The Volunteer State or most commonly known as Tennessee is one of the places in the United States that maintains a solid footing on its long history. By this, we mean to say that Tennessee’s landmarks and tourists attractions date back to the 18th century and possibly even beyond. Since the state is not at all too large, it is easy to see which places are worth going to. It is the 36th largest state in terms of landmass. However, if people want to experience the most in Tennessee, then they must go and visit its capital city, Nashville.

Named after Continental Army general Francis Nash, Nashville is the most populous city in Tennessee. It also holds the place for one of the oldest cities in the state. In terms of where it all began, Nashville’s history dates back to 1779 when it was founded by its namesake during the American Revolutionary War.

Because of its strategic location as a port and railroad, Nashville was able to develop quickly upon its foundation. In 1862, Nashville seceded with Tennessee during the American Civil War. By then, it became the first state capital to fall to Union troops. When it was reclaimed, the city became a strategic manufacturing base. To this date, Nashville is easily the center of commerce and agriculture within Tennessee as it is at the center of the state.

Nashville, Tennessee’s beautiful skyline (Source)

Beyond being the center of Tennessee’s economy, Nashville is also the state’s center for music, healthcare, publishing, banking and transportation industries. It is also home to various colleges and universities including the Tennessee State University, Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, Fisk University and Lipscomb University. For commerce and major companies, Nashville is the location for a few headquarters including AT&T, Bridgestone, CoreCivic, Hospital Corporation of America, Lifeway Christian Resources and many others more.

During the previous Great Recession, Nashville suffered along with other major U.S. cities. However, it was able to bounce back easily within the coming years. In a Gallup poll released on March 2012, Nashville was named as one of the top five regions for job growth. A year later, it was renowned as the Nowville or It City by major publications. The city continues to grow to this point and it is well on its way into becoming one the top cities in the U.S..

What is the Nashville time zone?

The geography of Nashville is unique in a sense that it is one of the largest states’ when considering length. Its size also allow it to become a part of several time zones. When the four contiguous time zones where introduced in 1883, Tennessee was put at two time zone which were the Central and Eastern zones because of its location.

However, Nashville itself is under the Central Time Zone which is roughly 6 hours behind the Greenwich Standard Time. Although the Nashville time zone may confuse some, it is actually pretty easy to track down and it is vital for travelers to do so as the time they visit will play a major role in their trip. Luckily, since Nashville is a lively and bustling city, there are always a lot of things to do even in the wee hours of the night.

How to get to Nashville?

For those within Tennessee itself, it is actually pretty plain and simple. There are a ton of public transit options to get to the city from other parts of the state. Of course, it is a completely different story when you are traveling from a far-off state or in a far-off country. The best way to get to Nashville from outside is by booking flights that arrive in the Nashville International Airport. The city’s major airport takes in domestic and international flights and it serves as the best way to get to the city.

nashville, Tennessee’s busy street (Source)

Getting Around Nashville

When in Nashville itself, getting around is fairly easy as there are an array of public transit vehicles to choose from. There are travel guides upon getting to the airport so it is advised to pick one up from there. Additionally, some hotels and accommodations in the city offer shuttle services to their customers. Sometimes, availing these services is the more practical, economical and safe choice.

When is the best time to visit Nashville?

It is really hard to pinpoint when the best time is to visit Nashville as there are a ton of events to experience in the city. However, if we were to truly pick which times are the best, then the days between April through October will be perfect. During these months, the weather is perfect for walks outside. Also, there aren’t many tourists that flock the city during these months.

These months also hold some of the best events the city is known for. In April, you are going to experience the rock and roll concert of a lifetime during the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon. Also in April is the Nashville Comedy Festival. In June, get ready to hear the best sounds during the Country Music Festival and the Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman which runs until July. Perhaps the best event to partake in is the Music City Food & Wine Festival in September. Since these events are well-anticipated by those in Nashville, expect to meet a handful of locals along the way.

