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Super Bowl LI is scheduled for Sunday, February 5, 2017, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas USA.

Super Bowl Introduction:

Super Bowl Sunday 2017 is closing day by day as Super Bowl 2017 date is 5 February, so the excitement level of specifically Americans is high on event days. No doubt after Thanksgiving day, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest event for Americans where they all gather with their families to watch the game and also to have a big meal.


It has been four decades since the first ever Super Bowl was among National Football League and American Football League champions.

http://cdn.fansided.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/229/files/2016/08/9492824-c.j.-anderson-tramaine-brock-nfl-preseason-san-francisco-49ers-denver-broncos.jpgThis game created so much popularity among people since then it became a tradition and played every year between AFL and NFL champions, and the winner is also called world champions. Although by giving them the title of world champions many non-American people taunted them, some also defended the title by saying that it is the only professional league of its type in the world, so if the winner is called the world champion then it is surely not a wrong thing.

Super Bowl History:


January 15, 1967, was the day when traditional Super Bowl games started with the aim to be played every year. In late 50’s and also in early 60’s football in America was very popular and also professionally very competitive.

National Football League has played since 1920, Due to the quality and competition of its games NFL did not let any other league stand in front of them as competitors. But after American Football League had come into the scenario, it started to give tough competition to National Football League. So in Late 60’s both NFL and AFL signed an agreement by which the champions of their leagues will have to play with each other, and the winner will get the title of world champions.


As both competitive leagues signed an agreement, then Super Bowl I was played. However, after few years the contract was modified and drafted again due to the technicality, and then it was called as the conference. The day it plays is considered as an unofficial holiday in America since the match plays in late January and early February every year.


According to the stats of the game, NFL is currently leading the championship to AFL from 26 wins to 24. The team for NFC, Pittsburgh Steelers have won the most Super Bowl games than any other team.The Pittsburgh Steelers have won the game for six times.

Houston, Texas will host Super Bowl Sunday 2017. However, Houston has the honor to host the most watched game of the year in America as this is the third time that Houston host the game even around the world.


The way Americans are celebrating Super Bowl, it is becoming a national holiday for them. However, still it is not officially declared as a holiday, but many people think that it is now an unofficial holiday for Americans. On Super Bowl, Sunday individuals who are not football fans also gather with their friends and families to watch the game.

Many sports bars around the country are always busy on that time of the year due to the Big Game. Recently, due to home televisions, it is also becoming a trend to watch the game in the home rather than to go and watch at bars. However, somehow it is still a tradition to watch the game with family and friends.

Everyone knows that the event host city has empty stores during the match because everyone is busy watching the game, so it also give some set back to the business industry of America, but the loss at one end gives them huge profit at another. Also, the workforce on the next Monday of the week is less attendance in the offices around the country.

The NFL team, Green Bay Packers were the winners of the first two Super Bowl, and it all made the event officials to think about their merger agreement because the future for AFL was looking not good. Moreover, it raised many questions on the training and competitiveness level of the teams in AFL as compared to NFL.

Also, Lamar Hunt, who was the owner of the AFL’s team Kansas City Chiefs used the term of Super Bowl first, in an interview he said that “his children play with the super ball, so he comes up with this name.“ It is quite funny to hear that kids football become the name of such big event of United States, another fact is that media plays a significant role in giving the name to this game.

Super Bowl Halftime Show:

File:Super Bowl LI halftime show poster.jpg

Just as the Super Bowl game watch by millions of people around the globe, Super Bowl Halftime Show also watch by millions of individuals around the world. As in Super Bowl 2013, 120.2 million viewers watched the game whereas 118.5 million viewers watched the halftime show.

First Super Bowl was not a historically must attend the event as it was the beginning of the tradition. The real trendsetter of this event went on the stage of Super Bowl in 1993. Moreover, yes, it was non-other than the Pop King Michael Jackson. However, still, everyone thinks his entry in the Super Bowl is still the greatest entry of all time.


After Michael had appeared to Super Bowl Halftime Show people drawn towards this event and the viewership of halftime show increased by many millions since Michael performance in the game. Also, Beyoncé in 2013, gives more hype to the show through her electrifying performance. Also following the year Bruno Mars gives his epic performance on the Super Bowl stage.


Now Super Bowl 2017 date is not far away people are more excited for the halftime show of 2017 Super Bowl as this year Lady Gaga is going to perform on the stage of Super Bowl, and yes we all know this will also be epic.

The performance which created the most buzz in Super Bowl Halftime Show was the return of Prince. We are all familiar with the thing that the Prince is charming and have a Charismatic personality. So he fully uses the charm of his personality in his 2007 Super Bowl Halftime show performance, and many people still rate his performance at the number 2 spot of top ten most epic performances at Super Bowl Halftime show just behind the legendary Michael Jackson’s 1993 performance.

