If you are traveling with kids, it’s always best to take them to places where they can have fun and learn at the same time too. In this way, they will not just have a vacation to remember but they can also get to gain more knowledge and be more aware of their surroundings. One of the best places to take them to is the museum.

Today, there are now a lot of kinds of museums that you can visit. There’s a history museum, science museum, art, etc. that will enhance the younger members of your family’s knowledge, inspire them, and, of course, make them enjoy their vacation.

In New York, you have a handful of options to choose from. This state alone has a lot of different museums to offer to kids where they will certainly learn while having fun. So if you’re in or near the empire state, we highly suggest that you take the kids to the museums of New York. We’re sure they will have a lot of fun and will learn a lot. In case you’re wondering where to go, we got your back as we listed some of the best museums in New York that you all need to see with the younger members of your family.

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Top Children’s Museum in New York

When we talk about New York, it’s easy to imagine its busy streets and the famous Statue of Liberty. But this state is not just about that. Apparently, the famous empire state has a good deal of attractions to offer for different types of travelers. It even has some tourist spots dedicated to kids. One of them are the museums scattered around the state. And if you were to take the kids with you as you travel to the empire state, here are some of the best children’s museum that we highly suggest.

1New York Hall of Science

New York Hall of Science’s science playground (Source)

Also known as NYSCI, the New York Hall of Science is one of the top places to bring the kids to. For starters, it has 400 exhibits that kids can explore. It also has various hands-on activities that kids will surely love to try out. And we’re talking about the interactive activities that focuses on biology physics, and chemistry, making the museum a stand out among the other science museums in New York.

Aside from the cool exhibits that the New York Hall of Science has, kids will surely love the 3D theater that it houses as well. But what makes it all the more unique is that you this theater screens the museum’s selection of award-winning science films to fully immerse everyone in science.

And probably the most fun part of visiting New York Hall of Science is seeing the daily science demonstrations. Here, experts demonstrate the exciting properties of several branches of science such as biology, physics, and chemistry, right before your eyes. With the engaging explanations combined with the audience participation, kids will not just be amazed by science but they will also learn a lot.

And if the kids in your family love science so much, why not celebrate their birthday at the New York hall of Science too? Yes, you read it right. The museum also has its doors open to those who want to have a unique birthday celebration. Different themes and packages are available that will certainly make the children’s birthday a day to remember.

2Long Island Children’s Museum

Michael Buble visiting the Long Island Children’s Museum (Source)

Just a few minutes away from the New York Hall of Science, you can also visit the Long Island Children’s Museum. However, unlike the exhibits that you can find in the New York Hall of Science, the Long Island Children’s Museum has fewer interactive exhibits. Still, it’s hard not to pass on as they are all fun and, needless to say, educational.

Aside from the interactive exhibits that the museum has, you can also enjoy a community gallery. In this exhibit, the museum features artworks made by the local schoolchildren. Kids can get to see how the others interpret the works of famous artists and be inspired by their works too.

Another thing that will surely pique the interest of the kids is the museum’s communication Station. Here, children can interact with different historic and contemporary devices that humans use to communicate. They will surely learn a lot from here too.

This museum also has its doors open for kids who want to celebrate their birthdays in a unique way. Like the New York Hall of Science, this museum also has different packages that will make any birthday a memorable one.

3Science Museum of Long Island

A Science Museum of Long Island visitor with artist Julie Peppito in a workshop transforming trash into treasure activity (Source)

And why not add the Science Museum of Long Island to your itinerary too? Also located in Long Island, as its name suggests, this museum also has a lot of exciting exhibits waiting for everyone. For starters, its exhibits explore the different branches of science, including physical science, life, and earth science. Aside from that, the museum also offers different workshops for children of all ages that will definitely help their studies.

The Science Museum of Long Island isn’t just about exhibits and workshops. The museum also offers summer camps that will make every kid’s summer memorable and educational.

However, what sets this museum apart is that it doesn’t have exhibits that are merely displayed on the museum’s rooms or whatnot. Rather, the museum focuses on providing more hands-on experience for kids to learn and appreciate science through experiments and discoveries in an amazing learning environment.

And the best part of it is that the museum has smoothly transitioned to online learning since the pandemic started. And as of writing, you can still try it out. It’s the perfect place to visit virtually or not.

