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Spring is on its way and so the festivity which comes along with it. Who else is the more significant signal of the spring than the flowers, which bloom in this season and spread the Joyce and happiness through colors and the mesmerizing fragrance? One of the most popular festivals in connection with the arrival of the spring is the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

The Skagit Valley Tulip festival celebrated throughout the Skagit Valley situated in the Washington State, during the whole month of April. The celebrations related to festival will be started on 1st of April and continued until the 30th of April 2018.

There is magic in Skagit Valley festival. The magic pertaining of nature’s wonders in Skagit Valley also include mountains, shores, islands,Skagit River and bays. Moreover, Skagit Valley is the most diverse community regarding agriculture in the west of Cascade mountain ranges. The farmer communities of the Skagit Valley ask over the visitants to driving through the spellbinding Skagit Valley and have an experience of the artistry of agriculture on the Skagit Valley Festival and even also throughout the whole year long.

One of the most exciting features about this land is that this land produces annually more daffodil, iris, and tulips than any other area in the United States. The local agriculturists produce on these 93000 acres of fertile land $261 million valued crops, dairy products, and the livestock. The suitable and favorable environs not only furnish us with food but also act as a desirable habitat &attract the flocks of swans, dabbling duck, and snow geese. The Skagit Valley welcomes the spectators from around the globe to come there in April and wander in the heaven on earth, as the tulip was the symbol of paradise according to the history.

History of Skagit Valley Tulip Festival


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It all started in 1883, when George Gibbs, a migratory from England shifted to the Orcas Island. In Orcas Island, he planned to grow hazelnuts and the apples and started enacting as planned. However, nine years passed away doing this farming after that he thought of growing flower bulbs and purchased the flower bulbs of worth five dollars. To his surprise, the flower bulbs multiplied a few years later, and at that point of time, he realized the potential that this land of Orcas Island has for growing the bulbs. After that, he contacted the traders and growers in Holland to get more knowledge about the business. At first, the growers did not entertain him but later when he shipped some of the bulbs to the Holland, the Dutch farmers got impressed and traveled to see the potential new ground for the tulips.

It was the year of 1899 when the Gibbs wrote a letter to the United State Dept. of Agriculture regarding the sound prospect of the tulip growing in this particular region and they respond in a positive manner.

In 1905, the department sent about 15000 imported bulbs to Gibbs from Holland to perform an experiment, according to the contract signed by the Gibbs. This experiment went so fortunate that the US Department of Agriculture itself establish 10 acres of test garden for growing the bulbs in 1908 around Bellingham. The growth of tulips was so immense that the town started a festival named Bellingham Festival in 1920 to celebrate and showcasing the success of this industry. However, in 1930 this festival called off because of the great depression. Moreover, in the years 1916, 1925 and that in 1929 the bulbs got freeze which brought heavy losses to the owners and growers of the gardens. This freezing of bulbs causes many of the growers to move toward Skagit County in the south. In the year 1946, one of the most successful businessmen of Holland, William Roozen arrived in the United States.

In Holland Rozen had a very successful business of tulip growing which expanded to the six generations of growing bulbs. In 1950, William Roozen established his farm in the Skagit County, after spending years working on different holdings. Furthermore, in the year 1955 he purchased the company named Washington Bulb and worked day and night to make that business a leader among the current top four tulip grower families in the region at present, Washington Bulb is the top most company in growing tulip, iris and daffodil bulbs in the whole North America. However, the tourist attraction in the Skagit County is the Public exhibit garden and also the adjacent gift shop by the name of Roozengaarde. Moreover, the growers of the Skagit County displaying their garden creations from decades much before the formation of the official event in this regard.

1984 was the year when the Chamber of the Commerce of Mount Vernon decided to initiate the official Skagit Valley tulip festival, a three-day festival which was a very cheerful addition during the blossom month. However, as the years past this festival of celebration of the spring became a month-long festival including the art shows, street fairs, and the various sports events.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2018

Whether you want to relax with your family or you want to extolment the nature for all its beauty, Skagit Valley tulip festival, 2018 is the ideal place for you.  The Skagit Valley situated in the western Washington State, at a distance of 75 miles from the far-famed Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The whole areas of the tulips spread over the vast valley of Skagit, and it can be seen from Mount Vernon to La Conner, which is village facing the water at the bay of Skagit Valley. So, from this reference, the tulips festival is also acknowledged as the tulip festival Washington or tulip festival Seattle or Mount Vernon. Usually, the attendance for the festival to celebrate the spring is always in eminent digits as in 2003 the figure raise to its record high by 500,000 visitants visit the Skagit Tulip Festival, however; in 2008 the attendance registered as much as 350,000 visitors. Moreover, this festival has the privilege to be the top most entertaining street festival in 2010 by the KING-TV. The tulip festival Seattle 2018 contains the following exciting features for you.