Super Bowl Sunday Food Tradition:


Super Bowl is just not a 60-minute football game; it is a complete production in which there are lavish halftime shows, awesome fireworks and also most talk about ads of the year which will be discussed by the people many days after the game. February 5, is the date on which citizens in America will have the biggest gathering in each other homes.


However, if we ask any random American that what he or she is doing on the first weekend of the next month? Then their answer will only be that they are hosting a party for the Super Bowl or they are invited to someone’s home to watch the game together. Moreover, these types of gatherings make Super Bowl the most watched television program of every year in America. Due to gathering the average food consumption of a day in America increases way too high than any other typical day just after Thanksgiving.


Moreover, it was researched and found that most consumed and eaten food by Americans are the snacks. According to the analysis of the American Snack Food Foundation, Americans eat almost 11.2 million pounds of packaged or fresh snack foods on Super Bowl day, which is the highest snack food consumption in a day by Americans.


Also, popcorn is also the type of food which is mostly used in a gathering while watching television and that is how the popcorn industry of America hits 3.8 million of business on Super Bowl Sunday. Also, many other party foods like pizza, nuts and chicken wings also hit their highest business on the day of Big Game or Super Bowl.


We are not surprised to tell you that pizza hit the top of the list of the most eaten foods of Super Bowl. The three biggest franchises of pizza of the country Papa John’s, Dominos and Pizza Hut are likely to deliver almost 2 million pizzas across the country. Also, soda and beer industries gain an immense amount of profit on Super Bowl day. Chicken wings are also another very famous food of Super Bowl Sunday and Americans consume chicken wings on the Big day, and this is almost 1.25 billion.

Super Bowl Date and Locations:


The selection process for Super Bowl is unique and also has some interesting requirements. Cities across America place their bids to host Super Bowl in their town. In the end, the selection evaluates according to the stadium needs and renovation. NFL finalizes these selections. Back in 2014, some documents leaked which listed some major requirements for a host city of Super Bowl to fulfill to host the Super Bowl in their town. Some major points of those documents are:

  1. Seating capacity of the stadium is the major looking requirement of the Super Bowl organization.
  2. The stadium hosting the Super Bowl must have the capacity of 70,000 people and also have space to add guest seats.
  3. Also, any market should be at least near or in surrounding of the stadium.
  4. Stadiums having the temperature below 50 degrees must have a rooftop.
  5. Also, there will be a practice space or field for the teams within 20-minute drive from their hotels where they stay.
  6. There will also be a training stadium for the events.
  7. The stadium building must have the necessary infrastructure which includes media facilities, security, and essential emergency services.
  8. Also about in 1 mile of the range around the stadium, there should be space for almost 35,000 vehicles.
  9. The last one on that list includes the necessary amount of hotels around the stadium, which can easily manage to arrange a stay for players and team officials as well as media and other people. Specifically, hotels around the stadium with one hour drive time should have the capacity to handle 35 percent of the stadium capacity.

These were some rules and requirements which leaked in 2014 for the interested host cities of Super Bowl. As till now, there are 50 Super Bowl have been played and in which three cities have the honor to host 50 out of 27 Super Bowl Sundays. These cities include New Orleans which hosted 10 Super Bowls till now. The second city is the Greater Miami Area which also hosted 10 Super Bowls, and the last one is Greater Loss Angeles Area which hosted the event seven times.

Super Bowl LI 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021:

Another strange thing about the Super Bowl is that only two teams out of 50 Super Bowl have been played the Super Bowl in their home. These two teams are Los Angeles Rams and Francisco 49ers.

By the selection process, next 5 locations of the Super Bowl select after the cities put their highest bids.

The Super Bowl 2017 also called “Super Bowl LI 2017” will be held on February 5, 2017 at NRG Stadium, Houston Texas.

Super Bowl LII” which will hold in 2018, will be held at U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis have the honor to host the mega event of the year.

Also for the first time, Mercedes-Benz Stadium situated in Atlanta won the bid in the selection process and will host “2019 Super Bowl LIII“.

Once again New Miami Stadium located in  Miami Gardens in the state of Florida have the honor to host the biggest watched event in the television history of America in 2020 as the will host “Super Bowl LIV“.

However, there is another new entry in the list to host a Super Bowl at the last of this series for the very first time, Rams’ new Stadium present in Inglewood in the state of California will host “Super Bowl LV” in 2021 in their city.

Facts about Domestic Violence against Women on Super Bowl Day:

We all are well aware of the fact that domestic violence is something women are suffering from a long time in America and also around the world. It is the type of issue which cannot be ignored or cover up when it started to raise.

From recent decades there are many organizations around the world which are working on the domestic violence issues of women and on which women can seek help when the suffered from the related type of incidents. These types of organizations are helping the women to fight against that issue and not feel helpless in the time of need. Also, these types of organizations are educating people over these kinds of issues.

Now there is a claim that Super Bowl Sunday is the day in America in which the ratio of domestic violence against women is higher than any other day in America. Here is a case study through which people are claiming and also implanting this so-called noble lie into the public. The case study first appeared during the Super Bowl in 1993.

