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Saint Patrick’s Day is observed all over the world in commemoration of the Irish saint St. Patrick, on March 17 this year. This festival is an international feast of the Ireland, and Irish people celebrate this day largely in Irish theme, and consist of typically wearing green, drinking and parades.

Saint Patrick’s Day 2018  Saturday, 17 March

Some of the churches hold religious services, and many offices and schools close in Suffolk County, the area contain Boston and its suburbs. People around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, especially places Irish-American communities. Traditional food is the significant part of Saint Patrick’s Day, featuring traditional Irish food, including corned cabbage, corned beef, potatoes, soda bread and shepherd’s pie. Moreover, many of the celebrations include Irish breakfast of sausage, fried eggs, black and white pudding and fried tomatoes.

St Patrick’s Day History

The history of the St. Patrick’s Day falls back to the times of St. Patrick. However, first, we need to know who is St Patrick? St Patrick referred to as a guardian of Ireland. Though he was not a pure Irish by birth, he became an integral part of the Irish heritage, generally through his services across Ireland in the 5th century. Two of his most prominent contributions; the confession, a spiritual and Epistola, which is a denunciation of the British mishandling of Irish Christians, help us to know about him the most.

Who is St Patrick?

Patrick was born in the latter half of the 4th century AD. The specific year and place of his birth are however contradictory. According to the one school of thought, he was born in 390 AD, while the other school of thought says that he was born about 373 AD. Moreover, his birthplace is either Scotland or Roman England. Maewyn was his actual name, but his romanticized name was Patricius, which later got familiar as Patrick.

Patrick’s Family

Patrick’s father name was Calpurnius, who was a Roman-British army officer. He grew up as other regular kids in Britain. However, one day in the South Wales, a pirate’s band landed and snatched him along with many other children. After that, he traded into slavery in Ireland. He remains there for almost six years, and all this time he remained mostly imprisoned.

However, it was the time when his inner self-changed. He dreamed of having seeing God. According to legends, the God dictated him to escape from the prison through a gateway ship. At last, he managed to escape and went to Britain and after that to France.

Patrick’s Spiritual Autobiography, “The Confessio,”


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In France, he joined the monastery and taught by the great chess piece of Auxerre St. Germin. His training continues for 12 years, and when he became a bishop, he again dreamt that the Irish are calling him back to the Ireland to tell them about the teachings of the God. Patrick’s spiritual autobiography, “The Confessio,” is the most significant document regarding this.

The autobiography tells about the dream Patrick has when he return to Britain, in which Victorious delivered him the letter headed “the voice of the Irish.” So he set out on a journey to Ireland with the pop’s blessing. In Ireland, he converted Gaelic Irish, who mostly were Pagans, to Christians.

Confirming and baptizing with tireless zeal, he journeyed to the wide and the far, as he was confident in Lord. During his trip, he brought many gifts for the kinglet and the lawgivers but never accepted anything from anyone. Indeed he was very successful in winning the hearts of the converts.

Patrick’s Preach Royal Families

Even among the royal families, he made crucial converts, through his powerful preaching. However, this teaching upset the Celtic Druids, and Patrick got arrested several times but managed to escape every time. He traveled all around the Ireland for twenty years, establishing the cloisters across the country.

Along with that Saint, Patrick also set up the churches and the schools which helped him in his conversions. Moreover, he developed the established dioceses, developed an indigen clergy, held the church councils and nurtured the growth of monasticism. Patrick’s doctrine considered as orthodox and construed as anti-pelagian. However, he particularly not marked as a man of learning, a few of his writings remain existent.

Myths About The St. Patrick

Moreover, the famous hymn “breastplate” attributed to the Patrick may date to late. However, at the end of the 7th century, Patrick became a fabled figure, and the legends continued to arise since then. There are many myths associated with the St. Patrick. He used the three-leafed shamrocks to explain the concept of the trinity, which is a concept refers to the combination of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Hence the firm association with Patrick day and name Legend also has that, St. Patrick put the curse of the God on the venomous snakes in Ireland, and he drove the snakes into Sea where they all drowned.

Saint Patrick’s Before Death

As although these are the legends mostly, however, after 1500 years, most of these legends combined inseparably with the facts. Moreover, these legends along with the combination of the fact helped us a lot to know much about the saint and the liveliness behind the celebrations of the day. In Ireland, Patrick mission lasted for long twenty years, as he died on the 17th March, 461 AD. Thus that day become a day of commemoration of Saint Patrick ever since, as this day celebrated as a universal baptization of the whole Ireland.

An Irish National Tradition Saint Patrick’s Day

Although it was originally a Catholic holiday later, it became more of a secular holiday or in a more precise form an Irish day. Moreover, the Irish people adopted this day as their national tradition no matter wherever they populated or prospered. Moreover, in this manner, this day which celebrates the most beloved one saint in the history of the Irish saints, became a holiday in celebration of the Irish culture and the Irish people.

