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Sundance Film Festival 2017 Park City Utah is ten days long event, going to start from 19th of January, and it will end on 29th of January 2017 in Park City Utah. The Sundance Film Festival is considered as the biggest film festival in the United States.

The Sundance Film Festival was first known as Utah/US Film Festival, and it held in September. It is expected that 50,000 people belonging from different fields will join in this festival. They might be producers, actors, filmmakers, fans and also the most unlikely one critics.

About Sundance Film Festival Event

Famous film director, producer and actor Sydney Irwin Pollack (Late) suggested that if this festival is arranged in mid-winter, then the number of people would be very high than ever. Since than participants and visitors are increasing every year during this ten days biggest film festival.

The biggest event of Sundance Film Festival would be full of parties, movies, premiers, and glamor, specially late night parties on the first weekend of the show. If you do not belong to some high profile team than its better to avoid this party and go for next entertaining days of the festival.

Multiple sections of this festival constitute of Documentary Premieres, Film Premieres, and some other special events. Primers are considered to be the most important sections in the whole festival and people really like this part. These most anticipated titles are expected to come from Premieres section, and it would also generate the enormous amount of distribution sales.

News about Sundance Film Festival 2017

Documentaries and films are selected for the dramatic and documentary competition of the Sundance Film Festival. Schedule for the midnight comedy and horror movies are also revealed. About 113 feature length movies are selected, about 98 of them are the world premieres, 37 first time filmmakers would be introduced and the premiers representing about 32 different countries around the world. These all movies are being selected from 13782 there are about 4068 submissions were there for the feature films and about 2063 feature films were international, and 2005 are locally from the United States.

This time a new trend was observed in the Sundance Film Festival that they are concerned about the environmental and climate changes. This move by the organizers shows their concerns about the environment. According to Robert Redford environmental changes are so fast that we must have to act very boldly and immediately. He also added that he is working on this issue for more than 40 years.

As we already discussed that Film Premieres are the most important section of this whole event. This year number of filmmakers has returned. Like Ry Russo came back with “Before I Fall” Miguel Arteta and Mike White came with “Beatriz at Dinner.” Some other famous names like Luca Guadagnino, Charlie McDoweel, Mark Pellington, and Craig Johnson have returned. Trevor Groth has talked about the new filmmakers debuting new films. According to Trevor introducing new filmmakers is the reason behind introducing this section and the sections doing the same role.

Sundance Film Festival Competitions:

  • In this section, we are going to inform you about the lineup of the movies and documentaries in competition. Sundance Film Festival is divided into four main competitions.

    A. Us Dramatic Competition

  • B.  US Documentary Competition
  • C. The World Cinema Dramatic Competition
  • D. World Cinema Documentary Competition

A. US Dramatic Competition:

There are about 16 feature films, in independent American dramatic competition.

The Yellow Birds:

01:50:00 - Drama, War - 21 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

This movie is directed by Alexandre Moors, and the screenwriter was David Lowery. Two persons get selected in the army, and they were deployed in the Gulf area. This Gulf area is the war-zone these days. Survivors are shown to keep their promises after some tragic war scenes. The Cast of this film is Alden Ehrenreich, Jack Huston, Jason Patric and Jennifer Aniston.

Walking Out:

01:35:00 - Adventure, Drama, Mystery - 21 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

Andrew Smith is the writer of this movie while the direction is done by Alex Smith. This is about the brutal encounter with the predator of father and son. The cast of this movie includes Matt Bomer, Bill Pullman, Josh Wiggins and Lily Gladstone.

To the Bone:

01:47:00 - Comedy, Drama - 22 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

Marti Noxon is the writer and director of the feature movie “To the Bone”. A teenager girl of 20 years is shown who joins some recovery home. This movie consists of sometimes horrible and sometimes funny journey with the company of some unconventional doctor. The cast of this movie having Lily Collins, Carrie Preston, Alex Sharp and Keanu Reeves.

Roxanne Roxanne:

01:40:00 - Drama - 22 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

Michael Larnell written and directed this movie. In which a teenager was from Queens Bridge Project was securing the world and have the weight of the whole world on his shoulder. This teenager was shown off about 14 years. The cast of this movie is Chante Adams, Nia Long, Kevin Philis, and Mahershala Ali.

