Life is short and the number of amazing sights to see and experiences to try out in the world are near countless. It is hard to pick which places are worth the time and money. But luckily, there are also countless guides out there that help us achieve our traveling goals. Before getting to these amazing spots, it would be wise to first understand a few tips when picking up your bags and going.

Some Helpful Travel Tips

1Pick your party

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A group of travelers posing for a group photo as a remembrance of their trip (Source)

While there are those that prefer traveling alone, there are a lot others who enjoy the company of other people when traveling. It could be a special significant other, a family member, or even a regular friend. Regardless of those those traveling buddies are, it is important to backpack with people you can fully trust and are happy to be around with.

Although some travelers suggest it is fun to travel with people you are not exactly close with, it is a thousand times better to experience all that the world has to offer with someone you are comfortable with. Not only will this make the trip more fun, it will also help you traveler easier knowing that you are with someone you completely trust.

2Travel heavy but travel light

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Some of the essential travel items that you can bring with you (Source)

This may sound like a contradicting statement but essentially, it means you need to bring all that you need but make sure to not bring everything that you own. For instance, instead of traveling with a few tools such as screwdrivers, corkscrews, knives and scissors, the more practical approach would be to carry a pocket knife that contains all sorts of essential items.

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A sample travel capsule wardrobe for Summer so you can travel light but still in style (Source)

The same goes for picking out traveling clothes. It is very impractical to travel carrying all of your belongings and clothing items as this could cost you a ton in baggage fees. Of course, it will be very heavy to carry an entire cabinet’s worth of clothes. Pick out clothes that are essential and that are less prone to getting dirty. Also, we suggest to pick clothes that are neutral in colors. In this way, it would be easier to mix and match so you can still get that perfect OOTD shots as you travel. It is advised to bring a day or two’s worth of extra clothes in case of emergencies as well.

3Know your limits

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One of the ways to save up for travel: store your money in a different container and label it so you can get more inspired to save up (Source)

One of the biggest mistakes a traveler can make when going to another country or city is that they tend to forget that they are traveling on a budget. It is hard to live fully one day and then live on heavy restrictions the next. As such, all travelers must know their budget limit before traveling.

[ack up and go tips
A sample budget worksheet so you can plot and tack your vacation budget (Source)

There are various way to save up for the trip ahead but what is important is that people should first research how much they can spend on the place they are going too. With the budget range prepared, it is then important to save up more in case of emergencies. There is nothing far worse than going on a trip and losing money midway.


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Take time to research on the destinations that you’re eyeing on and discuss them with your travel buddies (Source)

We cannot express this enough; a lot of research is necessary to make any trip worth it. Travelers should understand all there is to know about the place they are going to. The essential things they should research about are its time zone, the availability of hotels and public transportation, the language and currency used, and, of course, how much money is needed to fully enjoy the stay.

Unprepared travelers can end up in deep trouble if they fail to research. In most cases, they are unable to enjoy their stay in the place they are in. There are a lot of blogs and travel videos available online so it is easy to do a ton of research beforehand. Through this research, you can also see which spots are truly worth the visit so it is always worth it to do so.

5Invest in a Good Travel Bag

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One of the best commuter and travel bags that are anti theft, water proof and cut proof (Source)

This one is a bit optional, though, but you also have to consider investing in a travel bag that has good quality. While you can say that you always pack light, you still have to make sure that your bag is always in a good condition as no one wants a broken bag while they’re enjoying their trip. It will only add more hassle to your trip. Plus, it could cost you more too as you’ll need to buy a new one or have it repaired while you’re on the road. Additionally, a high-quality travel bag can also secure your belongings from thieves as there are now bags with durable locks, have RFID pockets (to prevent unauthorized scanning of your passport and credit cards) slash proof bags, etc.

6Turn to a travel agency

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Pack Up and Go’s logo (Source)

A great thing to do before traveling is asking for help from a travel agency. Travel agencies are available online but they also have offices as well. These special companies can help travelers find a destination that suits them most. They can arrange flights, accommodations, and even tours.

Each travel agency provides unique experiences for people to tryout but one that is starting to catch the attention of travelers worldwide is Pack Up & Go. What makes this travel agency different from the rest is that they offer mystery tours. Such service pushes a travelers experience to the extent but it is not a randomly selected tour.

The company provides its clients with surveys and questionnaires that ask a few essential questions about traveling. It will then create a mystery itinerary for that specific client. It is an amazing and unique service that deserves your attention are here’s why it is so great.

How Pack Up and Go Works

Basically, Pack Up and Go is a surprise travel agency. This means that they will be the ones who will plan the trip for you. But the twist is, you’ll only know your destination a week (if you take a peek) before your trip or even less than that. In fact, many people only open their itinerary on the day they arrive at the airport. But how exactly does Pack Up and Go works? In case you are curious and want to try it out yourself, here are some pieces of information on how it works and how you can avail a trip from them.

