museums can already give you a good sight unique architectural design that will wow your guests. In addition to that, the exhibits make the venue all the more beautiful, especially in art museums.

Tying the knot in a museum is also fun for your guests. Most museums offer wedding packages where you and your guests can also get to enjoy their galleries and collections. Some even offer built-in activities for guests to engage with. This, in turn, makes it even more fun for everyone. With this, everyone in your wedding will have something more to remember on your special day.

 And the best part of it is that you won’t have to worry too much about the staff. Truth be told, planning a wedding is stressful. But when you wed at the museum, the stress can be lessened as museums are also used at hosting large parties. That said, they know how they can handle your big day with ease.

But whether you’re looking for a museum to explore or to get married at, Ohio is one of the places where you can find good museums for both activities.

Best Ohio Museums for All Occasion

We have a lot to thank Ohio for – zippers, pop-top cans, light bulbs, buckeye candies, Life Savers, and even airplanes. But aside from those, we also have Ohio to thank for its museums. Ohio also has a good deal museums that aren’t just for excursions and learning but also doubles as nice venues for wedding. And since we’re in one of the popular wedding months, why not check these museums out for your wedding venue too? Even if you’re not going to tie the knot and just want a good family-friendly attraction to visit in Ohio, these museums are worth seeing too.

1Greater Cleveland Aquarium

A peek inside the Greater Cleveland Aquarium (Source)

Located in Cleveland, this attraction features marine animals, as its name suggests. It also boasts of a 230,000 gallon shark exhibit that kids and even adults would love to see. The aquarium also offers various interactive experiences to its visitors. You can also get a peak of the behind the scenes and see how the animals are taken care of. What many visitors love is the informative and fun painting session activity that the aquarium offers where they can also get to take home a one-of-a-kind artwork made by the stingrays that the site houses.

Aside from being a fun and educational attraction for kids, this aquarium also becomes a romantic space during special occasions like weddings. The lights dim and the atmosphere becomes even more romantic, this place also provide a unique beautiful backdrop of tanks filled with marine creatures. You can also get to walk down the aisle of 175-foot underwater sea tube that will make your day even more special and memorable. In special occasions like wedding, guests can also get to enjoy the aquarium’s exhibits. And the best part of it is that you don’t have much to worry about as all food and beverage is handled by the venue. Wedding planning services are also provided and your guests won’t have to worry about the parking as the site has a huge parking lot to accommodate your guests.

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2Taft Museum of Art

The beautiful Duncanson murals at the Taft Museum of Art

Art museums also make a good place for excursions and special occasions. Here, everyone in the family will surely be inspired by the wonderful pieces of paintings on exhibit. The museum also lets you see beautiful sculptures. Aside from that, you can even get to learn more about the history and art as the museum houses art pieces such as Chinese porcelains, French renaissance enamels, and more from the 17th to 19th century. The museum also has Instagrammable gardens that you shouldn’t miss.

These exhibits and gardens become looking more romantic in special occasions like weddings. The Taft Museum of Art’s gardens provide intimate retreats for outdoor weddings and receptions. The gardens also provides luscious backdrop, especially for wedding photos. The exhibit rooms also provides an added entertainment for your weddings guests.

And you don’t have to worry about the number of your guests. The museum has a number of venues to offer. Its gardens can accommodate up to 180 persons that are perfect for bigger weddings. If you have a smaller wedding in mind, don’t worry, Taft Museum of Art also has Luther Hall Space that’s equally romantic and gorgeous for any special occasions such as weddings.

3Cincinnati Museum Center

Cincinnati Museum Center boasting stunning architecture and art even from its ceiling (Source)

Cincinnati Museum Center is actually a museum complex. This means that unlike other museums, this one houses museums, theaters, a library, and traveling exhibitions.