Patti Cake$:

01:48:00 - 23 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

A rapper fighting from the underworld of a strip club and strip malls. The fighter has shown to reach the glory of the world. The cast of this movie includes Danielle Macdonald, Siddharth Dhananjay, and Cath Moriarty.


02:03:00 - Drama - 20 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

A young woman was shown struggling to become a nun while struggling and fighting against issues of faith, sexuality, and church. The cast of this movie includes Margaret Qualley, Julianne Nicholson, and Morgan Saylor. This movie is written and directed by Maggie Betts.


01:33:00 - Comedy - 20 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

In this movie, two sisters came to know about the secret affair of his father, which then reveals that he is not only single cheater of the family. Shown the time of not using a cell phone, everyone smoking. This movie cast is Jenny Slate, Edie Falco, John Turturro and Finn Wittrock. Director and screenwriter of this movie are Gillian Robespierre, Elisabeth Holm, and Gillian Robespierre.

Ingrid Goes West:

01:37:00 - Comedy, Drama - 20 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

USA Director Matt Spicer with Screenwriter David Branson Smith worked on this feature film which shows the girl obsessed with Instagram lifestyle blogger and then she moved to Los Angeles and befriend her in real life. The cast of this movie has Aubrey Plaza, Wyatt Russell, Oshea Jackson and Billy Magnussen.

I don’t feel at home in This World Anymore:

01:33:00 - Crime - 24 February 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

A lady found a new purpose in her life by tracking down thieves. Later on, she found herself against dangerous criminals. The Cast of this movie shows Melanie Lynskey, Jane Levy, Eliah Wood and Devon Graye. Macon Blair is the writer and director of this movie.

The Hero:

01:33:00 - Drama - 21 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

Director Brett Haley is the writer of this movie. A story about the former Western Icon in which he received a life achievement award and afterward he reexamines his past. The cast of this movie having Sam Elliot, Krysten Ritter, Laura Prepon and few others.

Golden Exits:

01:34:00 - Drama - 21 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

Alex Ross Perry wrote and directed this movie, in which the young girl from another country with emotional misbalance is shown. The cast includes Emily Browning, Jason Schwartzman, and Mary-Louise.

Crown Heights:

01:34:00 - Drama - 21 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

An incredible true story about Colin Warner when he was convicted of the murder he did not do. Carl King has devoted his whole life to proving that he did not do that. This justice seeking film has the cast of Nnamdi Asomugha, Keith Stanfield, Bill Camp and Bestor Carbonell. Matt Ruskin is the writer and director of this movie.

Burning Sands:

01:36:00 - Drama - 24 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

This movie is struggling against the violence of underground hazing. The cast of this movie includes Trevor Jackson, Steve Harris, Deron Horton and Steve Harris. Director of this movie is Gerard McMurray while Christine Berg created this story as writer.

Few more named as Bigsby Bear, Beach Rats and Band-Aid is also the movies those will be there.

B. US Documentary Competition:

Sixteen documentaries developed by locals will also be shown on Sundance Film Festival.

Casting JonBenet:

This documentary is directed by Kitty Green, this is about the murder of six-year-old queen named as JonBenet Ramsey. This case was a very sensational child murder case. It takes about fifteen months in the creation showing the bold work from the crime.

City of Ghosts:

This documentary is about few citizens who are being captured in the city of Raqqa where they stood against the ISIS, and risk their lives against the biggest evils of the world now. This movie is directed by Matthew Heineman.

Chasing Coral:

This documentary is about the team of divers, scientist, and photographers. They went out for finding out the underwater mysteries. This movie is directed by Jeff Orlowski.


01:41:00 - 20 January 2017 (Sundance Film Festival USA)

This is about the suburban woman and the door greeter having some unconventional love story. This documentary is directed by Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini.

The Force:

This about the explosive scandal which is solved by Oakland police department. It is their struggle to confront some of the federal demands. It is directed by Pete Nicks.


01:35:00 - Documentary, Biography, History

This about person named as Dolores in 1950’s she was struggling with raising 11 children. She was the first co-founder of the first farm worker union. She was nearly dying when she was beaten by San Francisco police. She was also gendered biased. This documentary is directed by Peter Bratt.


