Canada's Wonderland

The Canada’s Wonderland was first opened up on May 23rd, 1981. Make This Wonderland a Must Holiday Visit.

On the Northern of Toronto, just as the city turns from the bustling metropolis to the busy suburbia and awesome countryside, fully surrounded on one side by highways, and on the other side by trees and farms, there sits the biggest theme park in Canada.


The Canada’s Wonderland makes the Disney world of the North. It provides rides and entertainment for the whole family. It is located in Vaughan, about 30 km from the downtown Toronto. This wonderland is open every May through August, and 2-4 days a week during September and October. It is located on Toronto, Ontario and this park has the highest attendance of any seasonal park in the North America.

About Canada’s Wonderland

Here, we unmask all the Amazing facts about Canada’s Wonderland, a land where joy and happiness is the order of the day, as the happy laughter of children is interspersed with the roar of roller coaster and the thrilled shrieks of the riders. It is a place where artificial jungles give the populous visitors and the adventurous riders of the White Water Canyon gets soaks in the man-made rapids. It is a place where the world’s longest lazy river meets the Canada’s biggest water park, with thousands of adventure-hungry guests lapping up the cuisine from all over the world, on this artificial international street.

Exhilarating and Amazing Facts about Canada's Wonderland

Amazing facts about Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s wonderland features a vast collection of hilarious and exciting attractions, rides and show entertainment for the entire family. The more than 300 acre site on the Vaughan, was chosen as it is close to the Toronto City. The area’s large population base is easily accessible particularly via the Highways 400 and 401.

-There is a total of 60 thrilling rides and in excess of 200 attractions in total inclusive of a 20-acre water park with Canada’s largest outdoor wave pool and every type of water slide you can imagine.

-The park has close to 6,000 trees and 75,000 shrubs. 10,000 bulbs and 50,000 annuals are planted every season. The park employs over 4,000 seasonal staff and has a parking lot of over 3 million square feet with 10,300 parking spaces.

-Behemoth is the Canada’s biggest, fastest and tallest coaster to play have fun with. It is an adrenaline-pumping coaster that will have one cling to the edges of the seat while it takes you high up to 230 feet as it will then descent with a 75 degree incline angle, with a speed reaching 100 km/hr.!!

-Vortex is the Canada’s first ever suspended roller-coaster and this steel coaster will plunge over the wonder mountains, reaching a speed of 90 km/hr. There is the Vortex’s invisible track drive that rides through unrelenting turns, diving, swooping and then plunging over the scenic waterscape.
-The mighty Canadian-Minebuster makes the longest and the largest Canadian’s wooden coaster. It has a spacious wooden track, composed of multiple side-swinging turns, with stomach lifting the camel humps and some breath-taking unique drops. The Minebuster will reach the amazing speeds of than 90 km/hr. on its 4000 feet serpentine designed track.
-There comes the Dragon Fire. On this Dragon, you will experience unrelenting speeds and loops that come with the coaster’s tricks. The awesome steel-coaster will hurl the riders through a two 360-degree loop with complete corkscrew and the side-winding helix.
-There is the Jet Scream which makes a loop of a starship, and that takes the adventurous riders through the unparalleled moments of near zero gravity. The riders will be orbiting 360-degrees as they catch the sensational hang-time on 100-feet of airborne moments.

The popularity of this wonderland is defined by its remarkable number of wild rides. The roller coaster and other rides will loop, launch, spin, suspend and fly you into amusement park bliss. You can easily meet all of your favorite TV characters from the Fred Flintstones to the Star Trek Klingon as the kids see the Sponge Bob Square Pants or Dora the Explorer wandering around the park.

Useful Guide and Tips on Visiting the Canada’s Wonderland


You can find wonderland’s one night package with breakfast as low as $179 per night. You will enjoy one-night accommodation in traditional rooms with one king sized bed or two beds. This package normally included 2 full breakfasts and two adult tickets for the general admission (all-day passes) to the wonderland.

Two-night package

The wonderland’s 2-night package starts at $365 for two nights. Under this package, you will be accommodated in the traditional rooms with two double beds. You will be given 2 adult tickets, as you pay once and visit twice, for all-day passes. There are two full breakfasts for each day.

Wonderland Tickets

You can take advantage of the advanced online ticket purchases as they are offered at substantial discounts over the gate pricing. You can purchase the junior or senior wonderland tickets. Junior are classified as 3 years of age under 48″ while seniors are defined as 60 years of age or older.

The number of people per room – in most cases, fire regulations allow a maximum of 5 people per room. The best time to make a visit is usually on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the summer and Saturdays during spring and fall

What New in Year 2016

There are some new additions that add more fun to the already fun-filled Canada’s Wonderland. The Typhoon makes awesome splash in the splash works. It is the newest water-slide collection that features some oscillating tunnels with hairpin turns. Also new to the splash works is the splash station, a new children’s interactive play area. There is a water-slide expansion package from the white water west. It is similar to the snake pit slide package and all these adds to your world of fun.

There is special line up events that include;

Coming up on Wonderland

The Chinese Acrobats

The Ultimate Thrills Circus

Wheel of Destiny and Russian Swing

X-Treme Wheels Stunt Show

West Coast Lumberjack Show

Visiting the Wonderland

To get to this Canada’s Wonderland, you can take the Rutherford Road exit on Highway 400, or else catch the Wonderland Express GO bus from the York dale or the sub stations of the York Mills.

For any assistance, you can contact

Phone – 905-832-7000

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9580 Jane Street, Vaughan, L6A 1S6