Mexico is pretty large by nature and the number of tourist attractions in the area are nearly countless. Millions of visitors travel to the country annually but with all that Mexico has to offer, it is getting harder to pick which of its many places are really worth going to. It is also nearly impossible to visit all that Mexico has to offer in a couple of weeks, let alone in a few days. If travelers are only given a limited time to visit Mexico, then they should definitely spend it in the city of Cancún.

Getting to Know Cancun

Cancún is a city in southeast Mexico located on the northeastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. It also serves as the seat of the municipality of Benito Juarez. Cancún is one of Mexico’s most significant tourist destinations and tourists and locals can’t seem to get enough of visiting the small city. It alone attracts a majority of the annual number of visitors in Mexico and it’s fairly easy to see why.

The city as a long and dated history behind it too. The earliest documented colonies in the area were the Mayans. In its early years, Cancún was called as Nizuc, a name that translates to either “promontory” or “point of grass.” After years of warfare, piracy and famines, only a few settlements were left in Nizuc and they were the Isla Mujeres and Conzumel Island

Cancun History

According to the early records, the city got its Cancún name only until the 18th century. There are no known origins of what Cancún means but some historians were able to deduce some of its possible definitions. According to them, Cancún could mean”Place/Seat/Throne of the Snake” or “Enchanted Snake”.

cancun mexico
Cancun on the map of Mexico (Source)

It was very long before development to turn Cancún into what it is today began. It was started on January 23, 1970 and by then, it was initially called as Isla Cancún. It was a rough start for the area as there were very few people in proximity. Isla Cancún had three people only and the neighboring Puerto Juarez only had over a hundred residents.

Investors in the city were scarce so development took a further hit from lack of financing. However, the Mexican Federal government later on decided to finance the initial projects in the area which was a total of nine hotels. These first hotels included the Cancún Caribe, Playa Blanca (now known as Temptation Resort). What Cancún lacked in amenities and lodgings, it made up for with pristine white sand beaches.

When the initial projects were completed, the government became more aggressive with its tourism push for Cancún. It began its first tourism project in 1974. The pioneer project turned the city of Cancún into a have for Mexico’s best resorts. Throughout the years, Cancún was able to bag numerous awards including the World Tourism Organization’s Best of the Best award “for excellence and good governance” in 2007. These awards only helped propel Cancún into one of the best spots to visit in Mexico.

Although many areas in Mexico are notorious for being dangerous because of the rampant drug trade, Cancún is different. Bloodshed is not common in the area and the government of Mexico does is best to protect the citizens of Cancún from any danger. That being said, let us now get to the vital things to know before getting to Cancún.

What is the time zone in Cancún?

Cancún falls under the Eastern Standard Time which is five hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time. Cancún has its own airport called the Cancún International Airport so getting to the city will be fairly. easy regardless of what time of day it is. There are taxis lined up at the airport ready to pick up tourists.

Since it is a top tourist destination, there are countless hotels in Cancún and finding one to sleep at even in the wee hours of the night will be easy. However, if people want to book the best hotels in the city, then they should book ahead as these places tend to get filled and reservations are always recommended.

When it the best time to visit Cancún?

When thinking about when is the best time to visit Cancún, people have to pick between weather or price. Hotels can get pretty expensive and cheap depending on the current climate in the area and this is actually quite a predicament for travelers who are on a budget. Still, there are months more worth visiting than others.

When considering the price of lodgings, the cheapest time to visit Cancun is during the hurricane season which is generally from June to October, and peaks at August and September. During these months, airfare and hotel rates are at their lowest. Of course, the risk hurricanes and storms are always present so people might not be able to enjoy their trip fully. The best course of action when visiting during these months is to look at the weather forecast ahead of time.

These are technically the worst times to visit Cancún as well. The good thing is that some hotel and resorts offer indoor amenities that can help people pass the time by. Still, it would be a shame to let the city’s beaches and outdoor offerings go to waste.

cancun mexico
A flock of tourists in one of Cancun, Mexico’s popular beaches (Source)

The best time to visit Cancún is from November to April. During these periods, the city is bustling with tourism and the weather is nice. However, people have to watch out for peak seasons which are winter and spring break. During these times, hotel and airfare rates are at the highest. Unless there is no budget, travelers should avoid the area during these times.

It is suggested that people visit during spring break. There are parties going on regularly during this time so the city is always alive. With enough effort, we’re sure that people can find cheap rooms.

Cancún is a large and bustling city with tons of things to do and we’ve rounded them all up. Here are some of the best things to do in Cancún.

What to Do in Cancun, Mexico?

Aside from Maldives, Cancun, Mexico is also one of the first places that come into our mind when talking about beaches. There’s no denying that its beaches are worth talking about as it has a lot of white sand beaches, bright blue waters, plus it has the perfect weather for a vacation. Not to mention, its beaches have the most fun nightlife to offer. But Cancun, Mexico is not just about its beaches, sunsets, and nightlife. There is more to this city than that and in case you want to have a more memorable experience visiting this city, here are some of the odd but fun things to do in Cancun.

1See a Lot of Celebrities and International Figures

cancun wax museum
Mother Teresa’s impressive realistic wax figure (Source)

Cancun may not be in Los Angeles, California but you’ll still be able to see a lot of celebrities and other influential figures here… well, sort of. This is because Cancun, Mexico has its own museum that’s filled with realistic wax figures of various celebrities and other notable people in the industry and visiting here is one of the odd but fun things to do in Cancun. Here, you can snap a photo with Katy Perry, Madonna, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, and even Mother Teresa, as well as Queen Elizabeth. The wax figures are done so well that you’d really feel as if you met them in person. Plus, the rooms are theme oriented. It’s definitely something that shouldn’t be missed when traveling to Cancun, Mexico.