This documentary is directed by Bryan Fogel, and it is about his experience. He uncovers the truth behind the doping test in sports. This documentary is explaining biggest sports scandal of the history.

Nobody Speaks Hulk Hogan, Gawker, and Trials of Free Press:

This is directed by Brian Knappenberger. This film is about how money can stop media from talking; this is a trial between Hulk Hogan and Gawker Media privacy rights. This movie was directed by Brian Knappenberger.


This is about the senior year girls’ high school step dance team. They were the first to join high school from their families and the struggle by the girls was shown where they strive to make a success in the city. This is directed by Amanda Lipitz.


This documentary is directed by Jonathan Olshefski , it is a story of the North Philadelphia family which have struggle for the 10 years in the race and class in the United States.

Strong Island:

This is about the violent death of the filmmaker and the justice system let the killer go. It is directed by Yance Ford.


This is the big game of hunting and wildlife conservation and breeding revealing the consequences of badly treating the animal’s communities. This is directed by two directors, Shaul Schwarz and Co-Director Christina Clusiau.


It was about the Harvard doctorate student Jennifer Brea story when she was struck down by the fever at the age of 28. This fever took her to the bed at that time; she filmed her struggle and story and four other families stories fighting with the disease. This is directed by the same Ph.D. student Jennifer Brea.

Few other documentaries those are left are Water and Power and Whose Streets. The former one is the examination of the power centers effects over the farmers and underground water conditions. This is directed by Marina Zenovich.


C. The World Cinema Dramatic Contest:

This time twelve films will be displayed from the talents around the world.

Axolotl Overkill:

This movie is directed and written by Helene Hegemann. This is a story about the 16 year old girl, with self-centered father, deceased mother and junkie friend. While mourning her mother death she started working with a white collar mysterious criminal. The cast of this movie involves Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Mavie Horbiger, Laura Tonke and Arly Jover.

Berlin Syndrome:

Berlin Syndrome is directed by an Australian writer and Director Cate Shortland and written by Screen writer Shaun Grant. It is passionate love romance story, and it takes an unexpected turn when the Australian photographer gets up in apartment residing in Berlin. The cast of this movie is Teresa Palmer, and Max Riemelt.


This movie is about the prison life, the prison is shown of Republic Najayo Prison. This is the romance story of the fellow prisoner, but it should be done without the knowledge of guards and other prisoners. This movie cast includes Jean Jean, Ramon Emilio Candelario, and Judith Rodriguez. This is directed and written by Jose Maria Cabral.

Dont Swallow My Heart, Alligator Girl:

The director and writer of this story Felipe Branganca, have shown a 13 year old fabulous Brazilian boy. He gets into love with Paraguayan girl. To get her love, he has to go through different hurdles. The cast of this movie was Caua Reymond, Adeli Gonzales, Claudia Assuncao.

Family life:

The story writer was Alejandro Zambra, directed by Alicia Scherson and Cristian Jimenez. This is a story of the man wants to get the sympathy of the single mother. This movie has the cast of Cristian Carvajal, Jorge Becker, Gabriela Arancibia.

My Happy Family:

This is a really interesting movie about the Georgian family and three generations of the family who are living together under the same roof. All of the sudden one of the family member wants to move out which put everyone in a shock. The movie directors are Nana and Simon while Nana Ekvtimishvii is the writer.. The cast of this movie includes Merab Ninidze, La Shugliashvili, Giorgi Tabidze.

Some other movies like Gods Own Country are from the United Kingdom, The Nile Hilton Incident is from Sweden, PopAye is presented by Thailand. Two other movies named as “I Dream in Another Language” and “The Wound are from Mexico and South Africa” respectively.


D. The World Cinema Documentary Competition:

There are also twelve documentaries those will be shown at the festival.

The Good Postman:

This is presented by the Finland filmmakers, it is directed by Tonislav Hristov. This is a documentary about the small Bulgarian village, which is in trouble due to the refugee crisis, a local postman is shown who rushes for mayor.