The Perfect Destination for Families

At the tulip festival, Seattle 2018 as the parents can relish the blooming of the millions of the tulips the children can find themselves marching in wacky Kiwanis Tulip Parade. Not only has this but the kids also enjoyed the various activities formatted for them at the Alpaca Farm. The main attraction for the children in the tulip festival is not only the tulips but also the dirt, soil or mud. So, at this tulip festival, Seattle 2018 let your children run in the tulip fields with their cameras to gather some precious memories for a lifetime. For the tulip festival Washington 2018 you can stay in Burlington, which has the significant amount of hotels. The most famous ones are Hampton Inn & Suites, the hotels offer a free breakfast buffet to the guest also an indoor pool is available for you. Moreover, there is La Conner who is famous for its bed & breakfasts. Moreover, it is the excellent selection for the parents visiting with their only child or teens.

Food at Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2018

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is not only a treat for the eyes but also notable for its food which presented at the festival.

Kiwanis Wooden Grilled Salmon

You can enjoy the mouthwatering Kiwanis Salmon Bar-be-cue at the Hillcrest Park. The whole meal lets in a wild salmon grilled on the wood, drink, garlic bread, baked potatoes, coleslaw and delicious dessert only at a minute price of $12.

Snow Goose Produce Market


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While you are not visiting the fields, you can enjoy a scoop of ice cream on a freshly baked waffle or gather your supplies for the picnic at the Snow Goose Produce Market.

The Rhody Café

The Rhody Café Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

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This little café posited in a small farmhouse, just a few block away from the Edison, which is a place at sister town of the bow. This café is a unique combination of simplicity and sophistication. The best offering of the restaurant is grilled salmon, and seared pan chops of the pork served with apple brandy.

Old Edison Inn

the old edison

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This ancient and exotic inn specializes in fried oyster served in a friendly musical environment. This food stop demonstrates itself as a counterpoint to the town which lives around it.

Slough Food

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

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If you are a looking for some cheesy and meaty food, then this Roman-inspired menu point is your ultimate destination. This restaurant is a pro in extraordinary cheese and cured meats. However, if you are a contriving to take the supplies for the picnic, then this will assist you in that too.


The population of Edison is the fan of tweets. Whether you stop for a cup of coffee or lunch, this food stop provides you the best of the experiences. Not only the food but also the dining area is a bit rustic, and the whole environment makes your lunch or breakfast a memory to remember.

The Chuck Wagon

Not always we desire for an exquisite menu sometimes our stomach crave for junk food. So if you or your kids get tired and world-weary of looking at the tulip fields come at chuck wagon to have burgers, fries, sandwiches and every other stuff like that with a variety of 20 different kinds of toppings available to calm your hunger. Not only there is an extensive range of burgers, but also they serve a broad spectrum of shakes. However, the actual drawing card is the train model which goes zigzag along the roof of the hotel to enchanted the under ten platoon.

Nell Thorn Res. & Pub

The best place to enjoy grill meat and seafood is Nell Thorn restaurant. At the restaurant, you provided with two choices either you like to have your meal in the esthetic dining room or on a patio fronting the water.

Kite Flying

The best bet at Skagit Valley is a specially designated kite-flying field, which is open during the festival. So, while you are planning to attend the Skagit Valley tulip festival Washington 2018, do not miss to schedule for the kite flying competition. In this contest, professional kite flyers perform various aerial tricks to amaze the spectators. However, this game is not only for the professional but, the amateurs can also enjoy spring and festivity by flying kites. The kites are available at Tulip Town Shop; however, you can bring in your collection.

Lang’s Horse & Pony Farm

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

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While you require an experience for Kite Flying, however, you need no experience to have a ride on a horse or pony at the guided trail. The Lang’s Horses & Pony Farm is present in Mount Vernon. They provide both the private rides as well as the group rides for you and your family. Moreover, the trips range from a walk for 15- minutes on a pony to a walk on a trail for two hours. There is no limit of age; however, reservation is a must for the ride.

Agricultural View

Whether for the La Conner daffodils season or Skagit Tulip Festival, either there is the apple picking or the pumpkin patching season the farms of this valley always welcomes the visitants to admire the nature in its pure form.

Ferry Ride

The ferry system of Washington State is no doubt one of the largest ferry systems in the United States.it serves eight of the counties situated within the Washington state. You can enjoy the boat ride to the island like orcas, Juan, Shaw and the reputable Anacortes. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you have to arrive at least one hour ahead of the departure of the ferry otherwise you will probably miss your ride and a memorable experience too.