If you are on a budget, the best days to visit would be from November to March. Excluding the holidays, these months have lower prices on flights and hotels. However, since flights and accommodations are cheaper, there could be more tourists during this period.

These are some of the basic things you should know before traveling to Nashville. Now all that’s left is for you to pack your bags and book your flights. Before anything else though, let us look at some of the things you can do right here in Nashville, Tennessee.

What are the cool and unique things to do in Nashville, Tennessee?

Aside from the Nashville time zone and other facts about the city’s rich past, there’s still a lot to know more about this beautiful city in Tennessee. One of which is the cool and unique things to do in Nashville.

Nashville is one of the cities in the US that has a lot to offer. And these things aren’t just the ordinary activities that you can also do in other cities. Rather, these are the one-of-a-kind activities that you can only get to experience in Nashville. If you want to know more about the offbeat things to do in Nashville, here are some of the activities and places that we highly recommend for you to try out that will surely make your Nashville trip all the more memorable.

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1Have Breakfast at the Pfunky Griddle

Pancakes being cooked right at the table (Source)

There may be a lot of places to eat in the world for that sumptuous breakfast. However, having breakfast at Nashville’s Pfunky Griddle is a whole new different breakfast experience. This is because the restaurant will literally make you cook your own pancakes. Make the biggest pancake, fill it with a ton of toppings or whatnot, you can do whatever you want. You might say that you could have just cooked pancakes on your own at home but doing this at a restaurant would be so much fun, especially if you’re doing it with friends. The best part is that you won’t have to clean up after you eat!

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2Visit Athens without a Passport?

Athena’s statue (Source)

Here in Nashville, you can get a glimpse of what it’s like in Athens. With its Centennial Park’s The Parthenon, you can get to see a portion of the beauty of Athens without a passport. Here, you can get to see a full-scale reproduction of the famous Greek temple in Athens, Greece. The best part is that you can also get to see a huge golden sculpture of Athena that stands more than 40-feet tall inside the temple’s replica. It’s definitely a must-see attraction.

The aesthetics at Nashville, Tennessee’s Centennial Park’s The Parthenon (Source)

However, note that it only opens one Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9 AM to 4:30 PM and on Sundays, its operating hours starts from 12:30 to 4:30 PM, Nashville time zone. So you might want to check out your schedules first.

3Learn More About the Music City in its Musician’s Hall of Fame Museum

A peek at some of the things that you can find inside the museum (Source)

Again, Nashville is known as Tennessee’s center for music. And what better way to learn more about music and the city itself than by visiting its own Musician’s Hall of Fame and Museum?

Here, you can get to fill yourself with knowledge about the Music City’s rich history. In addition to that, you’ll also get to know more about the country music foundations and the music that helped set the city into its legend status with regards to music production.

Aside from that, the museum also has informative exhibits about notable musicians like Elvis Presley, Elton John, Keith Richards, and Roy Orbison. You’ll also get to see a portion of the museum that’s solely dedicated to the Grammys and it’s also a must-see.

4Ride a Horse Taxi

A horse taxi at downtown Nashville that looks straight out of fairytale (Source)

It’s so much fun to drive around the city, especially if you have your own car with you. It’s less of a hassle. But it’s going to be even more fun if you’re going to ditch your car even just for a day and ride a horse taxi downtown instead. Yes, you read it right. In Nashville, you can ride a horse taxi that will take you to your desired destination downtown. Some carriage rides would even take you on a tour for free. If you have some time to spare, don’t miss out trying this out. It’s definitely a different experience to see the sights of the bustling city.

5Try Different Walking Tours Around Nashville

A group of tourists taking a walking tour to know more about the city’s history (Source)

What’s a better way to get to know the Music City well? It’s through the walking tours that it can offer. Nashville, Tennessee has a lot of walking tours to offer its tourists and each tour has its own focus and the fun never stops. There’s a food walking tour where you can get to visit different restaurants that will let you explore the local dishes that the city has to offer. Through this tour, you can even interact with the restaurants’ chefs and learn more about the city and its cuisine.