2Dive While Exploring a Museum

cancun underwater museum
A tourist coming face to face with one of the sculptures that you can find in Cancun’s underwater museum (Source)

Scuba diving and museum hopping are always two fun things to do when traveling. It lets you get to know the place well and learn new things. But not all places can let you do this at once. Luckily, Cancun, Mexico was able to combine these two activities to conserve our natural reefs while providing new havens for marine creatures. Here, you’ll get to see over 400 life-sized sculptures with algae forms and beautiful reef formations making the statues look a bit eerie looking. This makes it as one of the odd but fun things to do in Cancun.

3Explore an Ancient Civilization

cancun mayan ruins
A peak at some of the Mayan ruins that you can get to see in Cancun, Mexico (Source)

Aside from its beautiful beaches, Cancun, Mexico also homes some of the most impressive Mayan ruins. They are so breathtaking that many of which have even been designated as world heritage sites.

Here, you can get to see a lot of magnificent pyramids and stone temples that are filled with sculptures and other rich details about the ancient culture. Take Instagrammable photos and unearth the secrets of the Mayan civilization even more as you tour these ruins. What’s even better is that these ruins are just a few minutes away from Cancun hotels.

4Go on a Taco Tour

cancun taco tour
One of the authentic taco style that you can get to taste on a taco tour (Source)

Of course, a trip to Mexico wouldn’t be complete if you don’t try their tacos. But this one of the odd but fun things to do in Cancun is not just a plain visit at a restaurant serving tacos. Rather, you’ll tour several spots (Taco Bell is not included, though) where you can really get to taste the real Mexican taco experience. For just as low as $15, you can already avail a taco tour service where a guide will tour you around the city to try out different taco styles. The best part of this activity is that you can even go on a taco tour for breakfast. Yes, Mexicans love tacos that much that you can even start the tour as early as 8:30 AM. Note that this tour would take you 2 hours and 30 minutes so you might want to plan your schedule ahead.

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5Learn to Surf

cancun 360 surfing
Teens learning how to surf (Source)

Nothing will compare to the beautiful beaches of Cancun, Mexico. But to fully enjoy it, you might want to learn how to ride the waves. It’s one of the odd but fun things to do in Cancun that you shouldn’t miss too.

Sure, there are a lot of places that offer srufing lessons. However, Cancun’s surfing schools are way different. This is because the city has several schools filled with seasoned professionals that will teach you how to surf its waters. One of the most popular ones is the 360 Surf School. They have trained NSSIA instructors that will guide you throughout the activity and they can guarantee you that you’ll definitely get to learn a lot from them. In fact, they have the highest reviews from TripAdvisor. What’s even better is that your kids can get to learn to ride the waves as well.

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6Become a Rock Star

cancun hard rock cafe
A band playing at the Hard Rock Cafe (Source)

Becoming a rock star is also one of the odd but fun things to do in Cancun. Yes, this city allows you to be that for a day. How? Go to Hard Rock Cafe Hotel.

Yes, you read it right. Hard Rock Cafe Hotel allows participants to perform on stage as a part of their all-inclusive experience offer. If you’ve been dreaming to be a rock star, a DJ, musician, or whatnot this is your chance to shine. The best part of this experience is that the hotel has facilities that include a studio plus they will provide a “rock specialist” who will coach you with your “gig.” Sing or play musical instruments in front of a big crowd, be a DJ, master your favorite song, or be a star in your own music video – you can do anything.

7Host a Party on a Jungle Lake?

cancun xochimilco
The colorful party boats that you can rent (Source)

A jungle lake may not be the first place that we would often think of when hosting a party but partying on it is actually one of the odd but fun things to do in Cancun. This is because, first and foremost, Cancun’s Xochimilco lake is one of the most beautiful places in the world. In fact, it is named as one of the amazing UNESCO World Heritage sites. Apart from that, it offers a nice surrounding that’s perfect even when you are with your family or a big group of friends.

You can hop on a colorful rented boat called “trajinera” for a few hours and even bring your own booze with you. Here, you can also try the tasty snacks that they offer, play games, and even listen and dance to the live music that mariachis perform. However, note that this is one of the popular spots for both tourists and locals. Hence, prepare yourself as you will likely encounter a big crowd, especially during weekends. Still, you’ll definitely enjoy this experience.

8Walk with Crocodiles

croco cun zoo cancun
Kids getting close up close and personal with a crocodile (Source)

Zoos are a common attraction in almost every city. You can find a lot of zoo everywhere and most of them offer nothing extraordinary. However, visiting a zoo is actually one of the odd but fun things to do in Cancun. Why, you say? Well, here at Cancun, you will not just be able to learn more about the animals. Rather, you can also get to hold, touch, and feed them. But what makes this zoo so unique is that you can literally get up close with their animals even crocodiles and snakes.

This may be a very unusual thing to do in Cancun but it sure is fun. It might not be as fun as you think it is at first if you’re afraid of these reptiles. But this experience will let you conquer your fear of crocodiles as you can even walk among them and take a photo if you’re brave enough. Don’t worry, though, as you will be accompanied by a guide at all times. You can carry a snake and meet other animals up close as well.

Cancun, Mexico may be best known for its beautiful and luxurious beaches. We can’t blame you, though, as its beaches are really worth the buzz. Even so, it still has a lot more activities and other tourist spots to offer for you to discover other than its beaches. With this list of odd but fun things to do in Cancun, Mexico, we are sure that you will have a different yet memorable travel experience. If you have already tried these, tell us how it went in the comment section below.

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