As the Shamrock is the ancient symbol for the concept of triple goddess Brigit, so become the leprechaun, a Celtic fairy, a major symbol of this holiday. It is quite convincing that the holiday falls at the time when the spring season begins to seem at hand.

Why Do We Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day?


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Moreover, in order to understand that why do we celebrate St.Patrick’s Day, we have to look back into the initially arranged celebrations of this day. The spirit which helped the people not only in Ireland but wherever the Irish populated to celebrate this day is to pay a tribute to the work of Saint Patrick.

Saint Patrick Holiday in America

The first time the Saint Patrick holiday observed in America in 1737, which composed by the charitable organization, Irish Society of Boston, it included a religious service and a feast. This opening celebration of the St. Patrick holiday arranged only to honor and celebrate the Irish culture in the colonies so that many colonists had been separated.

This modest tradition continues with the early celebrations. In New York, the United States, the first ever party took place in the house of an Irish Protestant, as a small gathering. Moreover, the Saint Patrick parades started in 1762 by the group of Irish soldiers in New York, who marches down to the Broadway. So in this way started a tradition in the parade to a have military theme, by having marching units of the military in the parade.

Worldwide St. Patrick’s Parades

Wearing green and parades always is an integral tradition of this auspicious holiday. However, the event will vary according to different cities.

New York:

The oldest place for the oldest civilian parade is the New York, which gathers almost 150,000 participants. The ceremony includes veterans along with the policemen, firefighters, and culture clubs. This parade led by the New York 69th regiment. Pearl River, another New York state city, arrange the second largest parade in the whole country with the estimated crowd of over 100,000. However, in Buffalo, there are two parades organized on this day.


Saint Patrick’s Day celebration in Boston brings 600,000 visitors to the city, which is a large Irish-American community. Events arranged in a significant number of Irish clubs also it organizes its largest parade in which many veterans take part. The Irish Cultural Central holds the main event which features traditional Irish food and celebration.


One of the oldest and the largest parade arranged in this Pennsylvania city. This parade has been the most famous parade in the history of the Saint Patrick’s holiday parade since 1862. The current celebrations attract about 150,000 visitors.


The large part of the Chicago’s celebration includes the Irish community. The Chicago River tinted in green color, and this city also holds the Southside parade which scaled back in recent time as the celebration is growing large enough for the Irish group which holds the parade.


This festival in Ireland is more of religious in nature, as here it is considered the holy feast day. Moreover, on this day in 1903, an official holiday got declared. The first Saint Patrick’s Festival held in 1996. During all these years the event becomes more religious and cultural and consists of many celebrations in the streets.

New Orleans:

One of the largest points of Irish migration was this coastal city of New Orleans. St’ Patrick’s day celebrations a usually held at community or the neighborhood level.

St Patrick’s Day 2018

The festivities of the Saint Patrick’s Day 2018 consisted of not only as a single day a whole week of celebration. This festival kicked off with a free parade through Dublin city. The theme for the St Patrick’s Day 2018 was “the imagination of the youth of Ireland as they look to future.” Other events admit a village dedicated to crafting beer and a whiskey, a walking tour inspired by St. Patrick, the greening of the city and a city-wide treasure hunt.


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There was also free concert held in the Belfast town and the event headlined by Ben Haenow who is the former X-factor winner and also brain McFadden, an ex-Westlife singer. Furthermore, in London, the celebration of St Patrick’s Day include an evening of papier mache leprechaun- making at the Drink, Shop Do. Moreover, in New York, the St Patrick’s Day 2018 included a movie featuring pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston as Leprechaun at Nitehawk Cinema.

St Patrick Day 2019

This year in St Patrick day 2018 Irelands leading pageant companies bring imagination to life with a spectacular performance and pageantry. The bands from Ireland joined by the music ensembles from around the globe, which will deliver uplifting rhythms.

In this memorable event, you can cheer on the energetic and spectacular procession as it moves through the heart of the city centers bursting with colorful pageants, lively musical scores, and whimsical theatrics. For St Patrick Day 2018 Ollie O’Neil selected to be the Grand Marshal of second Annual Norwalk St. Patrick’s day. However, the march will fall out on 16th of March 2018 at 11:00 am. In this parade, the Norwalk Emerald Society pipe band will play the music.

The future dates for the Saint Patrick’s Festival are as follows:

For the St Patrick day 2018, the festival will cherish the people around the globe on 16th of March to 19th of March. While the St Patrick’s Day 2018 will be on Friday 16th to Monday 19th of March. As the Saint Patrick holiday always on 17th March.

St Patrick’s Day Traditions

The traditions of this festival also include some of the St Patrick’s Day facts, which are only associated with this festival. The St Patrick’s Day traditions involve the following mentioned below traditions.

Wearing the Green on St Patrick’s Day

The custom of wearing shamrock for celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day appears to date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth century. It considered a very crucial time in the history of Ireland. Many aspects of the Irish Catholic religion forced to underground due to the curtailment of Gaelic pattern of life by invading British rulers. Moreover, many hedge schools started operations, as the strict laws prevent the catholic community from going to the schools.

