Florida is mostly known for its beaches in Miami, for Disneyland in Orlando and for a ton of other top attractions for families and tourists alike. However, there are a ton of other places to visit when in The Sunshine State but people are just to focused on the bigger names and often overlook the other amazing destinations to check out. The state is able to accommodate all sorts of travelers and for people hoping to expand their knowledge and learning about the world through science, then the Museum of Science & Industry, also known as MOSI.

Located in Tampa, Florida, the MOSI is a not-for-profit science museum that caters to people of all ages and background. It is basically an institution centered on providing educational resource that helps improve the public interest and knowledge of subject matters such as science, industry and technology. At its core, the museum hopes to make a difference in the lives of its visitors through various attractions, set pieces and activities.

MOSI is built around a community of generous people. As such, much of the museum’s funding comes from private donations, corporate sponsors and a massive support from Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa. This support from numerous organizations and groups allowed the MOSI to grow from being a humble museum, and into a vast outlet for knowledge.

MOSI’s Rich History

The history museum began in 1962 when Hillsborough County first approved the funding for a youth-focused museum in Sulphur Springs. The higher-ups in the county back then believed that it would be a great opportunity to teach the youth through interactive pieces and attractions. When it was finally established, it was first called as the Museum of Science and Natural History. It had numerous exhibits that showcased natural science and education programs and the entire place was mostly dedicated to adults and children.

The museum underwent a name change in 1967 and it was called as the Hillsborough County Museum. Nearly a decade after, the staff from the Hillsborough County Museum decided it was time to build a new museum in North Tampa and this was the foundation for MOSI. The MOSI was completed in 1980 and it was made open to the public two years later on January 23.

The first upgrade to MOSI happened in 1995. During which, the 190,000 square foot science center was built and it was Florida’s only IMAX Dome Theatre. Also added that year were temporary exhibition galleries, a planetarium and a public library. Three more renovations were done in 1996, 2001, and in 2005. Since then, MOSI has become the largest science center in the southeast and is the 5th largest in the US.

In 2017, the MOSI management decided to close roughl6 85 percent of its building and the IMAX theater to cut on costs. A lot of the exhibits and attractions were remove in the process. Despite this major overhaul, the MOSI is still one of the best museums in the US and it is certainly worth the visit whenever travelers are in Florida. Without further ado, let us look at some of the important things to know before booking a trip to the MOSI.

What are the operating hours in MOSI?

As much as we would want to, the MOSI is not open 24/7. As such, travelers that want to experience Florida’s pride and honor should first consider the operating hours of the museum.While it may not be open 24/7, it is good to know that it can be visited almost every time except for a few special days.

The MOSI is open from 10AM to 5PM. It is open everyday of the week but it is closed during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since it is well-known, getting to the museum is not at all hard. It is located at 4801 E. Fowler Avenue Tampa, Florida 33617. There are various modes of transportation that can get travelers from their hotels or from the airport and to MOSI so that should be the least of their worries.

What are the ticket prices in MOSI?

Admission to MOSI is not free but the tickets are very well worth buying. People should not hesitate to get to MOSI as the museum gets their money’s worth. The good thing is that the tickets are reasonably priced so it is not too heavy on the budget. There are even discounts to be acquired so here’s a short guide on it.

Two tickets inside the museum will cost $65. The MOSI is a good place for a date especially if one of the couples are new to Tampa. People can save better if they are in groups as a party of 5 will only have to pay $99 while a family premium will cost $149. The museum caters to all ages so making it the destination of for family bonding is perfect.

Alternatively, people can also try availing a membership on the museum. They can have this as a gift to others. For a reasonable fee, members are entitled to the following:

  • Plus UNLIMITED stargazing shows in The Saunders Planetarium
  • FREE ADMISSION or discounts to 20+ local attractions & 250+ science centers*
  • DISCOUNTS on camps, programs, and more
  • Flexible — bring different guests every time
  • Exclusive Members-only events and special exhibition previews
  • Family Premium: Bring up to 8 total guests on each MOSI visit
  • Family Premium: 50% off discount at 200+ children’s museums for up to 6 guests*

These are some of the important things to know before visiting the MOSI in Tampa, Florida. It is now time to get into the juicy details of all that it has to offer. Here’s our guide for it so you can make sure that the trip is perfectly planned through and through.

The 4 Things You Need to Know When Visiting MOSI

The Museum of Science and Industry is one of the top attractions in Tampa, Florida that you should visit. This is because it provides a fun learning experience, especially if you have kids. However, with all of the things to see at the museum, it can be quite overwhelming to explore the whole area. Fret not, though, as we can give you some top tips to make the most out of your Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) trip so you won’t miss a thing from plotting your travel itinerary to exploring the whole museum itself.

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1Don’t Bring Food

mosi tampa
One of the places where you can fuel your tummies with god food (Source)

As a parent, we all know that bringing some snacks, especially if you have toddlers with you, is very important. However, bringing food is not allowed in the museum. But here’s one of the tops to make the most out of your Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) trip: check out their cafe. Yes, you may not be allowed to bring any food to the venue but they have a nice cafe and other concession stands inside that will fuel you and your kids with delicious food and the reviews from its previous diners and museum-goers can say it all. From fresh salads to frozen yogurts, they have it all. You’ll never run out of options and you’ll never get hungry too.