In Loco Parentis:

This movie is directed by Nease Nic Chianain and the (writer/producer/director and contributor to IMDb) David Rane while it is presented by the Ireland and Spain filmmakers. This is the John and Amanda those are teaching English and guitar at home.

It’s Not Yet DarK:

This is an incredible story about Simon Fitzmaurice, he is a young filmmaker and not able to move a bit as he was paralyzed from some neuron disease. But he makes it through by directing the most fabulous prize-winning feature film by just using his eyes. This is directed by Frankie Fenton.

Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower:

This documentary is directed by Joe Piscatella, and it is about the teenager Joshua Wong who decided to save the city. He took out the thousands of kids from the schools to the streets; Joshua is the unlikely leader in the Hongkong.

Last Men in Aleppo:

This is a terrifying documentary on the situation in Aleppo. This is about three persons who stayed in Aleppo to help their fellow citizens while in the war against ISIS. This documentary is about the experience of daily life fight, struggle and death. This is directed by film director Feras Fayyad and famous film director Steen Johannessen.


This documentary is about the planet’s most busy maternity hospital which is residing in the Philippines. This country is struggling with their generative health policy. There is also ongoing politics of some conservative Catholic Ideologies. This is directed by Ramona Diaz.

Plastic China:

Yi Jie is 11-year-old which is working with her mother and father in the recycling facility. She is dreaming of joining the school and her parents also want to have a nice life. This movie is directed by Jiu Liang Wang.

RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World:

This documentary is about the Native Americans roles in the past of music and it also a tribute to musicians which shows how they helped and contributed in our life. This is directed by Catherine Bainbridge.

There are also few other documentaries named Tokyo Idols, Winnie, and the worker cup. Tokyo Idols are directed by Kyoko Miyake, and Winnie is directed by Pascale Lamche, and Adam Sobel is director of The Workers cup.

There are few movies those are considered as the out of competition. This year the movies those are sent into NEXT<=> section are Columbus, Dayveon, Deidra & Laney Rob, A Ghost Story, Gook, L.A Times, Lemon, Menashe, Person to person and Thoroughbred.


Best Movies in Sundance Film Festival 2016:

Sundance Film Festivals Movies are the most important part of the whole show, Sundance Film Festival in 2016 also have breathtaking and memorable movies. We are going to recall some best movies among those which were displayed in 2016 festival. The Birth of a Nation was one of the famous movies in 2016 who was a preacher who turned into revolt leader; this movie gets the award last time. The bidding war for this movie brought it up to 17.5 million.

Another popular movie was “The intervention”; it was the debut movie by director Clea DuVall. The Sundance Film Festival horror hits are quite famous as the later tradition of The Babadook and The Witch. In 2016 the horror movie named as The Eyes of My Mother have continued their tradition. A movie named as Christine was filmed over the story of the girl who shot herself live on air it was also getting quite good fame last year.

Winners of the Sundance Film Festival deserve those award as there are great efforts behind these films or documentaries. In the Sundance Film Festival 2016, the grand jury prize for dramatic was given to The Birth of Nation. Wiener was selected as the best US cinema documentary, and Sonita was selected as the best World cinema documentary.

The best World Cinema Dramatic was awarded to the Sand Storm. In 2015 the winners for Us dramatic, US documentary, World Dramatic, World documentary were Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, The Wolfpack, Slow West and The Russian Woodpecker respectively. In 2014 the winners for Us dramatic, US documentary, World Dramatic, World documentary were Whiplash, Rich Hill, To Kill a Man and Returns to homes.

Event Tickets, Reservations & Weather:

People from Utah loves to buy tickets of popular movies, so it would be very helpful for you if you have a friend from Utah who can buy a ticket for you so that you can join. If you are not from Utah, then we suggest that buy the ticket of your favorite shows at least a month before.


It is better if you plan on coming out from home for City Utah. Temperature would be below freezing point, so hot clothes with proper shoes are crucial.

Travel & Staying Packages:

Staying at the Canyons Resort would be very feasible, and it is the best place to enjoy ski during the festival. Many Park City resorts give ski/staying packages, so in the morning you can catch the show and enjoy skiing in the afternoon. Dates for Sundance Film Festival 2018 are also announced according to that 18th January 2018 would be the starting day of the event.


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