Sometimes literally under the hedge, these schools functioned in the outdoors in the secluded places. Moreover, the religious teachings were also prohibited, so the teachers only able to use the use able resources to teach their students. So at that part of the time, the shamrock tree used as an illustration to explain the message of Holy Trinity. Saint Patrick thus used this shamrock in such a mode that the oppressed population of the Catholic Christians finds it a way to demonstrate their defense against the British rulers.

Furthermore, it permeated a sense of affinity among native Gaelic people, which differentiate them from the oppressors. Moreover, this wearing of Shamrock admitted a steadfastly established tradition around the world not only to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day but to celebrate the Celtic culture as a whole. Furthermore, this Shamrock used by the business companies to associate their products with Ireland. Shamrock, along with the harmonica is probably the most recognizable symbol of the Ireland.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

A different prospect of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is that it celebrated throughout the whole world. As it is unusual for a country to have an international event which is a prominent example of the generational consequence of the movement, a factor that affects the Ireland for the centuries.

Furthermore, after the famine of 1845, this movement of Irish people soared to millions of the Irish leaving their homes. This emigration continued decades after dearth to conciliate in places like New York, Boston, and Perth and beyond.

According to the report of the US Census Bureau, about 34 million of the American citizens claim the Irish descent. A most of these emigrants want to commemorate the heritage and culture of Ireland thus Saint Patrick’s Day March came into existence.

Saint Patrick’s Day in Year 1762

The most former record of the Saint Patrick’s Day was in year 1762, with the British soldiers who were serving in the British army. However, the earliest records advise that the day celebrated in Ireland by the Irish citizens as soon as in ninth & tenth century.

Longest Running Pageant Worldwide

With the Viking raiders terrifying the Gaelic population. Thus it is no surprise that at the time of the discord the local community turns toward the religion and towards the memorialisation of their heritage and culture. The New York march now is the longest running pageant worldwide with three million witnesses watch the parade where more than 150,000 takes part in the parade. The first ever functionary parade arranged for Ireland was during 1931.

The law of1901

The law of1901 which announce March 17th as an Irish national vacation. It later improved to insist that public offices close down on the day. However, this restriction lifted later in 1970’s. In Mid 1990’s the Irish authorities started to encourage the tradition, when it altered from a single day parade to a five-day celebration, appealing as many a million spectators into the nation. At present times, the marches are held in about all major metropolis in the world with the largest arranged in the various US cities accomplishing epic proportions.

Greening of Edifices and Rivers

Each year Chicago dyes its river green for the sake of festivities, and also many bars serve green drinks, for example, green dyed beer.

The consumption of the green color reached a new height in 1962 when the metropolis of Chicago determined on dying the component of the Chicago River green. Since then the landmark is to turn every possible building into green for day taken off in sincere and also in the recent years included the construction of Irish parliament, the empire state building, Sydney Opera House, pyramids of Giza in Egypt and even the Niagara Falls.

The Dry Pint

As many of the Catholics are Irish-Americans, so they fast from drinking during the Lent. However, they can break their fast during the celebrations of the Saint Patrick’s Day this is one of the cause of why the people drink so much on this day.

The Irish tradition of the drinking is a reputable one. Fortuitously, there are a plethora of cases of the reserve use alcohol and the Saint Patrick’s Day is also one of them. The broadly held tradition of Ireland is the one in which whiskey and beer are allowed to take on Saint Patrick’s Day.

However, the indigene Irish pub-goers only appear on the aghast as visitants, toss the heads of their creamy dry pint with a shamrock. According to an estimation, as much as 13 million of pints of Guinness consumed on the festivity of Saint Patrick’s Day, which is way more than the regular consumption of 5.5 million each day.

St. Patrick’s Day Costume

On this celebration of Irish heritage and culture clothing up in the Irish outfit is a tradition which not just enclosed to the participants of the parade. The jovial creature of Ireland finds Saint Patrick’s day as an opportunity to dress up like Leprechaun or as Saint Patrick himself. Furthermore, the kids also adore to wear big orange, green, white and get sweets which thrown on them by the similarly clothing operators of several parade floats.

Food Serves on Saint Patrick’s Day

The traditional food which served on this festival includes corny beef and the corned cabbage. Furthermore, the conventional Irish food is hauled out on this day of celebration. The other Irish tradition associated with this day are family gathering and having dinner with having the traditional Irish music in the background.

Most of the people enjoy traditional Irish food including scones, Irish fry which is cooked Irish brunch that set you up for the whole day. Furthermore, other famous food includes apple tart, roast dinner, and soda bread.

Religious Services

Usually, people of Ireland arrange religious services on this day to commemorate the religious sermons of the Saint Patrick. In this context, they arrange the feast in their homes, also arrange a family gathering to revive the Irish traditions.

Planting of Peas

In the northeast side, many people tend to celebrate this day by planting the pea plants. The concept behind this is to celebrate with the green color; this is mainly due to color and the time of the year.





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