Moreover, while you wait for your ferry, you can relax your senses with the esthetic beauty of Rosario Straight. The route of the ship unrooted from the enchanting attractions of shoreline populated with forests and also the mountains of Cascade and Olympics.

Family Attraction

While traveling with the family, you always have to keep in mind the parks and play areas of your destination as these are the must for the children to enjoy their vacations. Skagit County is unique in this case as this small country comprises of almost 25 parks which cover the whole of 2050 acres of land. Moreover, the parks are only the relaxation spot, but if the vacations remember with some meaningful learning, then it adds to the value of the place and holidays as well. The popular children’s Museum of Skagit Valley features the 21 feet sand pit, tug boat, farmer’s community market, saltwater aquarium, lights and the electricity zone, and the toddler farmyard.


If you enjoy your last vacations at the Vegas and you are missing them then you do not need to worry as the Skagit Valley offer the two of the premier casinos established on the theme of casinos at the Las Vegas. Although both the casinos are unique in their style, however, the new Swinomish Casino and Lodge present itself as a destination which gives a full entertainment package.  The lodge comprised of 95 rooms and a 9000 feet Event Center. According to the estimates, these casinos are the more significant factor in the economy of the Skagit Valley.

Performing Arts

Skagit Valley is considered to be very much into stuff like performing art. There are many ballet schools in the county along with Community Theater, music and dance companies, several bands. Due to this background, the many professional performers pay the visit at this place. This area provides a tremendous opportunity to enjoy and participate in any of the performing art so that you can try your skills here.

Shopping Destinations

There is an extensive list of shopping destinations in Skagit Valley for the people who love shopping to have some souvenirs of the place. The first in the list, however, is the Anacortes. This site is considered to be the shoppers treat. As this site offer to its visitants, not unique shops but also retailer stores to satisfy their shopping needs. Then comes the Bow-Edison, this little gem of Skagit Valley is a small town offers art galleries, bakeries, wine shops and meat and cheese stores.

So if you are planning for a picnic, then this place provide you with all the accessories. Moreover, La Conner is not only famous for its food and shopping, but also the artistically look of the place attracts millions of visitors every year. It is ten blocks of shopping is globally famous for its food. Furthermore, there comes the Mount Vernon. This place situated on the bank of the Skagit River is a treat for every season as every season there is something special in the Mount Vernon.

Parks and the Museums

The national park of the north cascades comprises of rivers, lakes, forest and mountains. If you are the nature lover, then this park is the place of your dream as its 400 miles vast forest invites you to wander and discover the life. Not only the forest trails but also the mountaineering, hiking, boating and exciting experience of fishing are all the unique features of this park.

Outdoor Recreation

Skagit Valley is not only a town with the tulips and daffodils, but also many other outdoor sports are available for the visitors to enjoy. From the mountains to the valleys and Sea all the outdoor recreation options are present in this valley like biking, hiking, boating, golf, fishing, skiing, river water rafting juts each and everything is there for you.

Wildlife Scenery

In the Skagit Valley you can not only enjoy the flora, but also the fauna attracts you towards itself. It is a paradise for watching wildlife, as you can enjoy all this by grabbing your binoculars and go for hiking through the whole of national estuarine. However, you can also book your sight for the private whale excursion. Moreover, along with whale, the visitors can also entertain themselves and their families especially with the memorable experience of salmon, elk, and birds watching.

Lodging and Stay

If you are planning a visit to Skagit Valley, then the primary concern would be the Lodging options. There are many options available at Skagit Valley, and they discussed below

Tulip Inn

The best stay place for you and your family would be the Tulip Inn as this hotel offer you are the easiest way off to I-5. From Inn, you go to downtown or may be into tulip fields by only taking a side road. You do not have to take the main road and to drive that long in heavy traffic.

Near the Inn, you will find the famous shopping malls, hotels, and clubs. Each room equipped with free Wi-Fi, two of the queen’s bed, and a mini refrigerator. This place is specially designed to let you get relax on your vacations, as this would be the sole purpose of the holidays, which is to get relaxed and energetic.

Best Western Plus Skagit Valley Inn & Convention Center

Just some miles away from the famous Skagit River, this conference hotel situated in the Museum of Northwest Art. The rooms equipped with Whirlpool tubs, a mini refrigerator, coffeemakers, and microwaves. The hotel offers a breakfast free of cost, a hot tub, and an outdoor pool is always there for you to enjoy the soothing sunlight and spring sun basking. Moreover, for your clothes, the hotel also offers you a laundry facility operated by coins.

Admission and Entrance

So what are you waiting for? The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2018 and the blossom of the spring awaits you this season. The tickets for the garden are available at the minimum price of $ 18, and this ticket includes not only the price but also a Special entrance to the gardens, a guide to take the perfect pictures and also if you want to save time then shuttle service is also available to ride you through the gardens.



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