Dobisky Associates who consider this case sent some emails to media groups in which they claim or suggested that “ Women should not stay at home during the Super Bowl Sunday because by studies football is an aggressive game and there are chances that sports fans can hit their wives during the match due to emotions.

Another professor named Janet Kent, who was also the part of the study said that “That was not all we have found in that study.” She also stated that the ratio of women suffered from violence like a gunshot, assault, etc. increased during the Super Bowl, but its ratio is not that much which could publicly declare to everyone. Another similar kind of incident happened in football history in 2014 where the same study like in 1993 Super Bowl appeared which claims that whenever England lose a match, the domestic violence against women in England increases to 38 percent.

The Handbook of sports and media published a study in 2006 through which they analyze domestic violence in 15 Super Bowl hosted cities by every day of the year. Also found out that there is only a little increase in the domestic violence ratio at Super Bowl Sunday despite that Christmas has the most increased domestic violence rate in a year.


As the days are getting close to the Super Bowl 51, people are very excited to see the and also be the part of history by attending the game in the Houston stadium. Super Bowl 2017 Tickets available sites are quite busy these days as they have many requests from people who are interested in buying the tickets for the Big Game. Stadium officials are also arranging extra seats in the stadium, but from the request, it did not seem to fit all the people who are still seeking to buy the tickets. Sites like star hub and ticket master are still providing tickets as there are less number of seats available now.

Media Hype:

UEFA Champions League Final and El Clasico are the two most important events in sports, entertainment history who gain most number of viewership in television history. However, after them, Super Bowl is the event which has the most viewership in television history of America and world. Also, Super Bowl media officials claim that they have around one billion viewership of the event from across the world in almost 195 to 200 countries. Also, Super Bowl 2015 made history in America by having 114.2 million viewership of the game which is highest viewership of any television broadcast in the United States.

There are only four channels who broadcasted all the Super Bowl events till now. Between them, CBS has sometimes aired Super Bowl after them there is NBC who broadcasted 18 times Super Bowl while CBS broadcasted 19 times. Also, ABC and Fox gain rights to broadcast the Super Bowl. Fox will on air Super Bowl 2017 event. Super Bowl commercials become viral after the excessive use of YouTube in the world, and it also made the competition high between the competitors in the advertisement industry.

Super Bowl Toss:

Another form of gaining media hype by Super Bowl officials is that as when the game started there was the only referee who tosses the coin of the match. However, since Super Bowl XII the trend changes and it was celebrities who toss the coin before the game, and it created a massive hype in media and among people about who is going to toss next Super Bowl Toss. Celebrities like Art Rooney, Bobby Layne, Don Hutson and many others have tossed the coins in Super Bowl. Also, pre and post-match talk show on television about the Super Bowl also gain audience around the globe as many former players and celebrities are part of these exciting talk shows.

Super Bowl Funny & Epic Commercials:

Just because the ratings of the channel who wins the bid to on air the Super Bowl that year increases, the amount of money to put commercials also increases as Super Bowl is also famous because of its funny and epic commercials. According to television analysts, an average 30 second commercial during Super Bowl costs almost 3.5 million to the advertisers.

In recent decades, there were many commercials of Super Bowl which are poorly criticized by the people. Commercials like focus on the family Pro-Live advertisement created most buzz in the media which featured Tim Tebow. Also, Coca-Cola advertisement in 1980 was the most famous commercial of Super Bowl was named Hey Kid Catch also Apple’s ad in 1984 about Macintosh also become wildly popular.

Super Bowl 2017 Hotels:

While booking hotels for Super Bowl 2017, one thing is sure to keep in mind that you have to hurry up because as the dates to the event are very close now. Hotels around the stadium and also the city Houston will fill up quickly as this is the annual mega event in America.

Another thing which people always kept in mind while booking for the hotels that their hotel must be close to the stadium or not have more than one hour drive to the stadium. For travelers and visitors here is the list of some famous hotels around the stadium of Super Bowl 2017.

Following is the list of hotels in Houston.

Wyndham Houston Is just 1.6 miles away from NRG Stadium, which is hosting the mega event.

Sonesta ES Suites Houston is another hotel in Houston who is just 8.2 miles away from NRG Stadium and offer luxury services to their guests.

Four Seasons hotel famous for its decent services in Houston; which is just miles away from NRG Stadium.

Another luxurious hotel of Houston named “The Lancaster Hotel” is also offering people night stay in the Super Bowl, and it is also just 8.8 miles away from the stadium.

Famous hotel in Houston city DoubleTree Greenway is also offering four-night stay for the  Super Bowl fans and is just 4.4 miles away from NRG Stadium.

So overall Super Bowl is an event in America’s history which brings everyone in the country together every year to watch the game and support their favorite team. The food, commercials, media hype, television ratings and gathering all make it more unique every year and make it historical. As from 2010, the viewership of Super Bowl is immensely increasing, so people think that in future the Super Bowl community will grow stronger.


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