The Music City also offers a drinking tour for those who are seeking to have a splash of silly toasts and have some shots of the city’s entertaining history. Here, you will be taken to 4-5 cool spots where you can have some booze and good food too.

There is also a history walking tour being offered. As the name suggests, you’ll be taken into the city’s most historical spots and get to uncover more of the city’s colorful history.

If you want a hair-raising tour, you can also join the ghost tours that the city has to offer. Hear chilling historic facts, legends, and even true ghost stories as you stroll its streets at night.

And, of course, your Nashville trip will not be complete without joining a music walking tour. This one is perfect for music lovers as such tour will take you to places related to music like the Country Music Hall of Fame, Sho-Bud Steel Guitar Company, Ernie’s Record Mart, and so much more. And as expected, you will also get to know more about the city’s history with regards to music.

6Sip Tennessee Whiskey

A staff showing tourists around the distillery (Source)

If you love to get booze, don’t miss out sipping Tennessee’s very own whiskey straight from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. They have a variety of whiskey that you will surely love. And if the previously mentioned drinking tours aren’t enough, you can try the daily tours and tasting that the distillery offers. Get to know more about the shop’s history, its products, and the way they make their products as you taste their samples. Also, don’t miss checking out their bottle shop for gifts, barware, whiskey, and exclusive items that you can take home with you.

7Sample Some Craft Beers

Craft beers paired with some of the mouthwatering dishes from the brewery (Source)

If craft beers are your thing, Nashville also has the best place to offer for you and that is the Tennessee Brew Works. Here, as the name suggests, you can get to taste some really good craft beers. But that’s not all. The place also combines it with some good food for you to fill your tummies as well. You won’t find this kind of restaurant elsewhere than in Nashville, Tennessee where craft beers are perfectly incorporated with artisanal dishes. The best part of it all is that you can enjoy both of these as you listen to live music overlooking the modern brewing facility that they have. And to top your Nashville experience, you can also try the brewery tours that they offer.

8Join or Witness Tomato Art Festival

A festive scene at 2017’s Tomato Art Festival (Source)

Aside from its music venues, another thing that draws thousands of people in Nashville, Tennessee is its fun festivals. One of the most awaited events is the Tomato Art Festival that is celebrated every August. Since it started in 2004, the festival has always been drawing an interesting crowd. As a matter of fact, an approximate 60,000 people came to join and witness the festival in 2016.

Here, you can get to witness various musical performances, a lot of dancing, tomato parades, and you can explore some tomato art too. And the quirkiest thing of all is that you can wear your favorite tomato costume! It’s a different level of fun and exciting travel experience that you shouldn’t miss as well when traveling to Nashville, Tennessee. So if you are in a place that has a different time zone than the Nashville time zone, you might want to start plotting your schedule ahead so you won’t miss any fun.

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9Hunt for Treasures at McKay’s

An endless row of bookshelves at McKay’s (Source)

This isn’t the kind of treasure hunting that you’re thinking of that involves real gold, though. Rather, this is a kind of a treasure hunt that geeks will surely love. This is because, here, you can get to find books, books, and lots of books. The best part is that you can trade or sell your old books too. In addition to books, you can also get to find some video games that are previously owned by other customers as well. There are also movies and records available.

If you’re planning to visit McKay’s, it’s worth noting that they are open from 9 Am to 9 PM from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays to Saturdays, they start operating from 9 Am to 10 PM. And on Sunday, they are open from 11 AM to 7 PM, Nashville time zone.

These are just a glimpse of the things that you can do and visit in Nashville, Tennessee. But even if these are just the tip of the iceberg, we are sure that these will still make a huge difference to your trip and will make it all the more memorable and fun. Which ones are you planning to try out?


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