Here, you will surely get to learn more about history, as well as different cultures. In fact, just recently,  Cincinnati Museum Center opened its doors for a new exhibit about the Mayan civilization (which, by the way, you can still get to see until January 2021) that lets people get a peek of how the Mayans studied the stars, discovered the number zero which opened the door to advanced mathematics, how they introduced the world to chocolate, and more.

Aside from history and science, Cincinnati Museum Center is also a place for some entertainment as it has a theater that features various films. But the best part of it is that you can still get to learn through the films as they are also related to history and science.

But Cincinnati Museum Center isn’t all about that. It also offers venues for special occasions including weddings. Here, you can enjoy the ambiance and grandeur of a by-gone era that’s perfectly combined with the conveniences of a modern day event place. On top of that, the original Art Deco appointments make a gorgeous backdrop for weddings and other special events. The best part of it is that the museum has a place for you and your guests whether you’re planning for a big or small wedding. It even has a space that can accommodate up to 800 guests.

4Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum

A sample wedding ceremony set up at the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum (Source)

Speaking of art, the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum is also not to be missed whether you’re looking for a museum to take the whole fam or a place to tie the knot. Here, you have lots of art pieces to see as the museum lets you enjoy both indoor and outdoor exhibits. In this museum, you will not just get to be inspired by various paintings. You can also get to marvel at sculptures, as its name suggests, and other forms of art. Exploring this place is surely something that you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re travelling with kids. This is because of the beautiful works of art that will not just entertain you but will also inspire your inner artist.

The best part of it is that the museum is also a place for learning. Thanks to the collection of ancient sculptures that it also houses, you can also get to have a peek of the past through their works.

As tourist leave one by one, the place becomes a beautiful and romantic venue for special. And yes, the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum also lets you celebrate special occasions but among all of those, the museum is more popular to couples who are looking to tie the knot in a romantic setting. Whether you and your beau are both art enthusiasts or not, this place provide an aesthetically pleasing space that will make your wedding all the more memorable. Your guests will surely love the stunning views of the park from all angles. What we love about this museum is that it is one of the museums on this list that has a flexible floor plan which allows you to design the space exactly how you’ve been hoping it to look like. The museum also has a beautiful outdoor patio with stone walkways making it all the more perfect for sharing your vows during the ceremony and dancing during the reception. However, unlike the Cincinnati Museum center that has a space to accommodate up to 800 guests, Pyramid Hill sculpture Park and Museum’s largest venue can only accommodate up to 300 guests. Still, it’s worth considering.

5Great Lakes Science Center

A private event hosted at the Great Lakes Science Center (Source)

As its name suggests, the Great Lakes Science Center is a science museum. Filled with interactive, fun, and interesting exhibits, this museum is one of the best attractions in Ohio that you need to take the kids to. Needless to say, there will surely be a lot of fun and learning while exploring the museum. Aside from the exhibits, many visitors also look forward to enjoying the museum’s picnic area. Here, you will not just get to bond with your family and friends over your packed lunch but you can also get to enjoy picturesque views overlooking the Lake Erie. And if you want more snacks, the museum also has an in-house café where you can fill yourself up with some delicious food. The museum’s café even offers gluten-free dishes and vegetarian options.

Who says science museums aren’t ideal for wedding venues? Apparently, the Great Lakes Science Center also magically transforms into something that’s worth considering as a wedding venue. For starters, the museum offers a perfect combination of welcoming and cool atmosphere for a fun and elegant wedding ceremony, as well as reception. The impressive soaring ceilings and light-filled spaces will make your wedding all the more beautiful. On top of that, you can also get to bask in the stunning views of the Cleveland skyline plus the North coast Harbor. The museum also provides a perfect transition from wedding ceremony to reception with the dramatic six story Gund Wintergarden. The Great Lakes Science Center has a number of venues for you to choose from. But whatever option you choose, you will always be provided with elegance and the flexibility for a big day that sure is unforgettable.