4Brooklyn Children’s Museum

One of Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s interactive exhibits (Source)

Like the Long Island Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Children’s Museum is also a few minutes away from the New York Hall of Science. Thus, there’s no reason to miss this cool museum too. Here, you can also enjoy many interactive educational exhibits. The museum even has a Science Inquiry center where visitors can explore the some of the ways scientists learn about our natural environment, as well as the experts’ local conservation efforts. This exhibit also lets you see different live animals.

But what will probably make the kids’ visit all the more fun is the museum’s unique exhibit called World Brooklyn. Here, children will not just get to take a look at items on display or read about them but they can also interact with the displays and even with other kids. This is because this exhibit lets kids role play. Through this, they can take on the roles of a baker, grocer, shopkeeper, designer, performer, builder and shopper. But what makes it interesting is that this exhibit don’t just let kids play. Through this, children can also gain more understanding and appreciation of such roles that enable the communities to thrive.

This museum also lets children explore the world of art. With Brooklyn Children’s Museum’s ColorLab, kids, and even adults, can explore, make, and celebrate art. From discovery, artistic process, and even freedom of expression, everyone will surely love, enjoy, and learn a lot from this exhibit. While the museum’s exhibits are mostly dedicated to children, adults can surely learn here too, which makes it a must-visit.

5Liberty Science Center

Inside Liberty Science Center’s planetarium (Source)

Liberty Science Center is also one of the museums in New York that you need to see. Here, visitors can enjoy interactive exhibits where kids will be able to learn while they play.

But what makes it a bit unique from most of the science museums on this list is that it has a huge planetarium on site. In fact, it is known as the biggest of its kind in the western hemisphere. Everyone in the family will surely enjoy exploring the sky in this planetarium. In addition to that, kids will certainly love the museum’s collaboration with the Sesame Street friends.

At Liberty Science Center, everyone in the family can also get to watch films and other shows. The museum even screens 3D movies. But don’t expect some action movies, drama, comedy, or whatnot, though. Apparently, the films that the museum screens are still more on educational films. Still, it’s hard to miss.

6Children’s Museum of Manhattan

A peek inside the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s PlayWork exhibit (Source)

If you’re on a budget but still want to take the kids out so they can have fun while learning, don’t worry, Children’s Museum of Manhattan is your best bet. Among the museum’s we’ve mentioned, this one is probably the most budget-friendly. In fact, you can already explore the museum for tickets as low as $12. And with such an affordable admission ticket, you can already explore five floors of fun, discovery, and exhibits.

One of the notable exhibits that the museum has is the Adventures with Dora and Diego. As its name suggests, this exhibit is based on the popular kids shows Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego, Go! Here, kids can explore beaches, rainforest, caves, etc. and learn more facts about animals. This exhibit also aims to help kids gain more problem-solving skills, develop math and language abilities, as well as appreciation and awareness of the Latin American culture.

Another well-loved exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan is the Dynamic H2O. Here, kids can play and learn at the same time with the exhibit’s interactive water table that help them trace the path of the city’s water and the water cycle.

The best part of this museum is that it also has an exhibit where kids can appreciate art more. In its Inside Art exhibit, kids can get to explore unique sculptures, installations, and other masterpieces that they can crawl under, walk through, and explore more. It’s a budget-friendly attraction that has nearly everything that will inspire, educate, and entertain kids. It’s one of the best destinations for families with limited budget.

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7National Museum of Mathematics

Inside one of National Museum of Mathematics’ exhibits where kids can create and explore shapes (Source)

We often hear art, history, and science museums when talking about the best attractions to take the kids to. But have you heard of a mathematics museum?

Whether your child is good with numbers or not, the National Museum of Mathematics is also a must visit. Contrary to what others think about math, a trip to this museum won’t be as boring as one would imagine a math class. Here, you won’t be sitting around discussing merely numbers and computations. Rather, this place is filled with various interactive exhibits where you can get to explore various interactive displays that will spark curiosity and reveal the wonders of mathematics. From numbers to patterns and even 3D doodles, even the adults will have a lot of fun visiting this place too.

The best part of it is that the museum also holds different events that will make your every visit all the more memorable. And like the other museums, this site’s doors are also open for those who want to celebrate a unique birthday.