2Never Miss These Exhibits

mosi tampa
The 3D printer that you can use at the museum (Source)

The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) is filled with a lot of exhibits and hands-on activities that are worth seeing and trying. They don’t just provide a new experience for families but they will also make sure that you and your kids will get to take home more knowledge. But then again, it can be quite overwhelming that you might miss some exhibits. So, here are some of the exhibits that you should keep an eye on as well.

3D Printing Exhibit

In this museum, you can get to see the beginning of the future with the different high-tech equipment that it has. You see, the place has a lot of machines in stored that will pique the curiosity of its visitors. But its 3D printing exhibit is one of the things that caught our attention right away. Here, you and your kids can print things in 3D too. You can even make toy parts for a figurine which your kids will surely love.

Wheelchair Race Exhibit

mosi wheelchair exhibit
A kid having fun at the wheelchair race exhibit (Source)

Another one of the tips to make the most out of your Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) trip is to see the wheelchair race exhibit. This exhibit may sound a bit odd and a bit boring for some but it is actually fun, especially for kids. As the name suggests, visitors can get to sit in a wheelchair (which most of us don’t always experience). As they sit on it, they would have to navigate around the area on their own. They would have to navigate up a small hill as well and open a gate by themselves as they use the wheelchair. It’s just a short track but the best part of it is that it sparks a sense of empathy among children and it lets them appreciate their working legs as well.


All of us are fascinated with the night sky. Luckily, we can get to see it and learn more about it at MOSI’s planetarium.

MOSI planetarium
A look at OSI’s planetarium’s exteriors (Source)

The Museum of Science and Industry’s planetarium is one of the most popular attractions that the said museum has. Here, you’ll be taken on a tour of the night sky with one of the museums expert astronomers as your guide. Your kids can get to discover stars as well as the different planets and just gaze in awe at the universe through its high-tech star projector that simulates the night sky. The best part of this exhibit is that you can also get to see the night sky from any place around the globe at any time – may it be the past, present or even future. However, note that this exhibit has a schedule so here’s some tips to make the most out of your Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) trip: plan ahead and always keep an eye on their daily calendar for updates as to when you can get to see this awesome exhibit. In this way, you won’t miss anything.

Sky Trail Ropes Course

This attraction is also a hit among many visitors and you should try it as well. If you want some adrenaline rush or if you want to conquer your fear of heights, MOSI’s Sky Trail Ropes Course is something you shouldn’t miss as you pay a visit to this museum. For starters, there are various levels and challenges waiting for you in this attraction. But here’s a twist, you’d be taken on a 36-foot-high multilevel structure for more challenge. Don’t worry, though, it’s completely safe as you’ll be connected on a harness. In fact, any one of all ages is welcome. Your kids can try it as well.

mosi sky ttrail ropes course
A first person point of view of a part of the Sky Trail Ropes Course (Source)

However, like the planetarium, this attraction also has a schedule and might require additional requirements. Moreover, this might require you some extra dollars. So here are some tips to make the most out of your Museum of Science and industry (MOSI) trip if you want to try out this attraction: first, check out their MOSI calendar to see if it is open on the day of your planned visit. Then, make sure to check their requirements here to make sure that everything will flow smoothly during your visit because there are certain clothing requirements and, of course, check the weather as the rope course is weather dependent. Lastly, you might want to bring some extra cash with you as this attraction is an add-on experience.

3Arrive Early

mosi tampa
Some of the visitors at MOSI (Source)

While it mostly caters to kids, MOSI is still a spot that’s perfect for families. Hence, expect that many people still frequent this area. That said, another one of the important tips to make the most out of your Museum of Science and Industry tip is to make sure that you come early if you want to avoid a big crowd when lining up to buy tickets or at the entrance. Also, the museum provides free parking. But then again, like most tourist spots that offer free parking, they follow the “first come, first serve” policy so you’d really want to arrive int he area early so you can pick a nice parking spot.

4Check their Website

mosi discount
A sample computation of the citypass that a family of 4 can avail (Source)

Of course, there’s no better way than checking the museum’s website if you really want to make the most out of our trip. Aside from the schedule of the attractions that it has, you can also get to see some special offers that will either help you score some discounts and other great deals.

Save 51%: City Pass

One of the awesome deals that you can score when visiting their website is their citypass deal. Here, you can get up to 51% off your admission tickets to not just the Museum of Science and Industry but to some of the top attractions in Tampa Bay as well such as the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. What’s even better is that this deal allows you to skip the long ticket lines too. Just head on to citypass.com and purchase their CityPASS Mobile Tickets and it will be delivered straight to your mobile. Less hassle, right? You can also buy it at the MOSI’s admission desk for the same price.

Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Discount

mosi discount
Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s official logo (Source)

If you’re a member of the Greater Tampa Chamber of commerce, you can get a discount too. You can receive $3 off any full-priced general admission ticket. However, there is a restriction: you’re not allowed to combine it with other offers, discounts, and previous purchases. Also, bear in mind that it is not redeemable for cash. Additionally, the tickets for the Sky Trail Ropes Course attraction and other special engagement exhibitions and events are excluded. Note that this discount is limited to four admissions per party only as well.

The museum offers more discounts and deals other than these so be sure to check out their website more frequently to score even greater deals.

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The Museum of Science and Industry in Tapa sure has a lot to offer and it can be really overwhelming. We hope that these tips to make the best out of your Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) trip will help you a lot. If it did tell us in the comment section below; we’d love to hear from you. Also, if you’ve already been there, which one of the museum’s attractions did you enjoy the most?

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