6Greenwich House Gallery

A wedding reception set at the Greenwich House Gallery (Source)

The Greenwich House Gallery has opened its doors to the public for over a decade now. Here, you can get to see artists showcasing their wonderful works of art. Paintings, sculptures, and more are presented in this gallery that will help you appreciate art more. But aside from that, this gallery is also a place where artists and even aspiring artists can find some inspiration.

The artworks are also up for sale. You will not just get to take home unique masterpieces but you can also get to help artists.

The best part of it is that the place features several exhibitions annually. This means you can get to see new artworks and discover new artists every time you visit.

The gallery also doubles as an event center. Here, you can host various events, especially weddings. In 2017, it updated its interiors to provide an ideal space for wedding events and other private gatherings. Since then, it has been providing a unique and elegant atmosphere that couples and wedding guests will surely love. Of course, you will be surrounded by beautiful works of art too, making your big day all the more special. However, unlike the Cincinnati Museum Center and other big museums we’ve mentioned, this gallery can only accommodate up to 75 guests. Hence, it’s more ideal for small intimate weddings. But whether you’re tying the knot or not, this place is still worth seeing.

721c Museum Hotel

A glimpse at the paintings displayed at 21c Museum Hotel

Among the many museums we’ve mentioned, 21c Museum Hotel is probably the most unique. This is because it’s a museum and also functions as a hotel. But aside from that, it also transforms as a venue for special occasions like wedding.

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Ohio has numerous attractions to offer its visitors. And this hotel is one of our most recommended when you plan to stay longer in Ohio because of its comfortable rooms and good service. But this hotel also features wonderful works of art displayed on its exhibit rooms and other parts of the hotel that will inspire your inner artist too. It’s unique combination of museum and hotel will really pique everyone’s interest making them think if it’s really a hotel with a museum or vice versa. But what we love about this place is that it also offers a space for couples who want to tie the knot in yet another aesthetically pleasing venue in Ohio.

To wed here lets you experience a gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception venue. Aside from that, you and your guests can get to marvel at the art pieces scattered throughout the site. Plus, you don’t have to worry about where to stay because, again, it functions as a hotel too. It’s a unique 3-in-1 venue that you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re planning for a smaller celebration.

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8Mansfield Art Center

A peek at Mansfield Art Center’s interior and collections (Source)

As its name suggests, the Mansfield Art Center is also an art museum. Here, you can also get to marvel at beautiful paintings and sculptures that will inspire you. Apart from that, the museum offers various activities such as art workshops where everyone can get to appreciate and understand art even better. In addition to that, the museum boasts of beautiful architecture. As a matter of fact, the museum won a Progressive Architecture National Citation Award in 1971.

This makes it even more worth considering for a venue for special occasions. Luckily, Mansfield Art Center’s doors are also open for those who want to rent it as a venue for celebrating special occasions such as weddings. Aside from the beautiful galleries that you can use for your wedding, you can also take advantage of the pieces of art that it features adorning its walls. It can also accommodate an average wedding guest list.

9Robbins Hunter Museum

Robbins Hunter Museum’s exterior (Source)

This Granville museum is known for its outstanding architectural design. As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the entire country. In addition to that, it also houses collections and other items on exhibit that tells the story of the people who once lived here. What people also love here is that you will be treated with picturesque views, thanks to its perfect location. The best part of it is that you can explore the attraction for free.

The place also makes a perfect venue for events like weddings. Not for free, though. But we’re sure that you will also love to tie the knot here, just in case. This is because of its elegant Greek-style architecture that will make your wedding theme more beautiful. Of course, the exhibits also add more beauty to the picture. Here, you can also get to choose between two spaces in the museum. If you’re planning for a smaller wedding, the museum’s styling Long Room can accommodate up to 100 guests. On the other hand, the mansion’s lawn can be rented if you plan for a bigger wedding, providing you picturesque views of the historic house, as well as its manicured formal gardens.

There are a lot of attractions in Ohio that you need to see. And these museums are some of the gems that the state boasts of. But they will not just make your vacation memorable, they can certainly turn your wedding more magical and romantic too.


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