8New York Transit Museum

Some of the Instagrammable vintage buses on display at the New York Transit Museum in celebration of the 25th annual Bus Festival (Source)

Another unique museum that you need to see when you’re traveling to New York with kids is the New York Transit Museum. As its name suggests, this place features nearly everything about the transportation in New York. Here, kids and even adults can get to learn more about the subway, bus, and commuter rail systems in New York City through the historical artifacts displayed on its exhibits. The museum also offers tours so you can get to know the history of the city well as the museum’s guides can answer your curious questions. The New York Transit Museum also offers various educational programs and workshops that deal with the social, cultural, and technological history of public transportation.

And you will not just get to explore a room or two full of historical artifacts related to the history of transit in NYC. Rather, you have countless artifacts to explore and see. As a matter of fact, this museum is actually considered the largest museum in the United States that is focused on educating the public about the urban public transportation history. In addition to that, it is one of the premier institutions of its kind around the world, making it a unique attraction that you should not miss bring the kids to. Everyone in the family will not just get fascinated about the museum’s exhibits but you will all learn a lot here too.

9Children’s Museum of the Arts

One of the fun interactive exhibits inside the Children’s Museum of the Arts (Source)

Art galleries are one of the popular attractions in almost every city. And true enough, it is one of the best places to take the whole family as it’s often kid-friendly and educational. However, younger kids don’t always appreciate such attractions alone. Sometimes, they tend to get bored after a few minutes. But Children’s Museum of the Arts is different. Although this museum is dedicated to opening the eyes of its visitors to arts, this place has more interactive exhibits. Hence, a trip to this museum isn’t just going to be viewing of various paintings and other artworks. Rather, this place offers various activities that spark the kids and other visitors’ imagination through the different hands-on activities. This museum’s activities also lets visitors get to know the biggest names in the field of arts through the various classes and workshops that it offers.

Apart from that, the site also inspires the inner artist in each of its visitors through different activities where they can recreate pros’ masterpieces in their own ways. For instance, the museum once held an activity where the kids “paint” Vincent Van Gogh’s works through clay.

The museum also offers camps. Through this, children can also get to explore and understand other mediums of art such as filmmaking, sculpting, drawing, and more even better.

10Westchester Children’s Museum

Kids fascinated by one of the interactive displays on Westchester’s Children’s Museum’s exhibit (Source)

Unlike most of the museums we’ve mentioned on this list, Westchester Children’s Museum is quite small. But the fun never stops in spite of its size. Here, kids can also enjoy hands-on activities where they have an opportunity to create, build, and watch as they explore different science0related activities.

Aside from science, children can also delve deeper in the field of art with the museum’s art-related exhibit. Here, children can enjoy painting, as well as water activities. Tis exhibit also gives them more opportunity to interact with other kids.

And the best part of it is that it has a loaner library where you can grab your free book.

Aside from its small space, what makes this museum all the more unique are the events that it holds. One of the favorites that make people of all ages come back time and again is the Rockin’ Rave. Yes, you read it right, a rave. And you can take the kids with you. Well, actually, it’s a rave for kids where they can dance the night away with the whole family. Aside from the fun night out experience, you can also get to raise funds to support the museum. And the best part of it is that children can also enjoy crafts and slime making during the event. Plus, they can get to receive free giveaways from the DJ. This museum sure knows how to help kids learn and have a lot of fun, making it a museum that you need to visit too.

11Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

A glimpse of some of the aircraft displayed at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum (Source)

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum is yet another kid-friendly attraction that you need to see when you’re in New York. However, unlike the other museums we mentioned, this place doesn’t have a lot of space for playing. In spite of that, this place is full of displays that will pique the interest of kids, as well as adults. Through its exhibits, everyone in the family can get to learn more about the American military and maritime history. They can even get to see what it’s like boarding an aircraft carrier.

Apart from that, Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum also houses more than 20 aircrafts and you can get a closer look of that too. Four of which are the most famous aircrafts that played huge roles in the history. One of the well-known crafts that you can see is the USS Growler submarine, the only former missile-launching submarine that you can get to see up close only in New York.

Aside from that, you can also get to have a closer look at the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, an aircraft which survived a torpedo strike and five kamikaze attacks during the second World War. The notable aircraft also served during the Cold War era, as well as the Vietnam War. You can also get to see the famous A-12 “Black Bird” and the British Airways Concorde.

In addition to that, the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum will let you see original artifacts, media presentations, photographs, and more that will give you a good peek at the state’s past. Kids and even adults can surely get to learn a lot about the history of America in this unique museum. Needless to say, the artifacts that it houses will fascinate you.

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