Take a Survey

pack up and go how it works
A peek at Pack Up and Go’s survey (Source)

Contrary to what many of us would initially think, surprise travel agencies like Pack Up and Go don’t just plan trips by themselves entirely. When you ask them to plan your trip, you’d have to answer a survey first. To do so, just visit their website. From there, they would ask you a few questions a bit about yourself (not too personal question, though). They would ask you questions about your preferred mode of transportation (via plane, bus, train, etc.) and your preferred travel dates. You’d also have to tell about your recent and upcoming trips and even your hobbies as this will help them see which activities would fit you. Don’t worry much, though. as they will keep these pieces of information private and it’s going to be a quick survey. Also, there is no commitment necessary so there’s no need to feel pressured if you just want to take a look.

pack up and go how it works
Can’t commit but curious how it works? Don’t worry, you can take the survey without any commitment necessary (Source)


In case you’re wondering about the payment, they will give you two options for that. After you answer the survey, you will then be asked about your preferred wat for payment. The first option is to give them your credit card information.  However, note that even if you’re months or weeks away from your trip, you’ll still be charged immediately as they cannot store your payment information to charge you later for your credit card’s security.

pack up and go how it works
One of the payment options that you can choose when paying for your mystery tour (Source)

The second option, however, is to pay using your PayPal account. With PayPal, you can either pay them immediately or you can also sign up for PayPal Credit so you can have the option to pay your budget amount over a 6-month period.


pack up and go how it works
Surprised but happy Pack Up and Go travelers who just opened their itinerary mail hours before their trip starts (Source)

Planning a trip with (sort of) Pack Up and Go is easy as after you answer the survey, you’re kind of all set for your trip. They will be the ones who will book your travel and accommodations. They will curate your itineraries based on the things that you indicated in the survey as well. You’ll just have to sit back, relax, and wait for your boarding passes (if you choose to travel by plane) the morning of your departure and other vital details and tickets via email. In addition to that, you’ll receive physical copies of your itineraries a week before your departure. However, the rule is you should only open the mail the morning of your departure for some thrill.

pack up and go how it works
Pack Up and Go’s rule that will make your trip all the more thrilling (Source)

Is Pack Up and Go Worth It?

This surprise travel experience is really something new. But is it really worth it? We say yes. Here are some of the reasons why Pack Up and Go is one of the top surprise travel agencies we recommend you to try out as well.

It’s Less of a Hassle

If you’ve already tried traveling – may it be by yourself or with your friends and family, we all know that planning a trip is not that easy. Because we live in a fast-paced environment, not all of us have enough time to plan a trip. You’d have to do a lot of research about the place, make a long list of things to see which attractions, restaurants, hotels, and whatnot. Traveling with a big group can be stressful as well as you’d have to look for hotels and other deals that can accommodate all of you at the same time.

pack up and go
A couple who just opened their itinerary at the airport before their flight (Source)

But with Pack Up and Go, you won’t have to lift a finger as their staff will be the ones who will plan the trip for you. You won’t have to stress about where to go next, what to do, etc. You’ll just follow the itinerary that they will give you (that is, again, based on your answers from their survey) and you’re good to go.

It Helps You Save More

They say that the best things in life are free. However, traveling is one of the best things to do in life but it does not come for free. But it can come with a lower price tag when you let Pack Up and Go plan your trip.

pack up and go
Imagine the amount of time and money that you can save with mystery tours (Source)

Researching on the itinerary isn’t the only thing that we dread when planning for a trip but planning the budget as well. You’d have to do a lot of research and whatnot to find which accommodations that will suit your budget. But Pack Up and Go can plan a trip for you for as low as $400 per person where transportation and accommodation are already included. And the best part of it all is that this budget is already a three-day getaway trip. In addition to that, they offer discounts that will make you or a friend’s next trip much more affordable. You will not just be able to save up more dollars but you can get to save your time as well.

It’s Exciting

pack up and go
An inside look of some of the portions of the physical itineraries that Pack Up and Go will mail you a week before your scheduled trip (Source)

Basically, when you travel with Pack Up and Go, you won’t’ just be able to take out the hassle of planning your itinerary but you will also get a twist that will make your travel experience unique. This is because they won’t tell you your destination until a week before your trip or, if you won’t take a peek at the itinerary that they will send you and will do as they say (and that is to open your itinerary the morning of your departure), you’ll only know your destination a few hours before your trip. Doing so is definitely exciting. You’ll never know what kind of surprises awaits you. Who knows, they might add more fun surprises in your itinerary.

It’s a New Experience

pack up and go
Another happy traveler who just opened her surprise itinerary just a few hours before her tour starts (Source)

Since this tour will surprise you, you can rest assured that you will be able to experience new things. This is because they will also base your trip on your answers from their survey (remember that they will ask you about your previous, present, and future trips?). Also, you can be taken to the “off the beaten path” destinations where you can get to discover all the more new things. You can guarantee that will be taken to a place where you’ve never been before. If you’re looking for a quick getaway but still don’t have an idea on where to start, Pack and Go is the best place to start.

Mystery tours like the ones that Pack Up and Go can offer is indeed new and exciting. However, bear in mind that these kind of tours are for those who are more adventurous and those who don’t mind spontaneity. It also takes a great leap of faith as this kind of experience will require you to sign up for a tour without knowing your exact destination nor the things that await you. If you are a person who likes to organize things weeks before the travel date, this experience may not be for you. Still, it is a kind of tour that will give you a whole new travel experience and it’s really worth the try even for once. The reviews can say it all.


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